Haunted by the Ghost of The Narcissist : A Story & EFT Practice

Do you long to relieve pent up anxiety and fear? 

I know I needed to when I encountered PTSD after leaving my Narcissist x husband. 

There are many reasons we need to bring our nervous down and ground. 

What is yours? comment below. 

I woke in the dead of light with a sudden, uneasy feeling. I felt someone staring at me. I looked over to the source and it was a dark shadow figure standing in the corner.” – Empath & Narcissist: A Healing Guide for People Pleasers Pg. 103

I am Raven Scott, and today, on the weekend we do things a little different around her. It’s time to slow down and to practice meditation and healing exercises. Today I am sharing with you an exerpt from my book Empath & The Narcissist and my favorite practice to reduce stress and anxiety. EFT Tapping.

To this day those nights right after escaping my x’s grasp, are bone chilling and forever burned into my memory. Thankfully Lance never chased me or confronted me, but he knew where I moved to by hacking into my email.

I experience PTSD nightmares and flashbacks that led to meltdowns of releasing the pain through crying, and feeling like my body is sick and nauseous. I experienced a feeling of being pulled like an elastic band rhythmically.

And other than therapy, the other ways that helped me heal and believe it can help you as well are:

  1. Building happy and healthy memories is a great way to start.
  2. EFT Tapping we will practice today
  3. Get in touch with nature, water, animal therapy.
  4. Walking and listening to books and podcasts like this one. The left right pacing calms you nervous system and allows you to release the negative energy through exertion.


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