5 Signs you are an Empath: Messages from Ascended Masters | Ep 121

 How To Be More Sensitive to Spirit’s messages

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Highly sensitive people have a heightened awareness of other people’s emotions and feelings. They tend to be more empathetic and compassionate.
Empaths often feel overwhelmed by others’ pain, sadness, anger, and grief. You may also experience physical symptoms when around someone in distress. You want to fix things for the other person, but without realizing it, you are impeding their growth. 

In this article and episode, 121, 5 Signs You Are An Empath And How To Be More Sensitive to Spirit’s Messages, my guest Birgitta Visser and I reveal exercises how you can channel messages from Spirit, so you can embrace your empathic skills.  

5 Signs you are an Empath: Messages from Ascended Masters

You feel others’ pain.

If you find yourself feeling sad, angry, anxious, or depressed after spending time with another person, chances are you’re an empath. People who are highly sensitive are more likely to develop emotional disorders such as anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

I even tried to find jobs for them, even for the last one I did. And that’s not, wasn’t my task. But, you go so far and you’re programmed that way, you’re conditioned that way. You don’t know any better because you’re trying to make their lives better once you make your own life miserable. [23:53]

You notice when someone is upset or angry.

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Being an empath means being able to recognize what others are feeling. It also means having a strong desire to help them feel better. This trait makes empaths very good at understanding how others are feeling and why they might act the way they do.

You have a superpower, but you can’t heal and fix things for the other. The best coach/ pyschologist guides their patients on a self discovery journey. You must shield yourself from their toxic excuses and defense mechanisms and let them heal on their own timing. 

This may mean you leaving will troject them on a path of healing. You cannot force anyone to desire to heal. But consequences are certainly a motivating factor. 

As empaths we fall into fear of being without them. 

“ And you know fear means False Evidence Appearing Real. But the Spirit guides came up with this. Fear is the biggest delusion of all. Right?

But it’s you Fall Endlessly or Arise Revolutionary.” — Birgitta Visser

Ep 121 Empath and Narcissist

You get easily overwhelmed by strong emotion.

If you find yourself getting upset when watching TV shows or movies with intense emotional scenes, you may be an empath. People who are highly sensitive often notice things that others miss. In fact, some people call themselves “super-sensitive.”

Don’t be ashamed of that emotion. You are not too much. The other person isn’t comfortable with feelings and that’s their shortcoming to deal with. 

“And as Archangel Michael always says, it’s about walking each other back home. And that’s the journey of life.” — Birgitta Visser Ep 121 Emath and Nacissist podcast

You often find yourself being drawn into other people’s problems.

Being an empath means you feel what others feel. It also means you are very aware of how others are feeling. This sensitivity makes you more likely to notice when something is wrong. You might even notice when someone is having a bad day before they do.

And sometimes you are romantically drawn to a lover who needs you and your light. They charm you and don’t appear weak. But then once you are locked into the relationship the roles reverse and they become the strong one under their mask of weakness and tear you down and drain you of your strength one “paper cut” micro agression at a time.

“It was a crack addict. He’s actually my twin. People have this, Ooh. They get this look in their eyes and it’s like, oh my gosh, he’s my, this person is my twin flame.

Oh, great. Right, because twin flames are meant to come into your life, to disrupt your life, and it’s often very traumatic and is supposed to induce a spiritual awakening. I’m so, so thankful to my ex. I don’t hate any of my exes. I love them all because why would I run around, with bitterness on my shoulders?

What’s the point in that? There is no point.” 

— Birgitta Visser 

You tend to overreact to criticism.

If you are an empath, you will often find yourself reacting emotionally to things that aren’t really worth getting upset about. You might become angry at a colleague who has made a mistake. Or you might feel sad because someone didn’t return your call.

[Birgitta] “He knew at that point in time he’d gone too far, before that I even sold my house to get away from him. That’s how bad it was. And so I bought another property. , and I understand this is, , it was my, I didn’t have to, I just didn’t know how to get away. I just, I couldn’t figure it out because the more you sink into that trauma, the more you get into that fight or flight mode, right?

You can’t think properly. You’re trying to keep it all together, but you can’t think anymore. 

[Raven] It’s like a horror movie. You always run towards the wrong place.

[Birgitta] Yes. And so at that point, for so long, even at nighttime, I would just cry myself to sleep or I would just lie on the floor, right? And scream at spirit, at God, at my guides and say, I cannot do this anymore.

I just can’t, I need help. . And finally I got that. I got it in the form of my sister, who I was in touch with at the time, in the form of Kambo, which is, shaman healing.”

Kambo is a healing ritual used mainly in South America. It’s named after the poisonous secretions of the giant monkey frog.

Exercises to connect with your Spirit guides

  1. Get a pen and paper and sit and say “ I am ready to receive.” And start writing. 
  2. Meditate and ask to connect with your higher self, spirit guides, Ascended Masters, Angels. In guided meditations I host I always open with inviting the light beings in bless and bring messages. Meditate with me on my YouTube channel
  3. Buy a tarot card deck that you are drawn to and pull one a day. Study the card and channel what you see and interpret and that is what your intuition needs to share. I have found this also benefits those when I pull tarot live with my audience. It always is something you need to hear in that moment. You can view one recently here. 

Don’t question your intuition or try and put labels on who is speaking to you. It will be revealed as you continue to work on it. The light beings are happy to share who they are and do not hide. But while you are figuring it out, listen and receive without labels. 

What is an Ascended Master?

“Most of the ascendant masters are star seeds. So they are from different planets, so to speak, but they always come in a form in, in a shape or form that you’re most comfortable with. And, ascendant masters have actually attained that enlightenment, that unconditional love everyone and everything and the multiverses.” — Birgitta Visser

In conclusion, if you identified with the signs of an empath in this article, don’t feel ashamed, and embrace your super power. This means you are one step closer to taking the red pill and awakening out of the matrix of Earth. 

“Earth the insane asylum cuz it’s one of the most difficult planets to incarnate into, especially during these transformational times. But I still think it’s a beautiful time we live in” — Birgitta Visser

Heal from your trauma, emerge from your hermit living isolating yourself, and mistrust of humans by connecting with your spirit guides and allowing them to help you awaken and heal emotionally on your spiritual journey, outside of the matrix of religion and Earthly systems that gaslight you. 

As you raise your vibrational frequency you will attract healthy soul family. 

And remember. Always keep your unique light shining! 

Raven Scott

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Birgitta is Soul Empowerment Coach and Light Configurator, delivering messages from the many Light Beings to the aid of humanity. She is a courier for those who wish to convey their messages across.

She is simply here to plant a seed; to help unlock one’s own true potential into a better understanding of oneself and the Universe. People often think that transformation commences from without, but inner movement commences from within — when one transforms within, one transforms one’s world without, having a domino effect in the world we so dance in.

You can connect with her in the link in the bio.



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