16 Self Care Tips for Empaths during Scorpio Season

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Scorpio October 24— November 21. The end of the seasonal year in Celtic traditions ushering in Samhain (pronounced Sow-when)or Halloween. Scorpio season brings healing, rest, and transformation as we try to drop grudges, change our patterns to end the abuse, and transform into the strong spiritual soul the narcissist has been pushing down for so long. 

Scorpio Self Care

If you have the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or any planets in Scorpio, then look in your chart to see what house Scorpio resides in and this energy will influence that aspect of your life. If you have no planets, the house theme and planets opposite in the chart will be affected.

Characteristics are brooding, complex, determined, forceful, intense, passionate, resilient, and secretive. 

The symbol is the scorpion, an animal that thrives in the dark and protects itself with venomous sting. In mythology, the scorpion is the guardian of the underworld entrance. It is a symbols of protection and retribution and fate. 

unknown source Yourfates.com

Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio, the god of the underworld. In astrology, Pluto represents power, transformation, and the cycles of life. Traditionally, Mars is the ruler embodying desire, courage, and action. 

This zodiacs element is water, which embraces fluid energy of emotion, reflection, and nonlinear understanding. It is sensitive, personal, and empathic. 

They love predictability and too much change can throw them off balance. 

During Scorpio season embrace their mantra. 

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” — 19th century German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche

1. Take a deep dive into the depths to overcome the challenges that you face.

With this investigative energy you will be able to find the root cause and solution to your problems. You will find the answers hidden under the rock where no one else would ever look. 

Self care is not the Scorpios favorite thing to do, they’d rather work hard to transform and up-level above their limitations. Intense energy poses a challenge for them to slow down and self indulge.

The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck by Kim Krans

Tarot Card pull for Scorpio Season

The World is interconnected in cycles, (circles). Regenerative like the Scorpio in dormant womb space of Samhain. The growing seeds and blossoming life and creativity. The light of the Divine connects all the light within us. And we are sent out to spread light into the darkness. 

Oct. 24 is Diwali, this card reminds me also of the mandala, and rainbow decorations with tealights symbolizing the goddess Lakshmi who defeated the darkness. 

Oct. 24 the Sun enter Scorpio and on Oct. 25 is the New Moon in Scorpio. All of this is occuring pre Samhain on Oct. 31. The stars and planets are aligned and culminates the energy for incredible transformation – if you are open to it. 

The time to gestate is now. The time to cleanse underneath the dark rocks of your psyche, the low vibrations of hate, blame, shame, and grudges out of your life and your heart. Do this in order to have fertile soil to plant new seeds of abundance, and birth the authentic life your soul is here to live. We all have in us light and dark, birth and transformation, ability to shed our “skin”( like the snake), and radiate rainbow magic out with love. The key is to connect to Source, ground and radiate through love. 

It’s time to be true to yourself and live with love aligned with your soul. Let go of all that is blocking you from your joy and abundance.

It’s time to rewrite your own love story. 

Areas of health to focus on 

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

Scorpio governs the large intestine, urinary tract, pelvic region and reproductive organs. 

All of the Self Care is referenced from The complete guide to Astrological Self Care by Stephanie Gailing.

2. Maintain a routine 

Because Scorpios and the season is a water sign. There is a flow of emotions that cycle like the tide. Which can be quite uncomfortable. While the predisposition of Pluto and Scorpio are to dive into the depths of the emotional recesses, if you do not come back to the surface through routine, it can be too overwhelming. 

While this time is for going spelunking in the caves of your subconscious, take a flashlight, schedule regular visits with your therapist and friends. And develop physical health routines, such as eating healthy, workouts, and substituting alcohol for a bubbly seltzer water. 

3. Protect against UTI‘s

While Scorpio energy rules the urinary tract, this energy also can drive you to work more and focus less on your bladder. 

Take regular bathroom breaks, drink loads of water, cut back on the alcohol and caffeine, and empty your bladder before and after having intercourse.

And learn about steaming your womb with Jaguar Womban in an upcoming episode on Oct. 30. 

Empath and Narcissist Podcast

4. Embrace all stages of life 

While women are not the only to be affected by the reproductive organs influences. Now adays in the modern times, we have traveled so far from embracing the wise Crone archetype of the woman. Wrinkles are abhorred, menopause falsely means the end of our sex lives, and the red blossom time is to be loathed, while we are forced to push a head and not rest. 

Our bodies are design to go through cycles, just as the Earth goes through seasons. Take time off and rest when you are experience menstrual pain. Stop feeling like you will loose or miss out if you don’t keep up with the 24/7 grind. 

Focus on Whole Foods, natural remedies, and yoga to help soothe you during these hormonal roller coaster times. But more importantly, embrace them as natural and your Divine goddess/ god power to create life, shed and vacate the womb, drop another seed and start again. 

Photo by Julia Caesar on Unsplash

5. Resist emotional eating

As the season leads up to all things holiday. It can be a anxiety commencing time. With all the feels and water energy flowing, make sure to protect your empath aura through meditation, intention setting, and rituals versus eating when you are not hungry. 

Emotional eating is a real thing with empaths. You are trying to protect your heart through subconscious excess physical body. Listen in to my conversation with Jeanne Sullivan Billeci, the Soulmate coach and her discovery of this at her severely overweight stage. in episode 87

There is nothing wrong with a healthy manly or womanly curve, but when it starts to compromise your heart and health, that is where your spiritual body needs to step in and protect and aid your physical body to make healthier coping mechanism choices. 

6. Try a detox diet 

Harness the “all or nothing” Scorpio energy and go for a detox diet you may never have felt motivated to do until this season. You do not need to go extreme and do a fast. But maybe you need to remove one ingredient from your diet you suspect is toxic to your body. 

Or you may wish to try the intermittent fast schedule where you eat during only certain hours of the day. 11 am — 5 pm. The other hours you fast and drink water. 

Sugar is a real problem in most of our diets, and unless it’s raw sugar or honey, it is NOT healthy for your body. And I know, this may be the worst time to think about detoxing from sugar because of the holidays, but it may just be the best time for you, to go against the flow and resist the toxic ingredient. Think of it as great practice for resisting the toxic person in your life. They can be so intoxicating in the moment, but then afterward you regret it. I feel the same way after I eat a whole bunch of cookies, as I do after having sex with the dude who just emotionally slammed me for not being perfect. 

You can gain more support by listening to Jennifer Moore’s story, on Episode 79 Empaths Beware! You Empathy could be codependency. 

Photo by Ahtziri Lagarde on Unsplash

7. Practice Moderation 

The Scorpio and energy tend to be extreme. Whatever you do, and commit to, keep a calm balance, unless it lead to affect your nerves, metabolism, and mental outlook. 

Even the ancients knew this wisdom. 

“Everything in moderation. Including moderation.” — Socrates

8. Eat these supportive foods 

Dark chocolate — Scorpios love dark things. This is beneficial when it comes to chocolate as it contains heart- healthy flavonoid antioxidants. 

Fermented foods — As you grow and change, you will be attuned to your inherent power. Interestingly enough, this too applies to fermented foods and beverages. Kimchi carries more health benefits than raw cabbage. The bacterial cultures in kombucha or yogurt allow you to digest your food easier. All it takes is a little bit every day for you to enjoy the health benefits. 

Cranberries — Like Scorpios, these both are known for their sharp bite and powerful healing abilities. There is research showing this tiny dried fruit contains antioxidants and is a potent weapon against developing infections of the urinary tract. Make sure to drink unsweetened concentrate and mix it with water. And make a sauce by simmering fresh berries with orange juice and honey for about 15 minutes, until they split open, then smash once cooled.

Photo by Rasa Kasparaviciene on Unsplash


If you set your mind ton transformation, you’ll do whatever is necessary — including partaking in a host of wellness therapies — to achieve it. — Stephanie Gailing 

9. Bodywork

Releasing tight muscles is thought to transfrom deep-seated patterns of misalignment. Try getting body work such as massage, rolfing, and soma. 

10. Colonics

Colonics help flush out excess waste with water which aids in not detoxification and better digestion. 

11. Floatation Tanks

Floatation tanks feature three things scorpios love: water, darkness, and time to connect with your feelings. Research suggests that they have beneficial effects for sleep difficulties, anxiety, and muscle tension. 

If you can’t make it to a float tank facility, you can experience it in modified version at home. Make your bathroom as dark as possible, turn in pink noise, place an eye mask on and float in your bath with Epsom salts. 

Photo by Camila Cordeiro on Unsplash

Relaxation Practices 

12. Neo tantra

Scorpios are drawn to provocative experiences. Neo tantra is a modern day translation of the Buddhist and Hindu disciplines honoring sex as the vehicle for spiritual enlightenment. Read a book, research a workshop or just enjoy complimenting each other before diving in. 

This can be challenging if you have experience sexual abuse, or emotional abuse around your body image, or performance in the bedroom from a narcissist. Trust I know. But you can find healing and pleasure again with the right healthy partner and loving yourself.

Dive in to know How to Heal from Sexual Trauma in Episode 94 with Juliette Karaman

13. Enjoy Mysteries 

Read a mystery novel, or binge watch a suspense thriller is a great way for you to unwind like a Scorpio. Start a book club, review mystery podcasts, or play an escape room or who done it mystery game. 

14. Mud treatment 

Scorpios don’t mind getting their hands dirty, both figuratively and literally. Divulge in a good mineral nourishing mud mask for your whole body or face. 

Get a jar of bentonite clay as a detox and poultice for big bites, rashes and pimples. 

Photo by Safia Shakil on Unsplash

15. Natural remedies 

Aloe Vera

Scorpio is a sign of timeless endurance, and aloe vera was traditionally viewed as a symbol of eternal life. Aloe’s regenerative properties provide great benefits when applied topically from softening skin to healing cuts and burns. 

Aloe Vera juice is another beneficial laxative for the Scorpio intestinal support needs. 

Put an aloe plant, set it on a sunny spot and break off a leaf to extract the gel when your skin needs some soothing. 


This tiny seed is incredibly rich in fiber and omega 3 oils. This helps the intestine and lower cholesterol. It is praised for its balancing hormone levels and for reducing breast cancer risk in post menopausal women. It can be taken as a supplement or consumed with food. For best absorption, it is important to eat it ground rather than whole. 

16. Essential oils 

Aromatherapy is a deeply alchemical process. Here are few sign specific plant oils that are highly beneficial during this season.

Photo by CRYSTALWEED cannabis on Unsplash


Sex is an essential part to our self care and pleasure. When partnered with a healthy respectful partner it can draw you closer together. If your libido is feeling too cold due to stress, try diffusing ylang ylang or use it as perfume. 

Remember sex is not obligation or a payment for a good dinner out. It can always wait if you are too tired and a healthy partner respects that. 


It is said basil oil integrates the conscious and subconscious mind promoting psychic visions. It is thought to reduce menstruation-associated pain. Inhale the aroma when you wish to relax and feel centered. 

And as it also acts as an insect repellent, apply a few drops to lotion may help keep the mosquitoes away. 


This oil is prized for its regeneration. It is considered to be one of the best oils to use for healing scars and wounds. It is also very helpful for healing emotional scars and wounds, when the scent is inhaled. It helps unblock deep subconscious emotions and grows deep self-compassion. Use this oil in a room diffuser or a few drops in massage oil for relief of aches and pains. 

Build an Alter

Photo by Udayaditya Barua on Unsplash

Building an alter is a very Earthy and tactile way to remind you to flow with the energy of the Universe. It is witchy (wicce) yes but, don’t worry you are not going to hell. An alter brings your focus to investing in your self worth, your mother archetype, and healing exercises you must do in order to strengthen your emotional intelligence. Spiritual is a combination of Spirit + Ritual. And ritual is another fancy word for disciplined habit.

First clean your space where feels right for you to build your alter. Either on a fireplace hearth, shelf, table, or console. Place a candle front and center. Place a cloth and assemble your items creatively as you wish.

Color of cloth for Sun in Scorpio : white, silver, or any favorite color

Flowers: marigolds, mums, jasmine

Stones/Crystals: Clean your crystals by running under water or sage smoke. White quartz, yellow topaz, amethyst, smoky quartz, and or citrine

Herbs: lavender, basil, white sage

Incense: frankincense, myrrh 

Food: Dark chocolate, cranberries, favorites of your ancestors, oranges

Symbols: Photos of your departed loved ones, serpent, eagle, Phoenix, Orion, scorpions, skulls

I’ve shown you how I decorated my altar as an example

17. Yoga poses


This intensely deep squat is sure to release any tightness in your pelvis, bringing you energy in your genital region.

1,000 × 667

Wide-angle seated forward bend

This trust fall like stretch allows you to see how you respond when you meet your limits, fostering an ability to accept your boundaries with emotional honesty. 

1,120 × 747

Dead bug / Happy Baby Pose

It takes a special energy such as Scorpio to appreciate the darker things in life, such as this dead bug pose. It is a gentle restorative pose allowing you to bring relaxation to your groin and leg muscles.

564 × 315

Be mindful of information given to you. Be careful if you feel vulnerable. Because the wolf will arrive in sheep’s clothing charming and charismatic. You will feel like they have all the answers and your savior.

Life is not that easy, you will never arrive while looking outside of yourself… guard your hearts, guard your minds and remember…

Always keep your unique light shining!

Happy Scorpio Season

Share your thoughts in the comments which tip was new that you are excited to try thi Scorpio season.

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