12 Days of Christmas: 12 Days of the Zodiac Day 5

Dear Empath,

Today is day 5 of my annual tradition of meditating on the 12 zodiac signs one day at a time.

What messages did you receive from spirit regarding Cancer ?

Did you know Cancer is ruled by the Moon??

Your Moon is what governs your emotions. So technically you have two places in your chart to give you illumination on how you feel through the world. Where you Moon is in your natal chart and what house Cancer resides.

Each part of the zodiac has its own characteristics and personality traits.

Day 5: Leo

Brilliant, brave, victorious, fiery, adored, admired, musician, and protector.

These are all descriptors I see from mediation on the Johfra card.

Ruling the skies from the dates of July 23 – August 22. People born under the sign of Leo are natural born leaders. They are dramatic, creative, self-confident, dominant and extremely difficult to resist, able to achieve anything they want to in any area of life they commit to.

Study the Johfra Art (above) and journal what you see in it that depicts the energy.

Reply below and let’s host a conversation about it!

Coming up tomorrow Virgo.

Thanks for meditating on the energy of the stars with me.

Raven Scott.

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