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“What things in your life do you need to let go of control over?

-Raven Scott
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Harmony in the Stars: Libra Season, Fall Equinox, and the Energies of Human Design Gates Empath Rising: Spiritual Healing with Human Design from Trauma & Narcissistic Abuse

Are you too serious? Do you need to play with your Inner Child?In this illuminating episode, we dive into the cosmic energies surrounding Libra season and the fall equinox, exploring how these celestial events influence our lives. Join us as we unravel the essence of balance, harmony, and the quest for justice that Libra season brings.>>Fall Equinox Libra Season: Autumn is here! Today is equal daylight and nighttime hours.>>How we can Heal using Libra Energy: You, dear empath, can focus on several aspects to help heal their emotional body and find balance.But that's not all – we take it a step further by delving into the fascinating world of Human Design gates. Discover how specific gates can impact your energy during this season, offering insights into your emotions, relationships, and life's purpose. From Gate 46's determination to Gate 25's innocence, we decode the energies that shape your journey.>>Human Design Gates: Sun Gate 46: Love of Body, Moon Gate 58: Joy, Earth Gate 25 Love of SpiritWhether you're a seasoned astrologer, a Human Design enthusiast, or simply curious about the energies at play during Libra season, this episode is your cosmic guide to finding equilibrium and tapping into the wisdom of the stars. Tune in and align yourself with the rhythms of the universe as we navigate the energies of autumn.Find the Blogs, Inner Child Meditation, and offering links on the Episode PageMusic YouTube Library: Sweet  Sweet by LiQWYD | https://soundcloud.com/liqwyd/Music promoted by https://www.chosic.com/free-music/all/Licensed under Creative Commons: Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0)https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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Human Design Transit Energy Forecast March 30-April 4 Clip from Patreon

[00:00:00] Welcome to the empath and the narcissist podcast, where we are transmuting your pain from your experience, and abusive Relationships in the past or present. Into healing. And to joy. Into life lessons that make you stronger and bring your sparkle back and help you shine your uniqueness and life purpose out into the world.

[00:00:26] Through conversations.

[00:00:29] Self care rituals, meditations. And human design.

[00:00:33] Today, I’m sharing with you a clip from the weekly human design transit energy forecast to give you a taste. These are. Recordings that I do weekly


[00:00:47] Every Sunday. for our Patreon. On the mother level. And, um, I thought you would enjoy a bit of. A preview and a sneak peek of what goes on inside these transit [00:01:00] recordings.

[00:01:01] Just as an astrology, the planets are constantly. Revolving around the sun and as they do and intersect with each other. They activate certain energies within ourselves. And so does all of the gates. In the human design clock. So the it’s really, really interesting, and it correlates a lot with what’s happening with the planets.

[00:01:25] And so I kind of take you through all of that energy. And which gates are being activated. And what does that mean for you and how can you apply them? And inside each of these recordings that are posted on the Patreon. I also include, um, affirmations and questions for you to think through and kind of journal on and think about for yourself, reflection time.

[00:01:46] To enjoy the full recording. Just head over onto patreon.com. Forward slash soul collective and the number nine. You can find the link in the show notes

[00:01:57] So today as a bonus episode, please [00:02:00] enjoy. A clip. Of the human design, transit energy forecasts and how it impacts your life daily.

[00:02:09] Today, I’m bringing you again, another transit. I’m going to do these weekly for you exclusive to the Patreon.

[00:02:16] And I’m excited to share with you. About a new incarnation cross cycle that I keep hearing about. So I researched more on that. And when that’s occurring, And also what the gates are doing in transiting, as well as some planets.

[00:02:31] You haven’t grabbed my book on Amazon empath and the narcissist. Feel free to do so it is there and available for you. And also, um, if you need a free resource to help you heal. Grab in the show notes, my free PDF. Multi-page like 25 page PDF. For you. A narc abuse healing guide.

[00:02:54] And all of the links from my research are in the show notes as well. And like any of these to further [00:03:00] read if you were completely enthralled

[00:03:02] I don’t know about you, but I have been receiving feedback. I’m not the only one who is waking up at 5:30 AM. And. I’m having difficulties sleeping in further and being woken my dreams and different energies and wondering why you can’t fall back asleep. So, um, this is just all part of the shift and what I’ll talk about in the incarnation cross, as well as.

[00:03:26] Um, shifted energy on earth into the age of Aquarius. Um, it also could be from the Pluto return and you’re just processing a lot and, um, You’re not this week. It’s a lot of energy of releasing. So maybe your dreams are bringing stuff out, waking you up, disturbing you, and then you’ve got to figure out how to release all of that.

[00:03:48] Maybe you’re feeling not creative. You’re feeling depressed. You feeling a little down and not motivated to do anything. That also could be the energy. And again, This energy is. [00:04:00]

[00:04:01] Bringing forth. Uh, for you too. Reflect, what is it? That’s not serving you to release. How can you shape shift? Into. Labatt are you in the Maura? Ventek? You. Um, and that sometimes it’s difficult and sad and scary, um, to shed certain parts of our ego. So without further ado let’s get into the information about the incarnation cross cycle

[00:04:29] So Rob Uhuru. Who. Is the downloaded. Is the founder of human design and he downloaded all the concepts and a whole bunch of people around him helped him. Sexualized. And process and put it all together. So what talks about, um, this is 2027 and global cycles. Um, is coming up, it’s called at the cross of sleeping Phoenix.

Gate 55 Shock

[00:04:59] And [00:05:00] so, you know, I’m just going to read a bit of his article here and it says we have a dilemma we’re dealing with a mutative process. Something, I’m going to just add, like mitosis evolution mutative is something’s changing, changing process that is taking place in the solar plexus center, which is the emotion center.

[00:05:21] The 55th, gate. And the 49th, gate they are both. The histidine code on and they share a similar chemistry. These are the two great mutative forces that are now at work within the solar plexus center. And all of it is key to the 55th gate. The gate of abundance. And, um, Who writes? I often talk about the global cycle that we live in.

[00:05:48] The great cycle of planning that began at the beginning of the 16 hundreds. And it’s going to end in 2027. What follows this cross of planning is the cross of [00:06:00] sleeping Phoenix. And one of the gates of the sleeping Phoenix is this 55th gate, which the 39th, eight is pointed at. It is the 55th gate. And that will express the beginning of a new age starting in 2027.

[00:06:17] When the procession of the Equinox enters into the 55th, eight, six. Line. This is a retro grade process that will leave. 37 behind. And enter the gate of abundance. And the line of selfish ness. It is something to understand that we’re leaving behind a tribal age. And entering into a very individualistic age.

[00:06:44] An age that is key to. The mutation taking place in 55. Now, all that mutative stuff aside. The 55 is still a difficult gate to grasp. Just in its basic nature. This is the emotional [00:07:00] spirit that either a cup, half full or a cup, half empty. It is this emotional spirit that has never really fixed. Because it is uncertain.

[00:07:09] The 39 / 55 is the channel of moodiness. But the moodiness is not determined by 39. The 39 simply wants to provoke the spirit. But because there is nothing that grabs the spirit. There is nothing but the wave motion, the moods. Whenever you look at the solar plexus center, you have to consider two basic things.

[00:07:32] Food and sex. There are more food problems in the 39 55 channel than any other channel. This moodiness. It’s not having a passion or being strung out, being emotionally melancholic in the down phase of the emotional system. There are people that can be anorexic. That can be bulemia. Mick and in sexuality, it is the search for passion. Again, this [00:08:00] trying to provoke the spirit, the cool, trying to get things hot.

[00:08:03] Trying to pump it up. But you know, that child that sits in the field with the Daisy and pulls off each of the pedals, the flour. She loves me. She loves me not, she loves me. She loves me not. The nature of the 55 is that if you go up to them and say, do you love me? They say, I don’t know. Which can be rather infuriating.

[00:08:26] But they really don’t know. It’s very difficult for individuals to say, I do not know. It’s very difficult because it’s so different. To the way in which the collective operates.

[00:08:37] And then at the same time we have right now, we’re in the age of Aquarius in this Western astrology. concept and the age of Aquarius for many is a shift, right? A shift from the old paradigm to the new tit, more individualistic. Mindsets grass roots. you know, all of these, like celebrities aren’t [00:09:00] trending anymore, real people are trending.

[00:09:02] A big hierarchical type. Systems are being slammed down, um, Cove. It’s kind of bringing this all to light. And still the Zodiac of Aquarius. Is really reflective, on community. But at the same time, it’s extremely individualistic. Like you’re unique, you dance to the beat of her own drum, but you allow everyone else in the community to also be unique and you band everyone together.

[00:09:29] And that’s really, um, key. Or this whole process, right? To shift this into this. You know, incarnation crosses the sleeping Phoenix. So. You know, it’s it’s the age of Aquarius is a time when humanity takes control of the earth. And its own destiny as its rightful heritage with the destiny of humanity, being the revelation of truth and expansion and consciousness. And we’ll put a return in the U S you know, reparations are coming up indigenous [00:10:00] peoples, um,

[00:10:02] You know, Just grievances coming up, taking down Confederate flags and statues is coming up. That actually came up before the Pluto return. But even more so, um, different things about laws. In the constitution. Is there all being addressed? Like what is for good for the individual? Not the greater good. And we’re definitely fighting. It’s not like it’s all good because we’ve got.

[00:10:27] Different laws passing and certain states that are fighting back and saying, no, we have control. We have control over a woman’s body. We have control over who and when people vote. We have control over what they teach in our schools and those want those lower vibration and not wanting to change kind of the bullheaded mentality. Yeah. They’re going to fight back with all that, but I have faith and hope that.

[00:10:55] That the individual, the rebels. All of these, We’ll [00:11:00] shift. And again, we have till 20, 27. So it’s not like it’s. It’s a quick thing, right. Is a big. Big poison and toxin in our system that needs to clear out. And that takes time. And so that brings me to this example, if you’ve ever seen the Disney movie in Canto right in Canto is, it’s really, really popular movie that’s taken off and it’s beautiful. It’s South American family. there was trauma that, drove the matriarch to lose her husband. But then magic found her and gave her a miracle. And, this magic now is. What helps the town and this family is a hierarchy. They are above everyone else because they do everything for them. It looks to them kind of like.

[00:11:48] You know, Looks to their help and not exactly worshiped them, but they look up to them. They like adore them. Because they’re helping with their magic they’re healing. They’re doing chores. They’re helping with [00:12:00] infrastructure there. seeing the future. You know, making things beautiful with flowers, all these different magics. And so there’s one grandchild who doesn’t.

[00:12:11] Have a magic and she feels like the black sheep. And, but she’s the one magic chooses to have her eyes open. She’s the Aquarius that says. You know what, or the reflector, even like this things, this is not right. Things are off. She sees a crack in the house. And, um, you know, this matriarch wants everything to be perfect and there’s so much pressure. And so this magic and this responsibility.

[00:12:37] Is coming at a cost to the individuals and the family. There’s a lot of stress. There’s a lot of things being swept under the rug. There’s a lot of pressure to be perfect. You know, to have this responsibility. And so they start to lose their magic because of all this. Pressure and stress and then matriarch is holding on so tight the magic. So she doesn’t. [00:13:00]

[00:13:00] Experience trauma that she experienced again and lose, lose the house. And so what she held on to so tightly. Had to crumble down because she was squeezing too tight and the foundation was Sandy. And she wasn’t. Seeing. Them for their beautiful uniqueness, just for who they are. She would say. Look what you did, you know, when they opened the door to their neck, when they received their miracle, look what you did. I knew you could do it.

[00:13:29] And that’s like, The universe doesn’t give us these things because we did anything. We just have them, we just are. And so she realized that the end. That she apologized for, not just seeing that the miracle is just, you. Just you existing, not what you can do. And it’s the individual’s responsibility to recognize who, who they are and being unique, but also self-care.

[00:13:56] And so the gal with out the magic is [00:14:00] able to, um, You know, C it confronted the house crumbles. But the, the town, right? The individual towns that are not on the pedestal come together as collective and they help the family rebuild without magic brick by brick. And, um, door by door, nail by nail and they all build it. And then is, Grandchild gifted with this, you know, site of. Wisdom. Gets the magic and she is the house like she’s connected. Her magic is the whole house versus only getting a room. And so it’s really, really powerful symbol of what, exactly energy we are heading into what we need to move towards and what is happening in the collective.

[00:14:44] So evaluate yourself, evaluate yourself care. See, what are you sacrificing to? You know, to responsibility. What are you sacrificing in yourself? To look perfect to for the greater good. [00:15:00] And, um, you don’t have to sacrifice, we can all band together. And be a community. And support each other. You don’t have to always be the responsible one, which is this role model line six, which the cross of the seeping Phoenix will be entering into.

[00:15:17] In 2027. So just amazingly deep. Good stuff. But this week I wanted to cover what’s happening in the transits. So March 30th through April 4th. We are. Um, centering into the gate 21, which is the treasurer. And in the eating it’s called biting through. And again, it’s an areas where an Aries. And so it’s kind of here about control, controlling resources, controlling physical resources. We see this right now.

[00:15:51] With the low vibration of Putin. Controlling and trying to get back his old regime. Literally just [00:16:00] like by brute force. Killing innocent people trying to control and regained. Ukraine. Which has been independent for so long. To get back. What he once had. And I don’t know if it’s like a bit of some like Alzheimer’s or if he’s just.

[00:16:21] Finally reaching to the point in his life. Like, where’s my legacy. My legacy is lost because I lost the Ukraine and now he’s like desperately trying to regain it back. I’m not sure no one can know what’s going on. Inside that mind, but I actually did a whole. A YouTube video and podcast, um, and analyzing Putin’s human design chart. If you want to listen back to that, that was just.

[00:16:44] like last week, really recent. Um, so you can go to podcast or Raven Scott show YouTube and watch it. Then you can actually see his chart as I pull it up on YouTube. So, um, you know, like what is. [00:17:00] What is right. Even in our own individual lives. His manipulation and physical power, like takeaways necessary, especially in parenting.

[00:17:11] In relationships. Is it right? Like I’m evaluating that now.

[00:17:18] In my own personal life with. My parents and my sister. And of course. Family for me and my house is on my south node. So that’s something I need to release and just move on from. But it’s really hard. So, you know, in the world and in your own life. Where are you using manipulation that you could stop? Where are you using physical power? Take food, like takeaways of things that you also need to stop.

[00:17:45] The good side of this gate is that it is allowing us to be responsible, right. Managing our resources, our fantasy finances. You know, purchasing, let’s say food items while it’s on sale. And [00:18:00] my husband always loves to do, having that, meaningful people in your life that you’re managing and investing in.

[00:18:09] Um, but just make sure that you’re not sacrificing yourself or being controlled by others. Right? Putting up your boundaries. At using your wisdom, your, your authority, your intuition, to really know if this is the right situation for you to continue to invest in. And this gate 21 tells us. When and how the best.

[00:18:29] To use our resources and spend our money. 8 21 is in the will center. The willpower. It is. The energy of. Determination. Right. And this is, this is giving us the wisdom to, should we be investing or should we not be investing? It’s a vital energy for sustainable abundance. So. You know, it’s a really, really beautiful energy and not everyone has this eight to find, but while it’s [00:19:00] transiting, we’ll all be allowed to really amplify this energy.

[00:19:05] That’s really what it’s key about these. What are these human design transits, the gate transit 12. For instance, in a chart, if you have a number circled, that means that that gate is the fine. And you have that energy within you already. If you don’t have a defined, then you amplify it outside for when you’re connecting with other people who have it defined.

Gate 21

[00:19:26] And so when it’s transiting in the collective, in these clock, Then the whole collective. Is amplifying that energy. And it’s like, what in astrology we say is like, act the planet is activating something in your chart. So this gate 21 is activated. So look at where you can. Um, focus in on your abundance. How does the stain it?

[00:19:49] Look at how to be a good accountant or treasurer. Managing your resources again, relationships. Where are you trying to control? Or where can you let [00:20:00] go and allow others to do it on their own? Things like that. Right? So this affirmation that I love, um, that I love all these affirmations in this book by Karen Curry. If you ever want to grab it, it’s called understanding human design.

[00:20:14] The science of astrology. Discovery who you really are. And this affirmation for the gate 21. If you want to write it down. And can I keep it in your journal or on your mirror? Is I control my thoughts and my actions. I release my need to control others

[00:20:33] Another one is I use my energy to manage myself and trust that the universe will provide all the serendipitous encounters and magic necessary to manifest my desire.

[00:20:47] My inspiration is a source of inspiration for others. Um, I lead by example. .

[00:20:54] And at the same time this week that the sun is in the treasurer gate, 8 [00:21:00] 21. The earth is in the gate. 48 depth. And these two are really what kind of activate the collective is a sun and earth. And in the eating it’s called the well. So this is a lean gate. So spleen is. Fear based it is. And in survival intuition, immune system.

[00:21:23] So this. Uh, this gate could bring up some fear of it. We’ll never. that I will never know enough. Like, you’ll be inadequate. You won’t. I have enough information to do something or not know enough. and the challenge with this aid is to just do it even when you’re scared. So when you push through the fear in this certain gate, you’re really, um, allowing the fear to dissipate.

[00:21:48] And then you can begin to collect the data over time to prove that it doesn’t indeed no enough. And we’ll never know enough, but we’re always. Ni, you know, having the discipline in virtue of [00:22:00] researching learning. Being humble and just, you know, speaking what your knowledge is right now, or sharing what you need now, or starting a project that you.

[00:22:13] You know, don’t need all the answers to, and don’t get perfection paralysis. So I think, um, with this, both of these gates, I think we need to be really kind and gentle towards ourselves. Remove the negative self-talk because you’re not always going to know everything. No one’s ever perfect. And the controlling and manipulating can also be towards ourselves. Right? Look at those microaggressions towards.

[00:22:37] Yourself towards others. And catch yourself, observe.

[00:22:43] Yeah, observe all of this. So you can witness the breadcrumbs that you need to receive to. Just keep taking it step by step, day by day. And doing what you love, that lights you up and the breadcrumbs are follow opportunities will come for all of you generators and manifesting [00:23:00] generators. We have a strategy to wait to respond, do what you love.

[00:23:06] Enjoy it for yourself. You know, share it out there to the world, just because you love it only purely because you love it and opportunities. And. Things will come that you’re able to respond to them. And you’ll say, yeah. Okay. Let’s see. Let’s check into my authority and see if this is the right move for me.

[00:23:27] And for all of you, projectors continue to do what you love, mainly be in your space of genius. Ah, sit there, live there. Do what you want. Share. Allow your probing energy to. Draw in the right people to you. And then bring those members, bring those opportunities. And to bring the invitations to you.

[00:23:55] ’cause you’re just lit up and you’re being. [00:24:00] In. And you’re doing what you love.

[00:24:02] So those reflectors always, this is observation is key. always continually let that moon cycle guide you the 28 days to observe self-reflect. self project and like talk to others, your trusted advisors. And talk it out with them as to what the next step is.

[00:24:23] And for the manifestors inform, inform, inform. So continue to follow those breadcrumbs, do things that light you up. But before you do them in form. Write it in your journal. Inform the universe. Inform your spouse. In the form of friend. Inform your followers. Continually allow the informing to happen so that no, one’s afraid. First of all, everyone’s sees that you’re preparing them for it and the blocks will come down.

[00:24:56] During this time.

[00:24:57] So the affirmations for [00:25:00] this gate on earth. Of depth. 48.

[00:25:04] Is I trust that the skills I need. We’ll be expressed through me when I am ready.

[00:25:11] I study. I learn, I know that my knowledge will be beautifully expressed when the time and the circumstances are correct.

[00:25:20] And I trust divine order.

[00:25:23] I am perfectly prepared when the opportunity arises. And I honor myself for the depth of my knowledge.

[00:25:33] So, what is it that you need to deepen your knowledge base in? What do you need to learn?

[00:25:40] What things in your life do you need to let go of control over?

[00:25:46] What do you need to allow others to express themselves? And to hold space for their uniqueness and freedom.

[00:25:56] What do you need to do to open your trust of [00:26:00] source? What old beliefs and fears need to be released so that you can move more deeply. And trust with the universe.

[00:26:09] my gosh, this has been so much fun sharing with you. This knowledge from human design. And astrology and allowing you to grow spiritually through yourself. Development and really using this, this tool of human design. Let me know in the comments below in this patron post. If you locked at first, if you want more, um, I’ll do it consistently for this whole month. So continue to make sure you tell me you like it. So .

[00:26:36] I, as a generator can respond to your comments to know if this is something I should continue forward doing. For you the transits, but this is special for you.

[00:26:47] In this mother tear. I’m just so happy to bring it to you here. Okay. That’s it for me today. , of this week, transits, I will bring you. The next week is transit. Next week. [00:27:00]

[00:27:01] Take care and always remember to keep your unique light shining period.

[00:27:10] And don’t forget to share this Patreon to your social media feed. This is brand new. So. The news that it exists is not yet out there. So if you can help share this news. And you enjoyed this. And take your stories, your Facebook, wherever. , Instagram, we would really, truly appreciate it.

[00:27:31] Thank you so much. And this is Raven Scott here signing off. Remember always keep your unique light shining.

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We truly want every single soul to know that they are supported and empowered in their soul’s journey. You are unique and are here for a particular purpose …
🌈Raven Scott Author and YouTuber/Podcaster, and Jessica Schiller Silverman have joined together to create a beautiful community for you to grow and be spiritually supported and together join and lean into our self care and self empowerment.

This collective membership on Patreon aligned so divinely in flow! 

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  • We hold quiet space for your meditations and spiritual connections. 
  • We upload exclusive content and you gain early access to all our amazing guests and podcast we both create! From the Raven Scott Girl Talk Show and from the ALIVE podcast. 
  • We join together and share what’s on our hearts and teach wisdom for your heart’s nourishment during these trying times. 
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Raven Scott is providing women, who are feeling lost and alone in their journey, a community to kick ass as we become empowered together while healing from childhood trauma, abusive relationships, or plain old life, and awaken to rewrite our karmic story. Through astrology, self care, human design, & intuition.
We are energetically clearing ancestral patterns one step at a time to find our power and potential through healing so you can live empowered the unique loved individual you desire to be. Topics covered: Self development, Human design, Astrology, tarot, meditative thoughts, intuitive message from spirit, and expert guests sharing different spiritual healing modalities.
Your host and Patreon Community mentor, Raven Scott, is a narcissitic abuse survivor, author of Empath and The Narcissist: A Healing Guide for People Pleasers. And also is a Certified Meditation Teacher. Join us on http://Patreon.com/soulcollective9

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Published by Raven Scott

Raven Scott is an Empathic Spiritual Healer, Intl. Author, Podcaster, and Narc Abuse Soul Healing Coach in her Empath Healing Membership Community with the use of somatic healing exercises, Moon Rituals, Tarot, and Astrology & Human Design Reading.

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