Plant Medicine To Heal Childhood Abuse And Trauma | Ep 115

And How to do a spiritual journey audit

Ayahuasca is an Amazonian plant medicine used by indigenous people throughout South America to treat mental illness. It has been shown to be effective in treating depression, anxiety, addiction, PTSD, and more.

“Within the traversing of those different realms, being able to find peace through releasing the pain of the past, very catalytic, which can take years or even decades with other healing modalities because it just scratches to the surface.” [11:51]

Michael Thornhill Ep 115 Empath and the Narcissist podcast
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In this article and podcast, we’ll discuss three ways to conduct a spiritual audit and healing techniques that can be used to help trauma survivors overcome your pain and live happier, healthier lives.

Healing from trauma can take many forms, and there are many different methods for doing so. This article will share with you how ayahuasca can give you a direct healing path. 

I share my conversation with Michael Thornhill, a co-founder of Casa Galactica in Peru, and trauma-informed plant spirit healer, professional channel and non-dual teacher on the podcast click to listen below.

Plant Medicine To Heal Childhood Abuse And Trauma from the Narcissist

 Heal from addicitons that you used to numb childhood trauma. 

Ayuaska is a transformative healing from addiciton. The root cause of the addiction or one of the many root causes of addiction was the lack of an awareness of unconditional love.

“And I didn’t even know what unconditional love was and that I was trying to recreate this. I was trying to synthetically create and fill that void, which was. The void that was created from a deep deal of trauma, uh, ptsd, uh, anxiety and depression, which was at the root cause of that from the aforementioned abuses.”

 — Michael Thornhill

In the 1960s, Western scientists began studying the effects of ayahuasca on humans. They found that the drug had profound effects on the brain, causing users to feel as though they were seeing things that weren’t really there. Users also reported having vivid dreams and visions while under its influence.

Photo by Stéfano Girardelli on Unsplash

Trauma informed care practices 

“The point is here is that there is a different perspective available to you, and when we begin to look at that, when we ask out for help, when we work with people, Who have experienced this or have access to these different tools and modalities to be able to empower you to also heal. It can transform.” [ 16:50] — Michael Thornhill 

Spiritual Journey Audit

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The first phase really, or one of the earlier phases is the inventory stage. The first might be the analysis stage. The analysis stage is evaluating life, circumstances, and analyze how you are feeling.

 If you are depressed, anxious, worried, or afraid to love. Maybe you can determine your heart feels closed off. You find yourself going to different substances, media or addictions in different ways and you don’t feel content or happy are all signs of your mindset, circumstances and life wants to transform and heal. But how? 

The question is, “Is there something more for you?”

The second step is begin to ask for help.

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And when you look for help, when you ask for help, you’ll find that there is an abundance of free resources around you. You’ll find that there are also very many great paid programs that may come into your path.

In this work I do, and Michael does, it is our hope that we inspire you to recognize that you deserve love. To recognize that you are free, and all the things that have been keeping you imprisoned are manipulation tools and techniques which actually perpetuate abuse and keep you imprisoned within the pain structures that this abuser needs to continue to perpetuate upon you to feel like they’re worth something.

 You don’t have to succumb to that anymore. So find that help. Ask for help surround yourself with people who can support you and begin to believe in the power of you. 

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Empath Support
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Step three is Release Shame

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It feels shameful to talk about abuse. It feels shameful to even leave or call the abuser out on their abuse. But,

“The antidote to shame is speaking about it. Shame is continued and perpetuated when we feel like we can’t talk about it. And there’s a reason for that. Some level of abuse, or mind control, or just continued emotional and verbal abuse, or even physical abuse or a sexual abuse.” [27:13]

“You’ve learned that, if you talk about these feelings as they come up you’re hit or you are abused, or you’re manipulated, or your car keys are taken away, or your house keys are taken away, or you’re locked out of the house, or whatever it may be.

Very quickly, the survival mechanism of the nervous system recognizes it’s not safe for you to speak about that. So the antidote to shame is speaking about that in a safe place.”

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It may be dangerous to open up about it and your plans to heal and become independent with the narcissist. You are their possession in their head. So find a safe place to share, gain support, and heal. 

“Such as a narcissistic support group specifically, or with a professional, with a trauma healer, or with a therapist. And listening to other people’s stories, even if you’re not able to speak.

If you can’t even speak about it, listening to other people speaking about their experiences, like on this podcast can help you feel heard, even if you can’t get that voice out. Because you can recognize that someone else has gone through something and when you hear someone else going through the same experiences of you, it’s like a key opens up and a lock it says. ‘If it’s happened to this person and they’re describing my exact experience, and I’ve not said anything to anyone, perhaps it’s true.’

Understand why Ayahuasca works so well

Casa Galactica Ayahuasca Retreats, Sacred Valley, Peru 

“Plants enable you to go in and heal trauma at the root cause very quickly. So that when you come out from a retreat experience, those parts of you that have enabled that narcissistic abuse to occur are healed. 

Going through a retreat experience, which can catalyze healing for decades, you can leave a retreat experience with those parts of you that needed that abuse healed. So that when you come home with the power and help of plants in that supportive environment, you’re able to say no with a different level of authority, with a different level of conviction because you’ve healed that part that needs that abuse.” [30:53]

“Healing of those wounds, and then what we would describe as the shamanic clearing of those energies and multidimensional multi life contracts, we can release those soul contracts and then have a catapult forward to release oneself from that abusive relationship.”

“With ayahuasca, specifically, the beauty about plant medicines is that it gives you direct experience, whereas spiritual teachings, books, or other modalities can often give you the clues to have the direct experience.”

Michael Thornhill of Casa Galactica on Empath and Narcissist podcast Ep 115

And remember. Always keep your unique light shining. 

Raven Scott

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Michael Thornhill, is co-founder of Casa Galactica in Peru. Michael is a trauma-informed plant spirit healer, professional channel and non-dual teacher.

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