Empaths Beware!! – Your Empathy could be codependency of a Narcissist | Ep 79

with Jennifer Moore (EFT) International Master Trainers, Author

How Empaths Can Guard against Dark Energy and Thrive.

“Empaths know things, we just override those things. When we can really start to trust what we know to be true, then we really can use that sixth sense to help us to make better choices for ourselves instead of falling down the narcissist empath rabbit hole.“

— – Jennifer Moore @ empathic mastery in Empath & the Narcissist Podcast Episode 79 (listen below)

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Empath and Narcissist podcast

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“When we can really start to trust what we know to be true, then we really can use that sixth sense to help us to make better choices for ourselves instead of falling down the narcissist empath rabbit hole. “- Jennifer Moore

As empaths, when we do not have a shield up and feel others stress, anger, and anxiety we think it’s ours; and we are a hot mess! 

Highly sensitive people can be overstressed, and tend to cope through addictions. Whether those addictions are illegal, legal, or part of our culture like drugs, alcohol, sugar, and social media. We need to find better coping tools. 

That is what Jennifer and I discussed on the podcast, and so much more on being an empath and dissecting the narcissists identity, and what the difference between empathy and being an empath means. Here are my main take aways. 

Listen and feel free to comment what your take away is! I’d love to hear.

Empaths Beware!! – Your Empathy could be codependency of a Narcissist with Jennifer Moore
“Empaths know things, we just override those things. When we can really start to trust what we know to be true, then we…player.captivate.fm

Highly sensitive empathic people are overstressed and may cope through addictions. (sugar counts)

Narcissisists suck the life out of you, they cause you to question yourself, and cause immense emotional dependency and turmoil. You are more prone to find ways to numb yourself. The narcissist will also cause you to think it is your fault and you stay in this toxic situation trying to fix things. 

Being in constant fight or flight annihilates your nervous system and drives you to numb with alcohol, narcotics, sugar, social media, avoiding reality, blocking any current affairs out, shying away from politics, and even seeking mindlessness from meditation.

I share with you my story with addiction next Tuesday and the eight ways to heal your addictions and shine your light bright. You are not alone. 

Tattoo art has long been a healing modality

I am planning on getting a tattoo to commemorate my maiden to mother ritual. And Jennifer shared she was a tattoo artist for a long time.

Healing through body art has been used for centuries as a spiritual modality, right of passage and more. The oldest evidence of human tattoos is believed to be from between 3370 BC and 3100 BC.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Difference between Empath and empathy

Empaths feel others emotions without knowing it is not theirs. You feel a mysterious sense of anger, and if you are not aware, you take it on as your own. This emotional burden, far too often, overwhelms and exhausts empaths. 

In addition, empaths are highly sensitive to body language, and their skills for people pleasing to keep the peace is conditioned in them at a very young age by a toxic or emotionally unintelligent parent.

Empathy is an emotional intelligence that allows you to separate feeling from other’s energetic boundaries. It is the ability to and see from their perspective without being entangled in the distress. 

These are two very different things and it is important to acknowledge your empathic powers, and take responsibility for building up boundaries and emotional intelligence.

Ten ways empaths can embrace their superpower and defeat the narcissist.
Part 1medium.com

Empaths are linked into the aura of a narcissist

 If you are not careful to detach from the invalidation and ecstasy cycle, you will energetically be chorded to the narcissist. And only pain, anguish, depression, and even thoughts of suicide will follow. 

It is important to practice the Empath Protection Meditation to lift your shield up. Stop taking responsibility for their negativity. Educate yourself on the red flags, and improve your self worth to guard against their lies and deceit. 

Codependency stems from feeling the distress and fixing it to alleviate the discomfort

When you are not aware of your ability to amplify others emotions, you start to fixate on fixing others. Fixing is only something you can do for yourself. You cannot help others alleviate their suffering unless they are willing to do the work. 

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

And narcissists do not admit they are imperfect and need work. They will pawn off their failures onto you and this discomfort forces you to fix yourself. You work hard for their love again, and are dependent on their validation for your happiness. The problem is when you fix yourself to please another, it will not lead to emotional intelligence or actual improvement. You will get self improvement burn out, resentment, and quit.

So for your own healing journey and heart:

“Focus on cultivating three things, curiosity, gratitude, and discernment in order to thrive. As opposed to finding ourselves spinning out and trying to figure out how to make our narcissist happy.” — Jennifer Moore

And remember. Always keep your unique light shining!

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