Listening to Your Intuition To Escape Negative Energy

“Why does it feel like there’s a dark cloud over me? Why, even though I’ve left, do I feel like energy’s still hanging around? That’s pretty common.” – Jamie Thornhill

Free yourself from narcissists with this powerful guide! Learn how to tap into your intuition and use it to protect yourself from negative energies.

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“As an Intuitive Medium, I help dedicated inner-truth seekers & soul-purposed healers strengthen intuition & improve professional ethics.”

Our guest Jamie Thornhill, Intuitive Medium, Plant Spirit Healer, & Intuitive Business Branding Designer.

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Here are some key moments:

  • Dark Entities do exist [19:02] “ I see a lot.”
  • Where do we start to strengthen our intuition? [21:07] “ You’re already intuitive. “
  • Spiritual Sovereignty [36:03] “No matter how much I love somebody,  I still have sovereignty. “

It can be hard to escape the negative energy of a narcissist. But by tapping into your intuition, you can use it as a tool to protect yourself and recognize the warning signs of unhealthy relationships. Learn how to identify these toxic patterns and create boundaries for yourself so that you can free yourself from dark energies of narcissists for good.

Practice Ways to Strengthen Your Intuition.

Spend some time each day connecting with yourself to build your intuition. This can take several forms, such as practicing meditation or visualization techniques, writing in a journal about what you are feeling and sensing, or simple breathing exercises. Also consider tapping into the wisdom of others through spiritual readings or attending workshops that help develop your senses and explore topics like aura reading and mediumship. All of these activities offer powerful tools to strengthen your intuition so that you can confidently recognize difficult behaviors from narcissists—helping you stay protected from their negative energy.

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