16 Tips for Self Care in Leo Season

Self Care if vital when rewriting your self worth and recovery from narcissistic abuse. This is a guide to holistic approach for the astrological season of Leo July 23 – August 23

16 Tips Self Care in Leo Season

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If you have the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or any planets in Leo, then look in your chart to see what house Leo resides in and this energy will influence that aspect of your life.

The traits of Leo are: charismatic, cheerful, courageous, dignified, dramatic, expressive, faithful, forthright, big-hearted, proud, warmhearted, and endearing.

Leo is ruled by the Sun. A star at the center which all planets revolve. It has the most gravity holding all the planets in orbit to itself, and radiates heat out to all. The Sun represents the creative life force and a person’s vital essence.

“The courage you need is found in the muscle called the heart”

– Kim Krans The Wild Unknown Tarot Guidebook – Empath & Narcissist S3 Ep 63 Four Tricks Narcissists use to manipulate Empaths
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Just as the Leo energy stokes you into bettering yourself, it also empowers you to rely on your inner strength. While this may feel unnatural or come with guilt, don’t let it deter you from a day at the spa, or finding a safe therapist, mentor, or friend to remind you that, you are majestic.

As guest Karine Brule on the Empath & Narcissist Podcast in S4Sp68 says, “When you are always being kind to the outside, you are unkind to yourself.” So embrace pleasure in life, stop sacrificing joy because it is what you have conditioned to be good or right.

When you are trying to leave a narcissist and heal from the abuse, let your pride down, and find a community of support to establish your trust in human beings again.

Here are sixteen tips for your Self Care in Leo Season

1. Start a new daily blood flowing practice.

This does not have to be a workout, it is meant to be pleasurable and nourishing to your body. The energy of fire is action, and action is movement. This in turn will relieve your stress, anxiety, and brain fog, because every time I have hit the pavement running when I felt lost and confused, I have found clarity in knowing the next right step.

Start a stretch routine, yoga, or dance. If you have a pup, getting out and walking them is healthy for both of you. The act of just moving the stagnant energy out of your body will feel so freeing and empowering.

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2. Have a spa day full of pampering

Pampering is the Leo’s love language. It is one of their favorite things to do. This person and energy innately knows you are worth feeling sensual joy and pleasure. Book a facial, or a massage at your local spa. Or set aside a day at home to do your own DIY spa day. Run a bath with salts and lavender, apply a face mask, moisturize your body lovingly, and don’t forget to pamper your hair.

The spine is an essential area to focus on for your health for Leo’s and others during Leo season. The spine is the main conduit for all the energy of your chakras to travel and is thought to be where vital life force flows.

Since Leo is a fixed sign, maintaining flexibility in your back muscles is beneficial for your health. Have your back massaged and maintain its suppleness through yoga and body awareness.

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3. Get out in the sun and nature

As its main element and ruling planet, the Sun, sunshine is vital for the Leo’s health. Your body is one large solar panel needing the sun’s rays to reinvigorate you.

For all other zodiac signs, Sun and Vitamin D is just as vital for your immune system, and sleep patterns. Continue to use safe skin protection when going outside with sunscreen, sunglasses, and hats. Avoid the highest UV index times of 12-2 pm.

Just being outside will do wonders for your emotional and physical health.

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4. Do yoga / stretching

As mentioned in point 2 and 3 yoga and stretching is such a vital self care component to calm your mind and your heart which is always in a fight or flight mode when faced with narcissistic abuse.

It helps you circulate heat and energy throughout your body and prevents injuries when exercising. Poses that help you find focus on the heart and spine are particularly beneficial.

Such as the Lion pose (Simhasana), Cat Pose (Marjaryasana), Sphinx pose (Salamba Bhujangasana)

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5. Hair and Scalp Treatment

Since Leos hold their manes as most important, taking good care of your hair will help you feel your most vibrant. Many spas offer treatments that specifically care for the health of your scalp and hair, such as a deeply moisturizing jojoba oil treatment or a nourishing mud-mask. If your hair has too much sun or bleach damage, try a richly moisturizing treatment of coconut oil.

You can also pamper your hair and scalp at home with a hot-oil and deep-conditioning treatment. And don’t neglect trimming the split ends off your hair to allow it to grow faster and have a fresh gorgeous look.

How to do an at home hot oil hair treatment: Run a brush through your hair to get rid of any knots. Apply the oil evenly throughout your hair and massage it into your scalp. Cover your head with a shower cap and wait up to 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, completely rinse out the oil from your hair, and follow up with your normal conditioner.

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6. Step out into the spotlight

For Leos the world is your stage. Every life event is an opportunity to be true to your passionately creative, unique self. So why not step out of your cage, and shine bright. This can be literal on a stage with a mic, or in your own home with friends playing charades. Allow the shame and judgement the narcissist has projected onto you melt away as you sing karaoke, or take an acting class.

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7. Spend time playing with children

The Leo spirit is playful and carefree, and makes you a natural with children. With so much stress and constrictions the narcissist places on you, finding ways to release that and enjoy how life can be fun and uncomplicated is nourishing to your soul. Playing with your children, or niece/nephew, will help you reconnect with your inner child and the sparkle of unabashed imaginative play and laughter will be medicine for your heart and soul.

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8. Sun bathe

This has more to do with relaxing then sunshine, but soaking up the Sun’s rays is a bonus. Grab a good book, a blanket, and a beach chair is an ideal way to melt away the stress of carrying the burden and responsibility for so long.

Please sunbathe responsibly, wear SPF 50, UV protective clothing, and sunglasses.

If you cannot get out into sunshine, bring it in with a Lightbox.

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9. Eat Heart-Healthy foods

It is important to keep your health and arteries in top-shape, especially while dealing with stress. The ultimate healthy thing to stop consuming is their drama and lies. I always joke, I didn’t have a food allergy, I had an allergy to my ex. Because while I was stressed and receiving all the abuse, I was developing an auto immune disease, and I could not eat wheat or milk.

Once I left, I was able to eat wheat with no negative affects. The amount stress my body was under, I couldn’t process an already unhealthy element.

For the Leo the heart is a vital organ to focus on the health. Avoid eating high in saturated fat foods, such as processed food and red meat is not only healthy for you, but the planet. (The Beef production industry emits more CO2 than the airplane and automobile industry)

Eat omega-3-rich foods, such as fish, nuts and seeds. Colorful fiber-rich fruits and vegetable, and enjoy a sensuous meal that supports your physical health.

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10. Eat a cooling diet

The Leo’s energy is so fiery, and in the Northern Hemisphere the weather is also so hot. In Ayurvedic medicine pitta is a fiery energy. When pitta is in excess, it can manifest in skin rashes, stomach acidity, inflammation, excess body heat, and irritability. To reduce irritability and heat, eat grapes, melons, zucchini, cucumbers, broccoli, sprouts, and mint.

11. Socialize in Moderation and Responsibly

The center of the attention is where the Leo feels most comfortable. And as a survivor you may be feeling reticent to get out and socialize because you have lost trust in people. The path of addressing your dark emotions and wounds that led you to the narcissist can be scary and lonely. However, it is not meant to be traveled alone. Find a safe circle of friends to support you through your recovery and healing process.

As I write this in 2022, Covid is the most infectious since the beginning. As the virus has mutated rapidly, be responsible when socializing. Either stay in your bubble social circle, and/ or wear a mask. Wash your hands and use hand sanitizer. You may feel strong enough to take on the virus yourself, however think of your community, not just yourself, and recognize others you come into contact with may not be.

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12. Hot Stone Massage

This sensuous combination of pampering and heat unites to help you relax your muscles. Smooth river stones that have been heated to comfortable temperature are placed along your spine and back, while the practitioner rubs your tension away.

You can try a modified version of this treatment at home by purchasing specially polished massage stones, heat them to a comfortable temperature in a pot of water, and apply them to different areas of your body.

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13. Biofeedback

As an empath you have a great talent for feeling and observing great insights from the world around you and using them for your own personal growth.

Biofeedback is a technique you can use to learn to control some of your body’s functions, such as your heart rate. During biofeedback, you’re connected to electrical sensors that help you receive information about your body.

This feedback helps you make subtle changes in your body, such as relaxing certain muscles, to achieve the results you want, such as reducing pain. In essence, biofeedback gives you the ability to practice new ways to control your body, often to improve a health condition or physical performance. – Mayo Clinic

There are an array of biofeedback devices that you can use at home, including wearable devices that measure your heart rate and help you monitor your sleep and stress levels.

14. Essential oils

Leo’s like to express their originality and using essential oils safely with a carrier oil as a fragrant perfume is a luxurious way of doing so. This also keeps your skin clean and free of toxic ingredients in perfumes. You may buy essential oils through reputable companies (not MLM), health food stores, and watch that they are organic and pure essences.

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Neroli is derived from the flower blossom of the Seville orange tree. Just like the sign Leo, neroli is associated with nobility, named after the seventeenth-century princess who first made it popular. This striking oil is a sweetly floral scent. It also has a calming property and is used for excess heat and high blood pressure. You can soak in a hot bath with a few drops in, or dab a few drops in a carrier oil, such as jojoba oil, and rub it on your heart. It can also be added to fragrance free body lotion, enhancing your circulation.


Lemon essential oil is bright and fresh and makes people smile, just as the Leo does. The benefits of this oil is it elevate your mood, add shine to the hair, cleanse the scalp, improve sluggish circulation, and help purify the air. Use lemon oil in a diffuser to bestow a dazzling energy to a room. To refresh your body, use lemon scented body oil. Do NOT apply lemon oil straight to the skin, especially if you are going to be exposed to UV sunshine, as it can cause photosensitivity and burns.

German chamomile

In true burning Leo fashion, the oil from the heat used to distill the flower creates a transformation, a new compound called Chamzulene. This compound is well known for its anti-inflammatory properties and deep blue color. It is used to alleviate red, dry, and irritated skin. It’s scent is uplifting and soothing, perfect for adding to a clay face mask that will leave your skin feeling radiant.

Add a few drops in a warm bath or use it as a perfume to evoke joy and peaceful moods. Avoid it if you have an allergy to ragweed.

15. Build an Alter

Building an alter is a very Earthy and tactile way to remind you to flow with the energy of the Universe. It is witchy (wicce) yes but, don’t worry you are not going to hell. An alter brings your focus to investing in your self worth, your inner child meditation, and healing exercises you must do in order to strengthen your emotional intelligence. Spiritual is a combination of Spirit + Ritual. And ritual is another fancy word for disciplined habit.

First clean your space where feels right for you to build your alter. Either on a fireplace hearth, shelf, table, or console. Place a candle front and center. Place a cloth and assemble your items creatively as you wish.

Color of cloth for Sun in Leo : gold

Flowers: Sunflowers, orange flowers, and/or red flowers. Citrus flowers, citrus tree leaves with warm-toned leaves.

Stones/Crystals: Yellow, orange, and/or red stones such as gold, amber, ruby, garnet, tigers eye, citrine, rhodonite, jasper, or fluorite.

Herbs: Saffron, frankincense, chamomile, St. John’s wort, or Cinnamon.

Incense: Frankincense, citrus, and/or amber

Food: Ginger, oranges, lemons, turmeric

Symbols: Lions, cats, figures associated with the sun, tiara, and/or sun goddess statue.

16. Yoga poses

Lion: This pose will help awaken and embody the courage and fearlessness you need that resides in you already.

Yoga Basics Lion Pose

Cat: This pose will gently open up your middle back and create more space for your heart to be strong. It also helps warm up the spine and massage your digestive organs without creating excess heat.

Cat Pose – Ekhart Yoga

Sphinx: In ancient Egypt, the sphinx was indicated as the temple guardian. Practice this chest opening stretch to safeguard your own temple – your heart.

Sphinx Pose The Yoga Collective

Be mindful of information given to you. Be careful if you feel vulnerable. Because the wolf will arrive in sheep’s clothing charming and charismatic. You will feel like they have all the answers and your savior. Life is not that easy, you will never arrive while looking outside of yourself… guard your hearts, guard your minds and remember…

Always keep your unique light shining!

Happy Leo Season

~ Raven Scott

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Raven Scott is an Empathic Spiritual Healer, Intl. Author, Podcaster, and Narc Abuse Soul Healing Coach in her Empath Healing Membership Community with the use of somatic healing exercises, Moon Rituals, Tarot, and Astrology & Human Design Reading.

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