April 5-10 Theme is Spiritual Growth

Who’s ready? comment below with an emoji how your feeling. 

According to the Human Design Gate Energy Forecast change will come in shocking form, or a gentle breeze. 

Watch the Live video here in the feed. ( be patient and fast forward a minute or two) 

And when you watch you will hear I promised to post the affirmations and journal prompts . 

Here they are delivered. 

Make sure to SAVE them to reface back as you do your daily self care rituals and quiet time this week. 

May the energy be with you as you shine your unique light brightly! 

I will go live every Sunday here! on Patreon to deliver the weekly Human Design Gate Energy Forecast and tie in to the astrology update. 

Jessica Schiller Silverman and I have created a heart centered spiritual growth community here for you to grow and learn about TAROT, HUMAN DESIGN, & FULL MOON MAGIC. 

Become a Patreon Member & Tune in every Sunday. 

Comment below which slide resonates with you most! 

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