A People Pleasers Worst Nightmare when Narcissist Leaves you High and Dry in Jail with Amanda Acker

“If I could tell my 17 year old self advice I know now, it would be to trust yourself.” – Amanda Acker

The choices we make due to the narcissist’s peer pressure can be devastating.

[3:09] “If I want to be authentic, because you hear that word online a lot, and here I am telling people to be authentic, but yet I’m hiding who I really am and what I actually want to do in this world. …

telling my story to inspire other people to not live in shame for as long as I did.”

[12:31] The mother’s compassion shapes the way we accept love.

“even just kind of good kind of people that get suckered into the vortex of narcissists is we just get kind of blown off.”

[20:58] Where would you be if you chose a different path?

[23:15]  People pleaser loose when they take the easy road.

So I was seduced by this chaotic lifestyle that I wound up in. And I remember thinking I’m being arrested in that moment. Like how did I end up here?

[26:01] Your life experience prepares you for your purpose.

[28:01] North Node Return at 37 ignites your soul.

Want more of Amanda?  Listen to her podcasts, to let the good things in show, listened to her entire story, from child hood, drug abuse, jail, to getting out and reintegrating . HERE Let Good Things In Show

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