Are Narcissists Master Manipulators? or Idiots?

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“People like to re write history that serves them.” – Raven’s Partner

Narcissism is often viewed as manipulative behavior, but is this true? Uncover the truth with this guide to determining whether narcissists are complete master manipulators or simply foolish people.

Disclaimer this is a tough love conversation: *

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Our guest today, Is a behind the scenes conversation with my husband. He is who I go to to process my thoughts. He has double Masters in Psychology and doctorate in Law.

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Here are some key moments:

  • What are the Characteristics of Narcissists? [24:17] “They cover up their insecurities, exaggerate their accomplishments and lack empathy for others.”
  • We have tools now to investigate what is truth and misinformation.
  • How Do Narcissists Manipulate Others? [25:47] “qu.”
  • Are Narcissists Genuinely Deceitful or Ignorant?[5:26] “People operate out of their own life experiences. “
  • Are Narcissistic Manipulators Completely Logical in Their Actions?
  • Implications of a Narcissist’s True Nature

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Raven Scott is an Empathic Spiritual Healer, Intl. Author, Podcaster, and Narc Abuse Soul Healing Coach in her Empath Healing Membership Community with the use of somatic healing exercises, Moon Rituals, Tarot, and Astrology & Human Design Reading.

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