The Four Steps to Cleanse and Protect Yourself from the Narcissist | Ep 118

As a Highly Sensitive person, Gain Your Auric Field Protection for Peace, Purpose, And Prosperity

What if there was a way to live life on your own terms? Would you be interested?

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You, empath, feel others’ feelings deeply. They often struggle with self-care because they’re so sensitive to other people’s emotions. But when they learn to take care of themselves, empaths can achieve peace, purpose, and abundance in their lives.

“We’re all energy and our mindset sets the frequency to the energy we emit. And so if my energy is, I’m overwhelmed by external input, I must protect myself from it. That program itself keeps my auric field tuned. To more psychic attacks.”

– Victoria Rader Ep 118 Empath and The Narcissist podcast

In this article and episode practice with us, the 4 Steps Auric Cleansing and Protection to live your life free from the narcissist.

Today I share a conversation with Victoria Rader Ph.D. & Possibility Coach™.

How Empaths Can Attain Peace, Purpose, And Prosperity

Here are the key Takeaways:

There is one divine truth that flows through all of us. And it is, for you, when you have that feeling of the spirit. When you feel the chills through your body, you just feel it. When you feel it. There it is. This is your straight path. [19:51]

Learn how to identify what it is that you truly desire.

To find out more about how to attain peace, purpose, and prosperity, check out my articles, “16 Self Care Tips for Sagittarius.” It will help you gain current energy aligned tools to help you take better care of yourself during each zodiac season.

16 Self Care Tips for Empaths during Sagittarius Season
Self Care if vital when investing in your self development and recovery from narcissistic abuse.

The Gift of belonging

The empath and narcissist toxic energetic trap is the cracks in your auric field absorb the pain and lies. As an empath we have always felt like we don’t belong in the structures on Earth, and this creates a wound of the desire to belong.

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But belonging can be attained without enmeshed toxic relationships. You actually can attain belonging by connecting with your higher self. And as you grow and develop your boundaries you will attract healthy people and you find your soul group you belong to.

“ An empathetic person more often than not, will attract a narcissistic person. The very first step is you understand the uniqueness of who you are, and that the key oneness through boundaries versus sameness through over involvement.” — [23:55] Victoria Rader Ep 118 Empath and The Narcissist podcast

Disease of Lack of Awareness.

“I was shown a very interesting symbiotic relationship that if you think of a narcissist, they don’t know boundaries of involvement. They push themselves into everything and they clear the space with their energy sometimes to she destruction.

Without placing judgment, or excuse on that, but observing the behavior. It is lack of awareness. But on the empathetic side, it is also lack of awareness because we are actually opening our boundaries wide open to that invasion. And so in that particular exchange, Speaking only energetically.

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Creating, honoring, and living within the beautiful boundary of love is your most advanced protective move. Instead of trying to influence, change or heal someone, which might not be capable of that.

If you look at a sociopathic, behaviors, the person is a void of experiencing true love.

They are a level zero on the love meter. Cause they say, well, Narcissists only loves themselves. Unfortunately not. They were capable of loving themselves. They wouldn’t be a narcissist. They’re void of love. They’re so void of love that they want it at any cost. They don’t know how to get it. That’s why they go and cross everyone and everything to get it.

So the love is zero. That’s reading the boundaries, but then you have sympathy. With sympathy a lot of us go into the sympathetic mode when we say, “I know you feel something, I can relate to it.” The empath says, “I know you feel something. Now I feel it.” So that’s the first energy exchange.”

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But you can easily pulled in the undertoe of the narcissist.

“But the higher frequency is compassionate empathy. , when you say, I feel what you feel, but I feel the source of love greater, instead of absorbing your pain, I shall channel creator’s love.” [28:32] Victoria Rader

Practice these four steps to Cleanse and Protect your Empathic Auric Field.

In the episode Victoria shares the four steps to take to cleanse and protect your aura. And then she guides us through a beautiful meditation you can come back to practice whenever you need it for your spiritual hygiene.

Step 1: Make the command to seal your auric field.

Step 2: Ground your aura and detox through Mother Earth

Step 3: Allow love from Source to replenish you

Step 4: Affirm “ I am safe. Surrounded by Divine love.”

Practice the guided auric field sealing at [33:06]

Affirmations are positive statements that help you focus on what you want instead of what you don’t want. If you think about what you want, you’ll feel better about yourself and more motivated to make changes.

In conclusion, as a highly sensitive person, you can become aware of your auric leaks, and seal them. You have the power within you. You have Divine Source guiding you. Keep listening, keep connecting, and gain your Auric Field Protection for peace, purpose, and prosperity.

And remember, keep your unique light shining.

Raven Scott

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Guest Ep 118 Empath and Narcissist Podcast

Victoria Rader, Ph.D. Possibility Coach™, transformational speaker and founder of YU2SHINE empowers coaches, entrepreneurs, and people that seek personal development to grow in all areas of their life through the proven formula of success so that they have more PEACE, PURPOSE, and PROSPERITY.
She is a four times bestselling author who is globally recognized along with Brene Brown, Richard Branson. for her contribution to sustainability and mental health projects with CREA GLOBAL AWARD by Brainz Magazine.

If you really enjoyed her and our conversation, you can find her at Instagram @vic_rader

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