Empaths How to Be Adaptable when Narcissist ruins your Plans during Full Moon in Sagittarius | S3 Ep 56

Empaths Learn to NOT care to be adaptable when Narcissist ruins your plans.

“Be prepared to be adaptable as plans you have laid out may take an unexpected course.”

– Raven Scott
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Host: Raven Scott

Today I share how to use the Full Moon energy to heal and be adaptable to not care if you decide to not participate with a toxic social situation.

Here are some key moments:

  • Magic of Full Moon explained
  • Sagittarius Explained
  • The Cat totem symbolizing our emotional goals
  • How to be adaptable with change of plans we may make ourselves.

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Empaths Learn to NOT care to be adaptable when Narcissist ruins your plans.

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Empaths How to Be Adaptable when Narcissist ruins your Plans during Full Moon in Sagittarius | S3 Ep 56 transcript

Be prepared to be adaptable as plans you have laid out may take an unexpected course. 


to the Empath and the Narcissist podcast.

where you regain your sparkle back after narcissist abuse. 

Today I wanted to share with you. About the full moon. 

We have a full moon coming up here on June 14th. 2022. The full moon is the moon at her fullest and ripest. Represented by ISIS. Saline and Diana amongst others, she is the embodiment. Uh, fertility abundance. And illumination. She is the moon. At her most powerfully feminine. And so is the. The fruit bearer. 

The one who can encourage any seeds to grow. The full moon can be called. And upon to get fertility in the fields, as well as fertility of the body. And also for safe journeys across. Water. The most potent time for full moon magic occurs in the three days prior to a full moon. And at the actual. Actual time of the full moon. 

This is the second. Quarter. In full moon ceremonies, the high priestesses. Draws down the energies of a full. Moon into herself, embodying the great mystery of the feminine. By adopting. The pentagram position within a sacred circle. She has cast. Having drawn down the energies. She can be filled and refreshed so that she has the strength to complete the next cycle of events in her life and the life of her community. 

Having drawn down the moon. The priestess can call for assistance for others. Ask for blessings and healings for those in need. And empower. Any of her own wishes. The full moon is also. Also well-known as a time of moon madness or lunacy. From Luna. The moon. The powerful energy. We have a full moon can trigger such things as epilepsy. 

Do you love the moon and all it’s glory? Let me know in comments below.

As well as increasing the potential for accidents. People vulnerable to the influence of the full moon. We’ll feel. Feel more emotionally or mentally shaky at this time. And if you have. The moon or other planets in specifically the moon in the Zodiac that it is currently transiting. You’ll we’ll feel it a lot more intensely. Right. 

Um, And so this just as a reminder, before all of our advent calendars came. About. The moon man watched the cycles and informed. The tribe. Of where the moon was throughout the lunar month, informing members of each phase. And there are some really cool. Animal totems. And certain animals have long and deep links with a moon. 

And have become. Come her totems. In addition to these. Any animal linked to moisture, sees rivers and lakes. Uh, such as the frog toter fish. We’ll be pertinent to the moon to some degree. Now the animal totem. I wanted to share with you today. Was, or. Is the. Kat. So I just wanted to share also. 

Also the full moon. There are some animal associations here. And the animals associated with the full. Moon. Is the bear, the dove. The hair. The cow. Kat frog. Wolfe, of course. Staff. Stag. And this here. I wanted to share it as the cat. Why the cat will cause the Wolf is obvious. The Wolf is just kind of related to lunacy. 

But the cat with the full moon in Sagittarius currently. Uh, occurring. Very soon here. 

It’s um, Yeah, it just really resonated with me on it to share it. So the cat is an animal that is difficult to get to know. Right. They’re very distant. They hide a lot. They only come out when they. They want attention or food or they’re comfortable. May maintain. Maintain a certain distance and they’re very mysterious to us. They’re also very cuddly and they’re they’re per. 

Per his just. So infectious, so yummy. The cat is associated with the Greek goddess art. Artemis known in Roman mythology as. As Diana. Bast. Uh, cat headed goddess. Was the worst that worshiped. By the ancient Options. To hurt or destroy a cat in Egypt was. Punishable by death. As they were held in such highest. 

Esteem. The cat has long been known as a familiar to magic practitioners. Especially those who work with a lunar. Lunar magic. In other cultures. To the mythology of the cat can be seen as important. For example. Shosti the Hindu goddess of childbirth is depicted writing one. And Freya. The Norse goddess of love and fertility is shown writing a cat drawn carriage. 

The cat as. As a symbol of the moon represents her. Her mystery. During the Christian era, the black cat has been relegated to the realms of witchcraft and sorcery. Rather. Than being seen as a representative of the moons teaching. 

Sikh cat medicine. When you want to improve your psychic abilities or during. Psychic protection ceremonies. And if you’ve lost a feline call on the goddess bast, she has great influence. With feline creatures. So it was now that the moon is transiting into Sagittarius. I wanted to share with you. About Sagittarius. 

And get to know. The Zodiac a little bit better and know how this is going to affect you possibly as an empath. In dealing with narcissists in your life, maybe you’ve blocked all them out. So you get to really. Really enjoy this time without them, but there’s still a lot of things going on in the world that are triggering us. 

Two. Bring those energies, those memories, those. Frustrations. And traumas back into our emotional body. From that narcissistic abuse from the upbringing. From the narcissistic, patriarchy that exists in the world. So many. Many things. So the Sagittarius moon, these people who have Sagittarius. Or have the moon in their Sagittarius, sodium and their natal charts. 

These people are gregarious. They’re funny. And they’re witty and tactless. Right. Sagittarius is known for saying something. And going, oh, not realizing it was rude. And then everyone’s very offended. And, um, yes. That’s always fun. I have that Sagittarius is my north. No. Uh, my south node is in Sagittarius. So even if you don’t have the moon in Sagittarius, you can 

To a lot of what I’m going to read, because you all have. Sagittarius. You know, a planet or a position and Sagittarius is in your chart in some aspect, in your personality traits and in your life. So, um, often. Often speaking without thinking. Sagittarians. These people need to learn how to be sociable without putting. 

Their foot in their mouth. Sagittarius moons. Our highly independent and individualistic. Right. Sagittarius is about adventures and traveling. Um, and they do hold it quite a high opinion of their own abilities, which can give them a lot of confidence. Confidence and or arrogance. So watch out for that. If you’re ever questioning, am I the narcissist? It might just be your Sagittarius activating and just being overly confident. 

So always. Learn to be humble yet, know that when you have humility and confidence, You can do many things and you’re healthy and you’re not a narcissist. If you have empathy. And you care for other People. Then you are not a narcissist. So you do not need to question if the narcissist is convincing you, that you are the. 

The problem and you are the narcissist. That’s just they’re gaslighting. You. Just a side note. Out there. So when the moon. Is passing through Sagittarius things may not go according to plan. You know, all the best laid out plans. Get you. No. Diverted, they get shaken up. And a little bit of adventure can come along our way. 

So. So if you are. That’s experiencing this. How do you impasse? Be adaptable. So think about. Possibility of, um, being able to go with the flow for me, adaptability. Is probably one of my strongest suits, but that also. I’m sure you can relate. Also puts me in a situation where I do things that are people pleasing. 

And that are not for my best interest, but I go along with it because someone, everyone to be happy and. I want them to be mad at me. I don’t want to feel uncomfortable. And it’s just a conditioning. Um, thing that’s that’s in my chart. And also it could be from your upbringing. You know, again with this. 


Patriarchy societal authoritarian. This is the way it’s black or white. My aware. Or the highway. I’m not looking at the different perspectives and seeing humans. As real humans, humanity and differences. As a realistic or reality and thinking that they’re evil or they’re perverted. then you’re not really seeing the other side. 

So, yeah, it makes, it makes the child feel. Very guilty. To be needing to. Do, as they say. People please. So that. They’re not judged so harshly as maybe. The parents. It’s may be judging. Differences or things outside of themselves. And I’m sure you can relate to that. So how do we. Be adaptable. 

Well, you know what I love. About the cat. That’s why I bring up the cat is that the cat is very adaptable. You know why? Because the cat just doesn’t care. He, or she. It doesn’t care what you think doesn’t care. If you’re sad that you want to hold it or pet it, and it doesn’t want to be. But just so soft. 

It carries itself very in high regard, this tail high. And runs or walks away to wherever it wants to go into whatever it wants to do. This is a great illustration of. Not caring. What other people think when you’re doing what you want to do and what is right for you? More importantly, removing yourself from toxic situations and path is what’s right for you. 

Not putting yourself in that situation in the first place is also right for you and drawing boundaries, to be able to say, I would like to interact with you in this particular way. Rather than the way that they want, because more than likely the way that they want you to interact with him is enmeshed is unhealthy. 

It blurs. The lines between who you are. And who they are. And all of a sudden you find yourself saying things that you never would have said, if you weren’t around them. Feeling thing, not so much feeling things, but doing things that you would never do if you’re around them. And this may be a consequence towards your own children. If they’re around you. 

And you start to talk derogatorily. Towards them when you normally wouldn’t at That’s something that you’re shape-shifting you’re taking on to try and fit into the clan to please the other person. and it’s toxic because that’s the culture that pep possibly your family or friends or loved one has created like, oh, well I only accept you. 

If you’re really harsh and callous like I am, or if you think like I do in your. We’re very judgmental. So how do we adapt and still hold our integrity. Well, the first thing you need to do is mentally guard. Your mind. And then guard your body and heart because a lot of this is subconscious. So when you’re around them, 

Your body. Body. Reacts very, and it kind of takes over your brain if you will. So it is. With repetition of doing. The right thing in discipline and integrity. To be able to block that automatic response when you’re around them. It may take being the brave person and Saying the uncomfortable thing, like. 

Wow. That’s a really harsh judgemental statement. And you just said I’m offended. Pended. Those people have feelings too. They are humans too. Right. And then of course, they’re gonna put. You down there going to diminish what you just said. And then you get to make a choice. You could make a choice and say, you know what? 

I’m going to let it. Slide and stay here and put up with it. Or you’re going to say. This is not the conversation I want to have anymore. Um, you know what? Look at my watch. I have to leave in five minutes. Or you can say you can stop saying those comments like that. And I’ll stay. But if you continue to say them and you’re you don’t stop, then I’m going to have to leave. 

Because think of just yourself, you need to leave, but then think of if you have children with. You, you don’t want them picking up on that? You don’t want them. Thinking that that’s okay. And laughing. Right. Right. So you have other people other than yourself to think about. And if it is just yourself, you have your inner child to think about. 

Stop putting yourself. In that fight or flight mode. So adaptability is good to kind of go along with different plans. So maybe. This adaptability is being aloof, like the cat and saying. You know what. I normally would do this, but I need to adapt and I need to change. Change. And not go with the flow, maybe. 

when you are controlled by a narcissist you will never reach your true potential as a beautiful human being. There is hope though! You are here to elevate the collective and evolve in your souls journey. The dark egoistic people are drawn to your empathic light – like a moth to the light.

Raven Scott

This adoptability is, you know what I really want to get together. Everyone’s getting together right. Right. Like COVID cases are at. It’s highest five times. Higher. But everyone’s so exhausted from it. You’re not wearing masks going out. We’re not S you know, being extra careful. We’re not washing our hands as often, whatever it is. Right. We’re exhausted. However, 

The infection rate is. The highest it’s ever been as well, because. Of so many different reasons. So you may think, you know, be adaptable and have something plan. Planned like, oh, I’m so excited to get together. For this. You know, Fun summer. Summer is out. Let’s go to the pool or let’s go to somewhere. 

More fun. Let’s take a vacation. But you need to be adaptable. I mean, flights can change, right? Flights can be canceled. I’m seeing it all the time. Um, you may feel like, oh, This just doesn’t. I feel right. Like the other day I wanted to go to a different mall versus one mall. Cause I just didn’t feel intuitively like. 

There was a right thing to do. To put myself and my kids in that scenario.

Not particularly a mall. Isn’t a city where last time I went to the mall week ago. No one was wearing masks except for all of the workers. And for me, you know, we wear masks inside still. I know a lot of people don’t, but we’re still careful. And I think that’s important to do given the infection rate I just talked about. So I felt bad. Like all of these consumers were not wearing masks and all of the workers there were being put at risk. 

And still knowing the risk and wearing masks. And there were so many other little things in mind. intuition said, you know what? We shouldn’t go down there and it inside versus an outside mall, like find your way to be adaptable, and say, Hey, I’d really love to get together with you, but let’s go somewhere outside knowing that that particular person probably will not agree to wearing a mask. 

If you guys hang out inside. And so you have to go along with what’s comfortable for you. What makes sense? And for me still. I see, you know, when people get up close to my kids or me, and we don’t have masks on it’s like, I, it’s still very irking because it’s not gone. And people are being very flippant about it and not responsible. 

So there’s one way to be adaptable. Change your plans, according to your comfort zone. I don’t ever ignore that stuff with so much going on in the world. So be adaptable to change for. For your good right. Be adaptable to change, to be aloof and say, you know what? I don’t care. 

They’re what they say about me. I’m going to wag my high tail, like a cat, and I’m just going to keep my head high. And I’m going to do what feels, and I know my intuition. Is telling me that this is right for me. My family. And myself. And you will feel in your body like here missing. Out. You will feel so awful that you’re choosing to do this, right? It’s like, why am I so crazy? Why am I choosing to do this? I’m missing. 

Out. But trust me. If it’s a toxic situation. Already, you’re not missing out on much. So don’t worry about what you’re missing out on and create the party where you are right now. Now Sagittarians are partiers. They love adventures. So with this full moon, feel the depth and the expansion. Of being able to create a party where you are right. Where. 

You’re at you’re all by yourself. You literally could have your own. Dance party. With unabashedly flailing around and having so much fun. And then you can. You know, go take a nice bubble bath. Do you all your rituals? Um, this is the time during the full. Full moon the three days before. Where you journal all of this intense emotion out. 

And you journal and you burn and transmute. Mute it to the universe. To allow yourself to level up to grow. So how to be adaptable is to be like the cat think. Like the cat. And the biggest thing for us in paths. The biggest hurdle. For us. To get over is caring. What other people think. So how to be adaptable. 

Do what feels right with your intuition? Allow yourself to change plans. Do not care. What other people think. And have your own party. In your own house or with your own. Mini family, right. Excluding your extended family have your own party all by yourself. Do what feels right for you? And this is how you can adapt and change. 

And go with the flow with this adventurous full moon in Sagittarius. 

I hope that this has helped. The moon is something I’m very, very passionate about. I really enjoy, um, looking to her, studying her more. And more, and I’ll be sharing more about, you know, each new and full moon here on the podcast. I was doing energy updates, but it was just a lot of work. 

And took a lot of time and I couldn’t keep it up. I’m not an astrologer. So I thought, why am I trying to keep up to be an astrologer? But I do love the moon, so I will be bringing you. This information. About the moon. Um, As much as I can. I’ll put it that way. 

So be, be mindful guard your hearts guard, your minds. Don’t care. Carry your head up high, know that you’re doing the right thing for yourself. You’re healing for yourself. You’re healing for your children. And when you focus on the now and you’re healing of yourself, You are changing things. 

You can’t fix the past. You can’t fix even your own family or parents. Right? You can’t fix them because they’re set in their ways. If they wanted to change, they would be on the same healing journey as you, but. But they’re not, we’re all on different journeys. And if they also. I wanted to change, they would reach out and have conversations and go to therapy. 

Pet therapy with you and do the change. But if they don’t, then they won’t. So don’t try and be so fixated on they’re not. Right. Focus on yourself. What you can control. Changing your generational patterns, changing your mental health, self-developing you and healing, your wounds, your inner child, investing in all of those through all the exercises that I have on the YouTube Raven Scott show playlist. 

All the meditation’s inner child healings and journaling. Everything. That’s from my book. The exercises I’ve done my best, but almost all of them up on the meditation playlist. That’s what you can do. You can invest in yourself because when you invest in yourself, You are investing in the future. Because you are the change that is happening. 

So if you’re hopeless about what’s going on collectively. You’re stressed out. You’re frustrated. Every single one of us as we change, we’re changing for the future generations. I have hope that our children are not going to put up. With this systemic narcissism as we are, because we still have these wounds, these childhood things, you know? Oh, it just is what it is, is the way. 

They’re so much more evolved. They get it. So I know that there’ll be a lot more change to come. Um, but we should still set them up for success. There shouldn’t be huge. Barriers. So let’s start doing it now, collectively one by one. And yes, you know, at the other side has a lot of time that they’ve planned this out because they’ve seen for so long. 

You know, since probably the sixties, seventies. That they don’t like the way that this is going and it’s not as conservative or structured or Heller heaven oriented, right. Or the way that their Bible is showing. The rules, right. So it’s okay. It’s not going to happen right away, but we do need to take the action. 

Um, Heal ourselves elevate the collective individually. In order for all of this to shift for the better for our children and set them up for success. 

That was my long outro. Thank you so much for listening. Remember to rate and review this podcast to take a screenshot and share it to your social stories and tag me at the Ravens Scott show. And, uh, remember, always keep you unique light, shining. 

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Bonus: How to master your boundaries:

  • Envision yourself saying NO
  • Feel the power of your self sovereignty
  • Dream of yourself saying NO
  • Step into your courage, pushing through fear, and taking action to say NO.
  • Be detached with the others emotional response (which may be like a child’s temper tantrum)

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