4 Steps to Discovering Your Authentic Self | Ep 122

You have an inner voice that speaks to you from within. It’s your soul speaking to you. But what if you could hear it more clearly?

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“Of course it’s good to be yourself. But what if you don’t have any idea what that really is? What if you’ve spent your whole life editing, rejecting and disconnecting from yoru self? How do you find your way back to knowing and trusting who you truly are?” — @breakthecycle_coaching IG

Your soul has been speaking to you all along, but you’ve never heard it before. Now you can listen for the first time.

In this article, and episode I show you how to discover your authentic self. And gain soul alignment in these trying times. Listen to the podcast episode below.

We all have a unique set of talents, gifts, and skills that make us who we are. These qualities are part of our true selves. They are not something we were born with; rather, they are something we develop as we go through life.

Ask Yourself “What Am I Really Here For?”

To discover your authentic self, ask yourself these questions: What do I love doing? What makes me feel alive? What am I good at? What do I enjoy talking about? What do I believe in? What do I care about? What do I stand for?

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Find Out Who You Are by Listening to Your Inner Voice.

Once you start listening to your inner voice, you will begin to understand who you really are. And once you find out who you are, you will be able to live your life with purpose and meaning.

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Learn More About Yourself Through Meditation.

If you’re looking for ways to discover yourself, meditation is one of the best tools available. In fact, research shows that people who meditate regularly tend to feel happier, healthier, and more satisfied with themselves than those who do not.

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You don’t need daily planners, New Year’s resolutions, or a new journal…

You can have all the meditations and yoga classes under your belt …but when it comes to raising your vibration in 2023 there is one thing you absolutely need…

Your Soul’s Cheat Codes from the Stars

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With the year quickly coming to a close and the holidays in full effect, end of year and early 2023 energy in the cosmos are and will be downright overwhelming!

Amidst all of the changes in the Stars and intense energy aboundin;, no matter how hard 2022 was, you have a prime opportunity right now to align with your soul and have the best year yet!

Astrology is the best tried and true guide. And NO you haven’t missed the boat. No it’s not too late.

And yes, YOU gain your soul alignment and get your DNA Activation for 2023! !

But you have to have the interpretations and the CHEAT Sheets in the Soul Alignment Masterclass I co created with Magic Kathi /Raven.

You will transform from confused and disconnected to:

  • Transforming your relationships.
  • Healing destructive life patterns.
  • Healing physical ailments & imbalances.
  • Creating more spiritual balance and purpose in your life. and
  • Increasing awareness of your soul’s journey and development.

Who is ready to stop holding back and start planning to reach your personal desires in 2023?

Gain immediate access to 2023 Astrology Forecast, with monthly breakdowns, DNA Activation, Spiritual Rituals, and the Cheat Codes to the Mirrorverse in the Soul Alignment Masterclass today!

At 50% off now through Dec. 19th.

Attn Empath: The Soul Alignment Master Class
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And everyone who claims access to the Masterclass now through Dec 19, will receive a BONUS Tarot Card reading from Raven Scott.

In conclusion, you will discover your authentic self when you slow down and connect to your soul through mindfulness exercises and calling in your Spirit guides. 

And Remember. Always keep your unique light shining. 

Raven Scott

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