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Narcissists don’t want to change or heal. They believe there is nothing wrong with them, and Defend, attack you, reverse the blame onto you.

But that’s not you empath. You want to heal, you are the chain breaker in your family, you wish to find your authentic self and power.

Let’s chat about something that’s extremely important: community.

I remember when I first left my x how I lost everyone I thought was in my corner.  All those people who I thought were loyal to me believed his lies and blamed me for leaving. I was apalled that I would be made out to be the bad guy when all I was doing was saving my sanity and escaping for my life.

I was strong, but I wasn’t always strong. I almost committed suicide in that relationship. So I had to start a whole new life all over with different people.

As I finally found strength and new people who would come in and be my angels in my healing journey, I realized community is invaluable. I didn’t have a community, I had single angels come in and help me one on one. And I didn’t even know what narcissitic abuse was until a few years ago!

We are not meant to go through these extremely hard times alone. We are meant to heal in community in ritual, in ceremony, communing with Mother Earth.

And you can have something I didn’t have: you can heal and gain the community you need.

With  Empath Healing Community, you’ll

  • A group of like minded empaths on a similar healing journey
  • Your questions answered in Q&A events
  • Live meditations.
  • Monthly group healing ceremony circles

Here’s what my customers say about the community:

This sounds so good. I feel so alone and isolated. I need a group to support me.”

“I understand how you feel! I’m so glad you were able to overcome your fear! I think your podcast is amazing and I can’t wait to join your community.”

Join today! 

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