12 Days til Christmas: 12 Days of Zodiac Day 12

Dear Empath,

Today is day 12: Pisces
♓️ , of my annual tradition of meditating on the 12 zodiac signs one day at a time. This is the last day!!!

Before we get into Pisces, let’s talk about 2023 intentions.

As a survivor of narcissistic abuse, and now at my 12 year anniversary of leaving him, and starting my soul-searching and spiritual journey. I have a kind of author, certified meditation, teacher, Podcaster, and empathic spiritual healer, a tarot card. Reader, I Mood, a magic, advocate, and soul coach.

✨ My mission in 2023 is it to help you out of the quicksand of gaslighting and guide your souls awakening in this life to regain your sparkle back after narcissistic abuse.
Let’s face it we all have been traumatized by narcissism, either in our childhood, religious systems, political systems, and or romantic relationships.

It’s what you choose to do with those wounds that transforms you from victim to warrior.
If you identify as an empath, I’m sure you are done taking the lies, insults, and manipulation. And when listening to me, get ready this year to gain clarity, the truth, and your power back.
We’re going to be clearing out blocked chakras, releasing trauma from your body, and so much more.

In 2023 you won’t be able to stop flexing your boundaries and shining your unique light brightly out into the world.
Your entire life has prepared you for this moment, now is your time to rise.

Study the Johfra Art (below) and journal what you see in it that depicts the energy.

Day 12: Pisces ♓️ 

Emotional, in the depths, infinite timeline, symbiosis, compassion, expansion, and magic. 

These are all descriptors I see from meditation on the Johfra card above.

Ruling the skies from the dates of Feb. 19 – March 20. 

Pisces, a water sign, is the last constellation of the zodiac. It’s symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions, representing the constant division of Pisces’s attention between fantasy and reality. 

As the final sign, Pisces has absorbed every lesson — the joys and the pains, the hopes and the fears — learned by all of the other signs. This makes these fish the most psychic, empathetic, and compassionate creatures of the astrological wheel. 

With such immense sensitivity, Pisces can easily become swallowed by emotions and must remember to stay grounded in the material realm (appropriately, Pisces rules the feet- the end of my 12 year cycle of Jupiter entering Pisces again with a bang finale of a broken foot). 

Where in your natal chart is Pisces what planets does it house? And what house is it in? Take a look at the themes and at where you can be psychic and empathic and tap into your souls identity versus the earthly ego. 

Thanks for meditating on the energy of the stars with me. 

Happy New Moon in Capricorn ♑️ 

@ravenscottshow Raven Scott

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Published by Raven Scott Nguyen

Raven Scott Nguyen is a passionate advocate for self-empowerment and authentic living, dedicated to helping individuals break free from the chains of narcissistic abuse. With a profound understanding of the human psyche and a deep commitment to personal growth, Raven is the author of "Empath & The Narcissist: Overcoming Gaslighting and Manipulation." This groundbreaking book offers a transformative roadmap for survivors of narcissistic abuse, guiding them towards a life filled with happiness and authenticity healing PTSD, and Trauma from abuse. Drawing from extensive knowledge of Human Design, energy healing, and empathic abilities, Raven is also the author of "Empath's Guide to Rising Strong" a powerful guide that delves into the intricacies of Human Design to help empaths harness their unique energies for self-empowerment and healing. As an empath who has journeyed through the depths of narcissistic abuse, Raven is deeply committed to empowering fellow empaths on their healing journey. With a profound understanding of the emotional landscapes empaths navigate. Raven is the host and producer of "Empaths Rising: Healing with Human Design" This podcast serves as a beacon of hope and transformation, offering practical guidance and insights for those seeking to reclaim their lives and live authentically. Raven is a passionate advocate for shadow work, self-care Moon rituals, and Human Design, and is dedicated to guiding individuals towards a life of self-empowerment and inner peace. With a compassionate heart and a wealth of knowledge, Raven continues to inspire and uplift others on their path to healing and self-discovery through her blog at ravenscott.show.

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