Year of the Rabbit 2023 Predictions | S5 Ep 4

Caution Empaths! Warning for the Year of the Rabbit. Narcissists are offending through uncivilized punishments this year. Gain insight and discernment into your upcoming journey with your essentials guide on decoding your Chinese horoscope. Start uncovering today!

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Last year I wrote and published my book, Empath and the Narcissist. I was working extremely hard to get it advertised and out into the world, and I was sucked into a few programs that were not helpful and distracted me away from the focus of my book. And it took me on a six month detour, which kind of felt like a waste of time. But you know what?! The whole time I was facing the unlucky star and I lost time, energy, and money.

So this is why Feng Shui and Chinese astrology is very important to look at and not be skeptical of, because there are invisible energies that influence us whether we like it or not.

And to change my luck around and help my efforts be fruitful, all it took was to turn my desk and move it to a different sector in my home. And I was able to start getting clarity and back on track. I changed the name of my podcast to the name of my book (which is what I wanted to do the whole time) and I got back on track to help empaths heal from narcissistic abuse.

And since then, the podcast has taken off and is growing and successful. I have gained sponsorships and income, a job as an editor, and and I’m now monetizing my podcast. I also have been receiving beautiful reviews and messages from people reading my book that it is helping them through the darkest of times.

That is ultimately my goal, and interestingly enough, I was so distracted and deterred, and was losing money, and totally off the beaten path, because I was just facing the wrong way. It’s just mind blowing and so there’s little tiny tools of knowing where to work where to sleep, and which directions to face really have huge impact on our lives. And this is why I had Jillian Rothschild scholar on my podcast a second time. She helped me develop my personalized calendar for 2023 and she is a Feng Shui master. I had her on the podcast because this information should be shared with all!

She was a guest last year talking about the year of the tiger and this year she shared with us predictions for 2023 in the year of the rabbit. She’s not just versed in Feng Shui. She’s also versed in Chinese astrology. In this article and episode you will gain ancient wisdom offering powerful insight and discernment for your future. Here are some of my take away from our conversation.

What is Chinese New Year? And Chinese Astrology

Millions of people all over the globe, celebr. the Chinese New Year, and there are two different calendars that are used. One is the lunar calendar and one is the solar calendar. So on the lunar calendar it follows the moon cycle, and the date for Chinese New Year is more of a cultural observance on a lunar calendar.

So this is often what you’ll see. It could be January, it could be later in February. It could be wait January. It could be different times because it’s a lunar calendar. It happens to be in 2023. It happens to be January 22 in the work that I do, I follow the solar calendar because the solar calendar only vacillates by a few hours every year.

In order to know what the year is going to mean for you. It’s very helpful to retrieve your own Chinese astrology chart.

You can get yours free at:

So there are eight characters in the chart, in four columns, which is why it’s called the Four Pillars of Destiny. It will give you a Gua number, that will help you understand what your favorable energy directions are.

— Jillian Rothschild [12:17]

The Flying Stars

Your gua number or your Life star number gives us information about how the visiting flying star energy will affect you personally.

You can get your FREE essentials guide to know how the stars will affect your gua number. At

People Born in Year of Rabbit

Those born in the year of the rabbit were born in: 1927, 1939, 1950, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011 and, 2023. So babies born after February 4th in 2023 will be born in the year of the rabbit. If somebody is born in January of any given year, then they’re actually born in the previous animal year. And remember you do not need to have it only in your year to exude these qualities. There are four columns the rabbit could appear in your chart. For example, my year is the pig, and my day master is the rabbit.

The Rabbit symbolizes luck which is traditionally seen as a sign of wealth, health, and prosperity. It’s also associated with qualities such as peacefulness and sensitivity, making it a powerful force in times of adversity. The rabbit also represents the Moon and there is a deity, called the Supreme Yin. Which is, known as the moon deity. So often you’ll see those Dieties with rabbits such as Quan Yin, the goddess of compassion.

“These people are very agreeable. They’re devoted in relationships. They, , are really great to have on a team. On the negative side, when someone’s not at their best and they’re born in the year of the rabbit, they could be somebody who’s a little insecure, can be a little bit into escapism, may have some bad eating habits.”

“There’s a lot of famous people that we know that are born in the year of the rabbit. Lionel Messi, famous football player. Johnny Depp, Elliot Page, Brad Pitt, Ralph Lauren, drew Barrymore. Michelle Obama actually also born in the year of the rabbit. I mean, I could go on and on, but you may see some of these famous people that are born in the year.” — Jillian Rothschild S5 Ep 4 Empath and the Narcissist

Narcissists are offending through uncivilized punishments

My first huge take away is a caution to ALL empaths who are kind hearted and more vulnerable to scams and devious characters. This year is going to have a clash between energies that brings up, sexual deviance, scandals, and punishments. And being a survivor of sexual abuse from a narcissist I can attest that it is not a pleasant experience to be violated sexually. To feel that emotional suffering in the extremes and we need to protect ourselves this year because the rat and the rabbit are combined and that equals a punishment.

And ironically I have both of those in my chart so it makes sense that I was susceptible to that energy, and it happened to me. If I had more street-smart, and was educated as a child, I would have experienced less of a punishment, then the 10 year punishment that I experienced. But I’m making something good of it, and I’m helping other empaths heal from narcissistic abuse and gain their power back in their life.

It’s really important to protect your children to protect yourself against online sex trafficking, scams, get your online accounts all set up for two step authentication factors, change your passwords, be very cautious, and use your discernment. Pause and don’t buy into the energy of haste in the scams out there.

Feng Shui and which direction to face working and sleeping

The second big take away was that the directions of where we should be not facing next year. All of us should not face the East with our backs to the West. Facing the East is facing the Grand Duke Star and that is like facing the emperor. That is what I was facing when I lost money and was side tracked from my correct path.

Again get the essentials guide free from Jillian’s website to know which directions are most auspicious for your gua number.

Is 2023 a lucky year?

“The answer is always, it depends. And rightfully so, because it’s not gonna be forever lucky for everybody all the time. Right? In 2020 and 2021, when there were the pandemic and there was lockdown, there were people who did really, really well. People made money. There were industries that did really, really well, and some people really, really struggled because it was too much water and too much metal.

It was too cold. There was no fire element, and that was really hard for some people. Still true in 2022 and in 2023. Also lots of water element. There’s no metal element, there’s no earth element. So if you need those elements in your chart could be really challenging this coming year. If your chart is benefited by yin water or yin wood, then it could be a really good year for. The answer always depends because we want charts that are balanced. We want our, I mean, everything in Chinese metaphysics is all about balance and harmony.” — Jillian Rothschild — Scholar S5 Ep 4 Empath and the Narcissist

“When you look at the actual image of the year chart, there’s no earth element and there’s no metal element.

And the fire element is basically useless. And so for people who need fire element, it’s still gonna be a real challenge.” — Jillian Rothschild-Scholar S5 Ep 4

“If you wanna feel a sense of empowerment, you wanna feel a sense of wellness and balance and harmony in your life, you should consider the significance of your environment.”

— Jillian Rothschild Scholar

And remember. Keep your unique light shining.

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