The Power of Spiritual Poems: How they help you Heal after Narcissistic Abuse

Find yourself reflecting with spiritual poems that connect you to your inner self, inspiring contemplation and creating an intimate relationship with yourself.

Listen to these short mini-sode to explore how poetry can help you heal.

The Power of Spiritual Poems: How they help you Heal after Narcissistic Abuse

“The power of spiritual poems, how they connect you to yourself and are a conduit for powerful healing from…

This powerful, creative form of healing from narcissistic abuse, conditioning, and brainwashing is tarot card poetry. 
The narcissist brainwashes you into doubting yourself, questioning your sanity and amplifying your flaws, the best way to defeat that is through mind rewriting exercises. And this is one of them.

In this podcast you will hear the full poem by Elise Risk from the above photo.

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Poetry can be an effective way to explore spirituality, as it is able to capture our innermost thoughts in the form of words and stories. From exploring faith and questioning the power of prayer to embracing mindfulness and understanding that life is a cycle, spiritual poetry can provide a meaningful journey into self-reflection.

Explore the Diversity of Poetic Forms.

Photo by Hannah Olinger on Unsplash

Spiritual poems don’t have to stick with traditional forms. Exploring the diversity of poetical forms can help you express yourself in new and different ways. Try experimenting with nontraditional formats such as haikus, free verse, narrative poetry, or even writing your own rhymes with simple words. Connecting with yourself through spiritual poetry means that you also need to find a style of expression that speaks to you — connecting visually and spiritually — and allowing you to discover your true self.

Connect With Spiritual Archetypes in the Poetry World.

Photo by Rajat Verma on Unsplash

Spiritual poems can also provide you with insights and understanding into different spiritual archetypes. Similar to the beloved hero’s journey, spiritual poems often contain characters that represent common themes, such as aspects of our subconscious mind. This is a way for us to identify in our own writing and find archetypes within ourselves that relate to the spiritual world. Pay attention to these symbols as they can open your eyes to important lessons we may need to learn about life and how to develop spiritually.

Leverage Predominant Themes for Remote Reflection.

Photo by Yannick Pulver on Unsplash

As spiritual poems vary in their depth and detail, certain themes become predominant within them, such as; love, faith, pursuit of life’s meaning and purpose, inner power, coming to terms with one’s mortality. Spend some time reflecting on these common themes — how do they relate to you? What questions do they bring up that evoke contemplation and self-discovery? Create a space for yourself to let all your thoughts flow freely. This will help empower you through difficult times in order to take beneficial leaps of faith towards meaning, love and personal growth.

Share Your Own Poetry for Group Discussion and Deeper Connections with Others.

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

Share your own spiritual poems with a group of friends or your family to discuss the themes which resonate the most with them. Exploring the common threads that connect you all can create deeper connections between each other, helping to make sense of times of suffering and despair — ultimately leading to rediscovering hope, faith and love. Everyone has something to share in his or her own life experience; use these spiritual poems as a platform to better understand others and yourself, as we travel through this journey called life together.

You do not need an English major, or even think you are creative. listen to this sample of my amateur poems I wrote in a poetry class in the Live Vibrant Sisterhood last November. It isn’t about the quality of the poem, but the connection to your higher self and intuition. You may surprise yourself as I did, and find there are some deep messages hidden behind the modern chatter in your head.

And remember. Keep your unique light shining.

Raven Scott

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