How Many Times Does it Take to Leave the Narcissist

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Dear Empath,

Today is 10/10/22… and it also is the 10th reminder I’ve created. I Just finished reading a book on Numerology and Angel numbers. And I had to share the message coming through today!!!

Life is just practice don’t beat yourself up. Establish an emotional bond with your spirit guides and the divine will encourage you to be brave as you make crucial decisions.

You know that phrase? “ Fail Forward.”

Number 0 symbolizes “Since ‘zero’ energy is closely tied to the spirit, it usually indicates authenticity and spirituality. Often, ‘zero’ in an Angel Number means that your spirit guides or Higher Power is emphasizing something.”

“Consider deeply how you are relating to. . .”

Which today is the 1 : “Go forward with belief. You will succeed!”

Become self-sufficient and independent, hoping to embrace the freedom to be yourself.

Release the need for anyone or any love outside of yourself. Deepen your understanding and relationship to your higher self. The one without ego locked into this earth world.

Your soul is here to heal and support the people around you, making peace and mediating between people and the world around them.

Practice journaling meditating and being in nature today.

If you find yourself stuck with a Narcissist look for the release of How to Leave a Narcissist Workshop Monday!

Reply if you want more info on the 22 element.

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With love,

Raven Scott

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