Stop! And Self Care

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The holidays are in full gear, you may be stressing to buy all the last minute presents and food to be on time. You may have parent duties, a job, a home to keep clean and a needy/ toxic partner.

Or you may be overwhelmed by the toxic behaviors in your life that directly affect your mental being.

No matter where you are, dear Empath, STOP ✋. and self care.

I mean it! I will tell you a story…

On Wednesday my 9 year old daughter was panicking because she couldn’t find her library book to return. We took the opportunity to coach her on being responsible. Yet she always is and only leaves her book in two places.

We checked those two places 5 times over- my husband on his own, and myself on my own. My youngest daughter who is 7 said “You know we are going to go to bed and it’s just going to appear in the morning.”

We smiled and I thought, ya because. us parents are the magic. But still after bed I checked on the sofa where it should be and no where to be found. (And as a Virgo I leave no stone unturned)

So the next morning we are making breakfast and my oldest daughter looks up, turns around, goes to the exact same spot on the sofa I checked 6 times last night and she found the book!

Photo by frank mckenna on Unsplash

Now this is not the first time I’ve experienced paranormal activity, nor my husband. He was born in Vietnam and they have a strong connection to the spirit world and ancestors. And we both looked at each other and knew it was an ancestor who did that.

But that’s not the end of the story!!!

That same afternoon as I’m busy editing and working and stressing, the TV over my spiritual alter turns on.

I went over talked to Spirit and said “I know. I will spend time with you later.”

And then (after not taking time for self care and connecting to spirit) I am looking at my phone as I am walking (CAUTION: never do that!) and I looked up to take the first step onto the stairs and..

SLIP! POP! And excruciating pain waived over my body like never before. I cooluosnt breathe, I laughed hysterically , I cried, I wailed, and then I shivered.

And yea it is confirmed I have broken my foot. Al because I didn’t STOP and slow down to self care which would’ve given me perspective to slow me down.

Other physical ailments transpire due to a lack of self care and always running in a state of fight or flight. Especially when dealing with a Narc always keeping you on eggshells.

The moral of the story is slow down, STOP and self care.

Due to my injury I will be working from the sofa or bed and will be taking a break from editing guest podcasts for the next two weeks. I will continue the podcast schedule and share with you 15 minute minisodes of all the juicy things Inhave stored up to share.

Accept that you doing everything and pushing to hit deadlines is unhealthy.

It is the shadow side of the Divine Masculine and completely ignoring the Divine Feminine energy of living in cycles of void, rest, womb space, and creation.

You cannot create your peace and dream life without rest and review.

Which now Mars in retrograde AND Mercury retrograde. Dec 22 — Jan 18 it IS the time to re- assess, re-evaluate, re-visit your plans and dreams.

And remember, always keep your unique light shining!

With love,

Raven Scott.

The Nó 1 thing to heal in 2023

I Am. finally launching a narcissist abuse survivor support group with all the elements of spirit. January 18th!

I also will be hosting Sacred Moon Circles for somatic healing and Magic.

Photo by Ganapathy Kumar on Unsplash

Your Soul’s ready to break free from the Narcissists control!

You will transform from confused and disconnected to:

  • Gain coaching and empowerment
  • A safe SM free container to share what you are going through
  • And get your questions answered
  • A community of other survivors to support each other
  • Moon Circles member only discount

Who is ready to stop being stuck in the narcissists vortex and heal from your brave move in 2023?

YOU in fact get a unique chance to get into the Founding members of this new community at 50% off for life! Claim your 50% off membership for just $9.97 a month! That’s less than a coffee and croissant! Stay tuned and comment “I’m in!” to join as a founding member!

You can heal, you can live a life full of peace, joy , and abundance without the narcissist triggering you all the time — You can do it, but you need to reach your hand out for help.

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