12 Days of Christmas: 12 Days of Zodiac

Where are my astrology lovers at? 

To heal yourself is to discover and love yourself more intimately. And what better way to know yourself more intimately than to know more about each zodiac sign?! 

We each have some element of our personality and life in a zodiac sign, even if we do not have planets in them. 

And in my personal experience the more I discovered how unique I was, the less the toxic people in my life had power over me with their lies.

So will you join me and meditate on each zodiac sign for the 12 days leading up to Christmas? 

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Today is Day 1 of the 12 days of the Zodiac. 
The 12 Zodiac Signs: What Do Each Mean & How Can You Tell If Someone’s A Gemini Or Virgo?

Find out what each zodiac sign means and how they affect your life!
The zodiac is an ancient system that divides the year into 12 parts based on the position of the sun in relation to Earth at different times during the year. Each part of the zodiac has its own characteristics and personality traits.

Day 1: Aries 

Astrologers New Year

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac (March 21 to April 20), and its mascot is the Ram. As a fire sign ruled by the planet Mars, Aries (called Mesha in Vedic astrology) energy is individualistic, bold, and brave. Here, we’re diving into Aries’ personality traits and how they apply in love, career, and more.

Ponder on Aries deeper. Find which house Aries resides in your chart. 

Study the Johfra Art (below) and journal what you see in it that depicts the energy. 

Comment below and let’s host a conversation about it! 

Johfra Bosschart Great Arcana

Then Draw the Glyph in your journal. 

Do some digging, contemplate on it’s placement in your chart and how it influences your thoughts and behaviors subconsciously. In some ways it will help you. And other ways it will be a shadow that you need to release and transmute.

Coming up tomorrow Taurus — April 20th to May 20th

Thanks for meditating on the energy of the stars with me. 

Raven Scott

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