How to Relieve Anxiety from Narcissistic abuse aftermath through your Gut | Ep. 88

How the fear and anxiety of empaths after narcissistic abuse can spark anxiety in us and how we can take care of that is to heal it through our gut health, nutrition, and even mental health practices.

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I had a fascinating conversation with Camila Smith, LCSW, and chief clinical officer at Bekome. How what we put in our body, can help us heal more than we even know! Listen to her in depth, yet clear explanation on the podcast how our body produces serotonin and how negative stress is to our entire system. 

How to Relieve Anxiety from Narcissistic Abuse through your Gut with Camila Smith
88. Fear of Empaths Being Alone with Camilla Smith / Relieve anxiety through your Body === Bekome.

The past two years, I have seen a big rise in people feeling really alone, depressed, and being afraid to, to establish connections,. Because of this invisible predator, COVID, that has kind of stood in the middle of us being able to connect. PLUS trauma and making them feel mistrusting of others. 

“At the core, in mental health, we can typically tie a lot of different disorders or states of being personality traits to relationships. Relationships that were either formed early on with our parents or maybe peers or, any form of relationship. And that tends to have a long lasting impact that then continues to impact people’s a present day.” — Camila Smith LCSW

The subconcious. 

Our family of origin toxic or healthy that establish our emotional intelligence and mental health. Before language was formed, the gut brain was formed. And the narcissist uses language as the weapon.

We have different brainwaves and they, we store memories, based on whatever brainwave, when we also recall them.

Healing through singing bowls with its wavelengths vibrations is incredibly powerful.

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How to heal through the gut 

It’s scary to go out on your own. It’s scary to leave what you know, it’s scary to face and tell the truth. Stand up for yourself, make boundaries.

Pretty much, any interaction with the narcissist causes, anxiety and stress. This feeling is directly connected to their actions to gaslight you and control you, and the aftermath once you are disconnected, you don’t realize you are still holding that in your gut. So to support your gut health will directly benefit your mental health.

So before we develop the faculties of our brain we had the, the ENS. And that’s in our gut. Our gut brain actually has the capacity to feel, to send signals, to receive kind of just like our brain. So we have two actual nervous systems.

One, our brain utilizes the CNS, the central nervous system, and our gut utilizes the ENS. Which is the enteric nervous system. You feel sadness often in the stomach. You know the phrase: “It’s like a pit in the stomach”

When we go through chronic stress in abusive situations where we are in an activated state, that activates our ENS system. And because it is in our stomach, that impacts our gut health as well.

Because that system in our stomach, not only helps us to perceive the world and react, but it also helps us digest food.

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Serotonin is our neurotransmitter in charge of mood, sleep, appetite, and pain. And 90% of it is produced in our stomach.

It helps regulate in our ability to have a balanced state where we’re sleeping good, and we feel good.

The stress and pain lives in our stomach. So if we’re experiencing a lot of stress and that throws off our gut health, it’s gonna throw off our production of our main neurotransmitter.

“Essentially mental health lives in our stomach or feels. In our stomach, not just our brain.” — Camila Smith, LCSW

Trauma complicates the signals

The difficulty of victims, whether it’s narcissism, unhealthy relationships, or trauma is the disconnect. Your gut tells you one thing, your heart tells you another and your brain tells you another! Manipulation and gas lighting, oftentimes impairs your ability to trust our own gut.

In your gut, you feel this isn’t right. But you feel like you want to stay or feel afraid. But then, you can’t make sense of the disconnect between your heart and your gut. So now they’re all outta whack and there’s no alignment. But the truest, is listening to your intuition.

In narcissism or in unhealthy relationships, because of the abusive dynamics, you stop believing in yourself. You stop paying attention to that gut feeling.

The body speaks to our pain. Discomfort is a sign there’s no other way for our body to have communication than through physical sensations.

The first signal is a thought, but we can fight our thoughts. We can distract ourselves from our thoughts. But when it comes to pain, it’s much more difficult. So physical sensations are the last resort that your body has to say, “hello, can you hear me?”

The stress response and de-regulation of the body, causes a lot of gastrointestinal discomfort. So there’s actually a big connection between IBS, Crohn’s disease, just in general discomfort in your stomach and mental health.

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Body alarms us to protect us 

Your body kind of like a house. And you have an alarm system and that alarm system is caught anxiety. And when something isn’t, if you have your home, alarm goes off when someone tries to break your window or they open your door.

The same thing happens in your body, whether it be a person or a conflict situation. When it’s intruding, when it’s causing you pain, when it’s causing you fear, when it’s causing you discomfort in any way. Whether it be physical, psychological, emotional, your alarm system goes off and it doesn’t make a sound it only has sensations.

The Narcissist will never let go 

So I think it’s important to not ignore that and to not continue to believe the lies that the narcissist is placing on you to continue to manipulate you to stay. Because the only reason they really want you to stay is so that they can control you. It’s not really about what they’re saying, “ I love you.” “ I need you.”

 Well, yeah. They need you for the errands. They need you for the money. They need you for the supply. But someone who really truly loves you is not going to put you through so much emotional turmoil.

Narcissistic Conditional love v Unconditional Love

“It’s almost like a broken glass in a way, and you fill it and it never quite fills, because it’s leaking. It feels like it’s full as long as there’s a continuous pour”

It’s not your job to fix them. If they have a broken glass heart, they need to go to therapy and fill that hole up or crack in their glass.

And that goes for everything. Self accountability is the most important part because you can try to help someone, but until that person understands from their own perspective why they need to make the change and what changes they need to make. They will not take the energy to do so. We could try as much as we want, and it might not make any difference.

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Leaky gut 

Traces of bacteria in brain tissue probiotics help clean the toxins stress has created out.

Self Care tip! Drink kombucha!! or anything full of probiotics. 

Eat omega 3’s to decrease the inflammation.


Your natural anxiety relief starts today.

As Camilla Smith shares on Episode 88 of Empath & The Narcissist podcast, what we consume in our body, directly affects our brain and stress. Muscle tension from repressed anxiety, irritability, and overwhelm, are all side effects of trapped negative emotions in your body.

A little pill pack, with five different ingredients in it Camila helped formulate to supplement your mental health.

You can get relief and feel your best with their research- backed supplements, and feel a reduction in anxiety within 1 week of using bekome.

So each of these ingredients are like perfectly blended based on research to not only provide those nutrients, but work with each other. in addition to vitamins, we also wanna look at, things that support the central nervous system.

They have included herbs, botanicals, magnesium B6, probiotics, an amino acid that induces relaxation focus, and passion flour. Passion flour has been extensively studied and found to have the similar efficacy as antidepressants or medication for anxiety.

Try it now and get 1 on 1 expert support that address the root of your worry and anxiousness.

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In conclusion, to heal your anxiety through your gut health is 

  1. Change one thing in your diet to be healthier
  2. Take a supporting supplement such as Bekome 
  3. Get outside and move your body, or start a hobby
  4.  aromatherapy in your body wash / or diffused through essential oils

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Guest Bio : Camila Smith LC. S w is a licensed. Psychotherapist and anxiety expert with advanced training and mental health. And nutrition, doctorate in health sciences, and chief clinical officer at Bekome. Bekome is a mental wellness company dedicated to providing a safe and all natural approach to alleviating anxiety through supplementation, nutrition, and gut health.

Remember, Always keep your unique light shining! 

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Camila Smith, LCSW, is a licensed psychotherapist and anxiety expert with advanced training in mental health and nutrition (Doctorate in Health Sciences) and Chief Clinical Officer at bekome. Bekome is a mental wellness company dedicated to providing a safe and all-natural approach to alleviating anxiety through supplementation, nutrition, and gut health.

She is a professional speaker, mindfulness facilitator at Copper Beech, and adjunct professor at the University of New Haven, teaching undergraduate/graduate sociology and psychology courses. She is passionate about holistic wellness, meaning social impact, and advocacy.

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