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“I had to stop making justifications and excuses for that bad behavior” – Raven Scott
If you’re having a hard time breaking away from a narcissistic partner, here are some signs you are done and ready to gain strategies for freedom and healing.

COMMENT BELOW – a pattern you are intending to break this month/year.

Are you finally done with the narcissist? Breaking away from a narcissistic partner can feel like an insurmountable task, but it is possible to set yourself free and begin the process of healing. Here are some strategies you can use to end your relationship with a narcissist and start rebuilding your life.


  1. You feel unsettled when they lie to you. Your intuition is kicking in.
  2. You’ve worked on yourself and are able to receive compliments.
  3. You are able to own who you are
  4. You stop believing their lies
  5. The makeup feeling is not a high anymore and you feel unsettled.

How to Leave:

Accept That You Can’t Change a Narcissist.
Set Boundaries and Take Steps to Protect Yourself Financially
Prepare an Exit Strategy and Rehearse It in Your Mind.
Expect a Backlash When You Leave and Have a Support System in Place.
Take Time to Recover After the Separation.
Dive into your Empath Healing Support Container

COMMENT BELOW – a pattern you are intending to break this month/year. 

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