Can Narcissistic Personality Disorder be Cured? | S4 Ep 66

What is narcissism, How it infiltrates family, workplace, politics.
Why Gina Dobson felt compelled to write her book Scapegoat No More. Can Narcissists be cured? How to heal from being the Scapegoat / Victim of Narcissistic Abuse

“With accountability comes responsibility to ameliorate the ways.”

Gina Dobson, MA, MEd, MS, MDiv, Author
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Host: Raven Scott
Guest Gina Dobson

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Can a Narcissist be Cured?
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Narcissisms is bigger than just romantic relationships gone wrong. It is in our family structures, it is in our workplaces, and it is in our systems and infrustructures. We have seen just recently greed and non empathetic humans pass laws that put people in danger, do not protect the lives of young innocent children, police killing unarmed African Americans with no consequence, and Roe V Wade overturned in the Supreme Court straining countless lives of working class people and putting their ability to thrive at risk.

So I asked a guest, Gina Dobson, on my podcast show, Can it be cured?

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This is the answer we came up with:

“The empath is actually the brightest light, we have a lot of hope and we have a lot of positivity.”

“And so the narcissist is drawn to that because they wish they had that. But at the same time, they’re jealous of it. This light and emotional maturity is why we are strong enough to deal with them. And then when we do the whole world will know of their deceit!” — Raven

NPD is a learned behavior and coping mechanism in the subconscious, therefore a personality disorder

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With it being a personality disorder and learned, there is hope it can be cured. But they need to want to improve and change. And even at that point it take dedication to rewrite the subconscious and exercise emotional muscles that have atrophied. The lack of empath needs to rise from zero to 50 to see any substantial behavioral improvements.

Then once outside of the therapy room, there is a factor most do not consider in treatment. That is their toxic environment where they learned this maltreatment. Most grew up with enmeshed attachments, and in these relationships it is hard to separate from environment to your own psyche. How do you differentiate within an enmesed relationship with a mother, or lover? 

“With accountability comes responsibility to ameliorate the ways” Gina Dobson


It’s really hard but we need to have the conversations about self assessment to remove enmeshed blame, guilt, and toxicity. And when you try this without a professional facilitating, it can lead to: 

  1. Being called the one at fault
  2. Being called crazy because of our frustration and throwing the “temper tantrum”
  3.  The other person acting they are in shocked and do not know how to respond to you.
  4. Then one is disconnected, is neglected, and abandoned.

This is devastating because their identity and love attachment style has been wrapped in this person who now has discarded them. It feels like a limb has been removed from your emotional body. And at first, without self development you have a hard time regulating your emotional behavior.

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

The cure 

The future generations, now, are the cure. 

Teach children to take responsibility.

“No matter how rich or poor you are with this narcissistic behavior, that child was never taught responsibility.” — Raven Scott

And so as children grow, — starting as soon as they can comprehend language — they think they don’t need to take any responsibility. It then gets locked in at 18 and then they really don’t need to take any and it’s everyone else’s fault. They think it’s always someone else, and that it’s not them. They are just so disassociated from reality and others. They are literally living in their own little universe and they’re not down in reality.

Can it be cured in our systems and for the future?

When it comes to a big cruise ship, we all know how the physics work and this it takes a delayed response for one correction on the rudder to see the change course of that massive ship. Same applies with our national systems and government. And it can be so frustrating to the point that you may give up. 

But change IS possible when we start small and make a wave out into the world. Start by volunteering and donating money to grass roots, local non profits and activists you believe in. Speak up to your local city council, pay attention and vote for your local DA, judges, city councilman, and Mayor. 

Just as you do with a narcissist in your own life, you cut the toxins out one boundary at a time. Healing and changing the way we live in our small towns, when we all do this, we band together to make huge ripple effect, and eventually it will weed out the narcissists on the national stage. In the local systems it absolutely can. Healing and doing what you can in your power locally, give you resolve. 

“Putting your hope in something outside of yourself, you’re always going to be disappointed,”-Raven

How to heal:

Meditate, yoga, spiritual disciplines, reading books, different, videos, therapy, being able to know you are worthy, focus on self to grow no the other person.

This practice will help you get rid of, and slough off all the things that brought you to an abuse space.

Always reflect. And Remember… Always keep your unique light shining. 

~Raven Scott

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Can A Narcissist be cured and heal from being their scapegoat

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