Akashic Alchemy with Morgan Fava

Do you ever look in the mirror, and wonder who you are and how you got here? Being alive runs so much deeper than the physical existence of your everyday. If you find repeating patterns or thoughts in your mind, do you often wonder why they keep appearing? If so, Akashic Alchemy will light the way today. The Akashic records are your Book of Life, and a complication of the history of our Souls.

In this episode, Morgan will light the way for you to begin the journey inward to answer these 2 powerful questions:

What stories are laced within you, and what chapters are ready to be stripped away?

Your soul contracts, karmic ties, and free will are entangled in the subconscious programming that you are not even aware of that may be running your life.

Today, give yourself permission to be free, as Morgan so beautifully says is the meaning of “magic” and Akashic Alchemy.


About Morgan:

Hi my name is Morgan. I am a soul coach and akashic record practitioner. I work with the akashic records and other subconscious tools to help others break free from old cycles and toxic patterning. We have the gift as humans to create what we desire and I am here to being that work to others.

At my core I have always longed to help others, to be a guide of lost souls, and to allow others to find their own worth and importance in this universe. I have answered the call of my soul to devote my life to serving humanity and seeding light consciousness on Earth. I am so delighted you have found your way here, I look forward to holding space for you, working with you, and helping you journey back to your light.

-Morgan, Akashic Alchemy

Connect with Morgan:

Website – https://www.akashic-alchemy.com/

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/akashic__alchemy/

Akashic Alchemy w/ Morgan – https://linktr.ee/akashicalchemy

Connect with Jessica:

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