12 Days of Christmas: 12 Days of the Zodiac Day 4

Dear Empath,

Today is day 4 of my annual tradition of meditating on the 12 zodiac signs one day at a time.

What messages did you receive from spirit regarding Gemini ♊️?

Did you look up which house Gemini ♊️ is in your chart yesterday??

For example mine is in the 10th house of career, and public interactions. So it makes sense for me to be a podcaster and writer.

The zodiac is an ancient system that divides the year into 12 parts based on the position of the sun in relation to Earth at different times during the year. Each part of the zodiac has its own characteristics and personality traits.

Day 4: ♋️ Cancer

Emotions, sensitive, flexible, can hermit and hide easily, pearls of wisdom, people seek after this role model.

These are all descriptors I see from mediation on the Johfra card.

Ruling the skies from the dates of June 21 — July 22, Cancer energy is intuitive, creative, emotionally heightened and decidedly defensive.

Study the Johfra Art (above) and journal what you see in it that depicts the energy.

Reply below and let’s host a conversation about it!

Coming up tomorrow Leo ♌️

Thanks for meditating on the energy of the stars with me.

Raven Scott.

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