Expansion , Balance, and Karmic Decisions

Tarot Card pull on this Self Care Sunday. … 

1. VI of Pentacles. : Pentacles are Earth element, they relate to work, resources, and all things Taurus (tactile). The number 6 in the cards means expansion. You are blossoming and blooming into a sapling from a seedling and are moving into a time of expansion in your work, in your resources, and in your tactile world on this plane. Continue to tend to your garden, water your roots of self care and self discovery to continue to evolve and blossom into the shining constellation that you are! 

2. Major Arcana card of Temperance: You are in a time needing to balance your emotions and anger. The two opposing elements of water and fire are so carefully mixed by the wise crane in this card symbolizing this is a time to practice like the wise crane. Do not give into your emotions too deeply in Pisces season and get lost in sorrow at the pain and injustice in your life or the world. Do not give into the anger of an opposing opinion as we all are passionate about our conditions over the pandemic, covid vaccines, masks, war in Ukraine, political ideology, laws in voting rights, laws on women’s bodies, and so much more. Use your empathy to DO something good about your sorrow, give to the Red Cross to help the displaced in Ukraine, support California’s effort to give sanctuary to women who wish to choose what happens to their bodies, listen to another’s opinion and not argue. These are all ways to practice temperance in these trying times. 

3. Major Arcana card of Justice: The black and white opposing cats are staring at you to see what you are going to choose. There will be a karmic decision to be made now or in the coming year. Remember to listen to your intuition, choose wisely and know that every decision we make effects those around us. Have no fear, you spirit guides, the Divine, and your Higher self will guide you in this decisions, but only if you invest in those relationships and ask for the guidance now in the small decisions. 

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