How Much is Your Time Worth?

Living with a Narcissist can be energy sucking, and time consuming. You are always doing CPR on the relationship, and in the clearest of moments you ask yourself, “Am I wasting my time?” Find out how much your life is really worth and start living more today!

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Knowing your worth is an important concept that helps you figure out how much respect and love you should receive in order to live a happy life. It also gives you a sense of how just how unique your soul is, and how false the lies of the narcissist really are!

Determine what you’re worth

If you never sit down to write down what you need emotionally and physically, you will perpetuate the control and gaslighting cycle of the Narcissist. 

Not every day is bad when you live with a narcissist. When you are under their spell and giving them the attention and needs they want, times are good. 

But when you are tired, and are operating on empty because your needs are not met in return, and you are not meeting your own needs, you can’t live up to their standards and are called selfish when you take an hour or a day for your self care. 

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Know that this is not healthy. You deserve to take care of yourself as well. And you deserve someone else caring for you. You do not have to do it all alone! 

Determine your worth, by waking up to the fact that you don’t earn your worth. You are worthy of your desires and dreams and self care, and care by a lover because you were born! You are worthy because you breathe! 

How do you tap into your power source? Self Care: 

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Self Care if vital when investing in your self development and recovery from narcissistic abuse.

Divide by 40.

Not convinced yet? 

Try this. Consider it like calculating your worth in income. Money is energy right? And how someone treats you is energy. This will make it more tangible for you. 

Take down all the instances they control you, demean you, make you feel lesser, don’t pitch in on household chores, ditch you when you need them, and mock you when you are upset. 

Take all those tallies in one month, say it’s 50 a day. multiply that by 30 = 1,500. now multiply that by 12 = 18,000. 

Divide 18,000 by 40 ( 18,000 / 40 = 450) So $450 is what you should expect to earn per hour to put up with the narcissists abuse. Are they paying you that? Is anyone paying you that for your time you are spending being abused? 

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No? Thought so. They expect you to pay for the bills, and the food, and clean everything, and do the errands, and cook their food perfectly, do the laundry, take their hypercritical demands, control, isolating you, yelling at you, belittling you, and possibly even hitting you. 

And then when you try to stand up for yourself, when you have that moment of clarity of your worth, they gaslight you and make you feel crazy. And to be honest you are going crazy a bit, because you keep thinking they will change and stop abusing you, but without professional help they never will.

 I know it’s confusing, when you are in it. So I’ll give you a tip. Just observe their actions, don’t listen to their words. 

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You are not the Narcissist

 They have projected their behavior and selfishness onto you. It is not selfish to know your worth and ask for what you need let alone want. 

So when will you finally silently quit this job of being with the narcissist? Because your energy bank account is in the red. 

You deserve what your soul knows you need. You deserve what you dream of and desire. 

You deserve to make $450 an hour and more! 

The narcissist is dimming your light, holding you back, and sucking your energy dry. Before you know it, you will be a shell of a person with no passion, no will, no autonomy, and no soul purpose. 

The time is now to let go and move on! 

The Universe rewards the brave. 

And remember. Know your worth and keep your unique light shining. 

Raven Scott

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