What I Wish Everyone knew About Human Design

The best way to improve yourself is to learn about one’s self. – Raven Scott

Human Design Questions Explained and how it is such a powerful Self Improvement tool.

Raven answers your questions about the human design system and how it can help your self improvement from the human design videos on Raven Scott Show YouTube channel posted all week March 14-21 2022.

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She answered :

[1:00] What is a Human design chart?

[2:00] What can my Human Design chart tell me about myself?

[4:00] How can I know what Human design type I am?

[5:25] How can human design journey help me solve problems?

[6:15] Can Human Design help with energy blocks?

[8:23] I am launching my second round of coaching business and this time around it is not successful like last time. I am hitting lots of walls and barriers to get people to sign up. Can Human Design help me?

[9:11] What does it mean to be a manifesting generator profile 2/6?

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