Signs We Have Poor Boundaries in a Narcissistic Society S3 Ep 60

Today I share a minisode in celebration of pride month and Juneteenth and my musing about the toxic narcissism going on in America. And how we can solve the problem.

” It is not light that we need. But fire, it is not a gentle shower, but a thunderstorm.”

– Frederick Douglas.
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  1. Human Design Gate 18 Correction: Empaths Healing Guide for the Aries’ Full Moon in Libra Season
  2. Staying Strong in Relationship with a Narcissist
  3. Harmony in the Stars: Libra Season, Fall Equinox, and the Energies of Human Design Gates
  4. How to Feel Whole After a Toxic Relationship with a Narcissist with Shannon Jenkins
  5. Embracing Your Human Design Type: A Journey Through Slogans Defining Gates & Line Types
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Where do I even start?

We have oppression, racism, and hate still running in our streets. We have love and prayers being replaced for right actions for the safety of our innocent children.

We have hate laws being passed against trans, LGBTQ community, and against women’s right of body autonomy.

We have banned books to gaslight the history of the white supremacy that founded our country.

This Pluto return is intense. And we have a lot of work to do.

Just last night another violent hateful act of a shooting has killed a teenager only 15 years old and injured 3 including a police officer at the Juneteenth music festival in DC. The hate, the anger, the violence is becoming more and more normal, and it should not be.

Please make sure to continue or start to speak up, vote in the midterms, major and local elections to dispel narcissists out of our government.

“Juneteenth has never been a celebration of victory or an acceptance of the way things are. It’s a celebration of progress. It’s an affirmation that despite the most painful pats of our history, change is possible — and there is still so much work to do.” President Barack Obama

If we are not making conscious decisions then our brains are taking over automatically operating in the same toxic patterns of the past.

Slavery is one of many horrendous human rights offenses.

As empaths that have survived narcissistic abuse, we can relate to the mental game of the narcissist land owners who justified their disgusting treatment with false science and dangerous propaganda.

As a white woman, I find it my duty to speak up, and not be silent anymore. Silence is my toxic ancestral pattern that I broke years ago, today, and continue to break every opportunity I get. Silence is complicity. And in order to heal and evolve as a human being we must flush out the toxins and release them.

“It is not light (hopes and prayers) that we need, but FIRE. It is not a gentle shower, but a thunderstorm.” — Frederick Douglas

I agree with Mr. Douglas, especially during these times of polarizing viewpoints and toxic hate being encouraged by certain people that had and still have leadership roles.

Just yesterday, June 24, 2022 the Supreme Court, constructed of a majority of Republicans, voted to overturn the protection of women’s rights and Roe v Wade. The whole situation is ironic and shrouded in gaslighting, manipulation, and archaic rules and beliefs. A true sign of narcissism, emotional intelligence stuck in premature ideation. When I researched Frederick Douglas quotes, he stated he was proud to be a Republican and pat of a party who represents “freedom and progress.” I think with all their actions of late, that is not true today. It appears to be infiltrated by the narcissistic extreme idealists that do not live in reality. They have gone backwards towards restricting rights of women, now considering gay marriage, and banning books of critical race theory.

These same people who spew quotes from the Bible that you should love your neighbor as yourself, are hating those different than their ideas, ignoring the safety of children and freedom of women, real truth and education of children, and rights of LGBTQ, trans by making it illegal to choose what to do with their bodies. Sounds like a particular group who prays to their god, slings Assault riffles and where’s head turbans. And ironically, these righteous people abhor them. Again a sign of a narcissist is they never evaluate their flaws and project onto others.

Forced birth in a country with no paid leave.

Forced birth in a countrywith no free healthcare

Forced birth in a countrywith maternal mortality rates.

Forced birth in a country with no universal childcare.

Forced birth in a country that values guns over children.

Working Families Party

Narcissists love to control your mind, body and spirit. They invalidate you to convey your value only exists within the context of their mold and belief system. 

These extreme religious Republicans are trying to erase progress and all that the party once stood for. They are seeking to restore society to the Bible days, what once never was. The danger in that is, life and persecution was far more worse than today and they are constructing a false Eutopia. 

Know that you can reclaim all that is you. We can reclaim our country back to progress, by building awareness of their abuse, diligently practicing detachment and analytical skills. Questioning their reason and motives. They sit in a white, affluent protected bubble, choosing to be ignorant of the working humans plights. They force a woman to have a child whom she cannot afford, putting her existing children at risk, by forcing her to take unpaid time off, medical bills she can’t afford, etc. She then feels forced to make a decision to put this child up for adoption because she has no support of childcare, healthcare, and income for yet another mouth to feed and care for. That child grows up in the horrendously abused broken system that is foster care, and she/he is of color, will most likely be abused and mistreated by foster parents (of course all worst case scenario, but still common enough.) And then grows up to choose a path full of anger and hate, or perserverance and triumph. The hero’s road is a unique and idealistic one that Christians make the argument that the best children were born and created out of struggle and poverty. I may agree with that, but what about the other 99% of the children that didn’t become heros that suffered and we don’t hear about. Do you care about them? 

Another point is, if these Republicans care so much about life to save the unborn, why do they discard and devalue the life of the mother? (and life of children in schools while they cling to their guns and make it easier for criminals to carry out in public with new Supreme Court ruling that in NY it no license is needed to carry outside of the home.)

A woman and her husband went on a baby moon in a country where abortion was illegal no matter if medical emergency or not. She was pregnant, her placenta unexpectedly tore, and she was in an emergency for her life. The doctors could not do anything but what (for her death). She could not fly due to her state of emergency. Finally, the American couple continued to find a solution to drive across the border to a neighboring country to perform the life saving procedure. 

This is what our mothers will have to face in America in some states. It will create chaos, and heartache, pain, trauma, and even death. There are other medical conditions that occur during pregnancy that also need an abortion to save a mothers life. Do these Narcissists care? No. They are emotionally cold, detached, and will justify and dismiss the life of the mother to continue enforcing their selfish and self righteous agenda

Let us all lighting clap our voices and join together to support black businesses, friendships, and education. Because when one race is attacked and oppressed, it allows another race to be. Just use the example of Asian hate crimes on the most vulnerable, the elderly and women. Together we can join and win over the toxic patterns in our systems, government, role models, and relationships.

Let us all lighting clap our voices and join together to support women’s rights by voting out the narcissists. Educate on your platforms, educate in your lives, educate the children. In order to wake up the majority of people who are under the spell of the narcissist, we must share with them the traits of the narcissist and share our stories and present evidence. I am not naive to think we can wake up everyone. But if enough of us do, and we show up to the polls and vote, then we can kick out the narcissism that is plaguing our country. 

Because when one minority is attacked and oppressed, it allows another minority to be. Just use the example of a Supreme Court Justice, Clarence Thomas, has already spoken up about looking into laws on contraception (removing any chance of safe sex and preventing these forced births) and gay marriage. 

These times are imperative in the Pluto return to not retreat in the face of hopelessness and distress. 

Together we can join and win over the toxic patterns in our systems, government, role models, and relationships. By using our voice, showing up, and participating in the system. We were all able to vote out Trump the biggest Narcissist of them all. But by a slim margin. We need to do better. We need to clap back and vote with major landslides all of these Machiavelli leaders out. 

f you’re struggling today, know that it is ok to be sad, mad, and upset and emotional. Your feelings are valid and I’m sending you much love and courage today. 

And remember, always keep your unique light shining. 

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As your next step to defeating the narcissists, learn how to draw long lasting boundaries. And free yourself from narcissistic abuse and power over you. The only way is to t feed your soul and strengthen yourself through love, in order to stand in your power and stop interacting in their manipulative game.

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Right now you feel like this neglected grapevine 

Appear dead outside with no motivation to go on and are ready to give up. Give up on hope life and your self worth.

You’ve been kept in toxic soil with bugs eating at your roots by someone who is a parasite

But there is a tiny glimpse of hope 

If and when you choose to remove yourself from the toxic soil and plant yourself in sunlight and fertile soil watering and feeding yourself through self worth practices. You start to sprout a leaf then another 

Then all Of a sudden you’ve transformed into a fruit bearing grapevine!!! Providing sustenance to others.  

And remember. Always keep your unique light shining.

How to master your boundaries:

  • Envision yourself saying NO
  • Feel the power of your self sovereignty
  • Dream of yourself saying NO
  • Step into your courage, pushing through fear, and taking action to say NO.
  • Be detached with the others emotional response (which may be like a child’s temper tantrum)

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“When we fail to set boundaries and hold people accountable, we feel used and mistreated.”

-Brene Brown
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There is one thing I know… is this.

when you are controlled by a narcissist you will never reach your true potential as a beautiful human being. There is hope though! You are here to elevate the collective and evolve in your souls journey. The dark egoistic people are drawn to your empathic light – like a moth to the light.

Raven Scott
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“I salute the Divinity in you.”

– Indian brotherhood
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