How to Overcome Narcissistic Abuse and recover from PTSD, codependency, gaslighting, manipulation. 

The Aftermath of Narcissistic Abuse

“ ‘I chose you for that very reason. You were a perfect blank canvas, and I could create you into my own creation of a woman.’ I stood in shock, in disbelief. I thought this whole eight years together, I was pawn in your game. I was your play thing, and I was dumb enough to let you. ” — Raven’s Narcissistic X; Empath and The Narcissist: How to Overcome Narcissistic Abuse and recover from PTSD, codependency, gaslighting, manipulation. Chapter 10

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Today I share a preview of my book in celebration of it’s availability on Audible this Sunday August 14! and it’s new cover design for paperback, Kindle, and hardcover.

“This is the kind of book that gives all seekers hope and renewal as they walk their own path of healing and self discovery.” Diana Bertoldo, Energist

In this book I have included first hand tried and true meditations and exercises for you to recover and gain your sparkle back after narcissistic abuse.

“I didn’t say that.” — “You’re too sensitive!” — “No one will believe you!” Are these phrases familiar?… Then you may be dealing with a narcissist and this book is for you.

  • How to overcome narcissistic abuse, and recover from PTSD, codependency, gaslighting, manipulation. A guide to heal from childhood trauma with effective exercises and how to live as your true self with human design 101.

“This book weaves story and teaching in a way that does both inspire and expand our minds. I recommend it for anyone in pursuit of greater personal freedom. “ Kim Smith Publisher of Unbelievable Freedom Books

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In this book Raven has included first hand tried and true meditations and exercises for you to recover and gain your sparkle back after narcissistic abuse. Here is what’s inside:

  • How to heal from Toxic Patriarchy culture and childhood trauma
  • Signs of low self esteem how to nurture your self worth
  • Is your victimhood mindset blocking your best life?
  • From Narcissist Magnet to Narcissist Repellant
  • How to connect with your inner child to heal core trauma wound
  • Guided Inner Child Meditation
  • What forces that drive narcissism and codependency
  • Love bombing & Devaluation The Narcissists Arsenal
  • The types of narcissism and red flags of a narcissist in a relationship
  • How to recover from PTSD through EFT tapping practice
  • Subtle signs of covert Narcissism, breaking ancestral curses and connect with your healed ancestor guided meditation.
  • The Emotional aftermath from narcissist abuse and how to heal
  • The truth about Narcissists & How to forgive and live your best life
  • How to transmute the burden of trauma from pain to freedom
  • How to protect your energy by knowing your Human Design blueprint basics
  • Human Design 101: Discover how to read your chart and discover your energy blueprint, strategy, inner authority, and areas for growth.

20 + Healing Resources: Guided Meditations, exercises and journal prompts for healing, human design, and astrology concepts.

Empath protection guided meditation included.

“An incredibly relatable story… this guide book is clearly written to serve those committed to healing and honoring their highest nature. A must read on your self discovery journey!”- Abigail Gazda, CEO Hearts Unleashed

Preview the book here

“Raven’s personal story is an amazing journey of growth and discovery through darkness to light. Woven into each chapter you will find threads of astrology and human design, plus my favorite part — the Gifts from the Emotional Toolbox. Those gifts are fantastic practices including meditations, journaling, audio recordings, and a whole lot more. Such a wealth of great resources that accompany each part of a fascinating narrative and exploration of what it means to consciously navigate through life.” — Cynthia Jolicoeur Rood

Published by Raven Scott Nguyen

Raven Scott Nguyen is a passionate advocate for self-empowerment and authentic living, dedicated to helping individuals break free from the chains of narcissistic abuse. With a profound understanding of the human psyche and a deep commitment to personal growth, Raven is the author of "Empath & The Narcissist: Overcoming Gaslighting and Manipulation." This groundbreaking book offers a transformative roadmap for survivors of narcissistic abuse, guiding them towards a life filled with happiness and authenticity healing PTSD, and Trauma from abuse. Drawing from extensive knowledge of Human Design, energy healing, and empathic abilities, Raven is also the author of "Empath's Guide to Rising Strong" a powerful guide that delves into the intricacies of Human Design to help empaths harness their unique energies for self-empowerment and healing. As an empath who has journeyed through the depths of narcissistic abuse, Raven is deeply committed to empowering fellow empaths on their healing journey. With a profound understanding of the emotional landscapes empaths navigate. Raven is the host and producer of "Empaths Rising: Healing with Human Design" This podcast serves as a beacon of hope and transformation, offering practical guidance and insights for those seeking to reclaim their lives and live authentically. Raven is a passionate advocate for shadow work, self-care Moon rituals, and Human Design, and is dedicated to guiding individuals towards a life of self-empowerment and inner peace. With a compassionate heart and a wealth of knowledge, Raven continues to inspire and uplift others on their path to healing and self-discovery through her blog at

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