8 Steps to Heal Toxic Relationship with Parents | S3 Ep 22

Unhealthy relationships trigger stress and panic for our inner child. Control is a Narcissistic trait of an adult child. The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy exists for us to change our ancestral patterns.  

Announcement: I have rebranded the podcast to be as clear to audience what it is about. New name is same as my book Empath & The Narcissist. The cover is bold and red!

“The harder the road, the greater the lesson and the greater the lesson, the greater the blessing.”

-Amber Legato
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Empath & The Narcissist Amber Legato guest S3 Ep 22

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The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy

[00:00:00] Right now you feel like this neglected grapevine. You appear dead outside with no motivation to go on and are ready to give up. You have up on hope. life,. And yourself worth. You’ve been kept in toxic soil with bugs, eating at your roots by someone who is a parasite.

[00:00:26] But there is a tiny glimpse of hope. And when you choose. So you remove yourself from the toxic soil. And plant yourself in sunlight. And fertile soil watering and feeding yourself your self-worth practices. Every day. You start to sprout a leaf. And then another. And then another. And then all of a sudden you’ve transformed into a fruit bearing grapevine.

[00:00:54] Providing sustenance to others. And this is the mission of this podcast is to [00:01:00] bring you education, inspiration, and empowerment. Through relatable conversations. Empowering information. And self-care and self-healing practices. Welcome. For the empath and the narcissist podcasts.

[00:01:18] Today’s podcast is a conversation with Amber legato. I met her through a connection on Instagram at Narc abuse TV. And he mentioned her, um, because she had gone live with him on his Instagram. And so I connected with her and we’re like instant buddies. We totally click. We have very similar.

[00:01:40] We have different parents, altogether experiences of our parents. However we have. , similar background with Christianity and the extreme christianity, gas lighting and empowering more authoritarian type of, , [00:02:00] mind. Control or mind maneuvers.. And so we’re always talking and chatting and just truly connecting. So today’s conversation.

[00:02:07] Really his girl, talk over some tea and just reconnecting, checking in to see where we’re at with each other and to share some wisdom. Wisdom, which she’s always a wealth of information. As a 6/2 manifesting generator. She is the role model. She’s also the hermit who is constantly reflecting.

[00:02:27] We constantly just her talking and being is such a powerful role model for all of us to know. That, , as an adult child and as a child of a narcissist parent, you can survive. You can go no contact and you can thrive. It’s a long journey. And like you see says it’s day by day. , but it’s possible. So i love her so i I know you’re going to love her as well so let’s get into the conversation

[00:02:53] Amber Legato: Have you seen star wars I’m makin the Rey look

[00:02:57] Raven Scott: at the Ray.

[00:02:57] I love it. They’re [00:03:00] so cool.


[00:03:01] Hi, how are you doing Amber? So good to see you.

[00:03:05] Amber Legato: Uh, good to see you too. I’m doing really good. Um, every day is a new day. Everyday is a new challenge and it’s a journey, right? We’re all on a journey.

[00:03:17] Raven Scott: Absolutely. And especially us healing on the journey. I’m good. Yeah, I’m doing okay. I had a bit of a strange moment today.

[00:03:29] Um, just encountering, uh, facing essentially death. My grandma’s 90 and she’s. So it was just very contemplated pensive day. Like what do I want my relationships to be like when I have to take on that role as the caregiver of a parent? Or maybe I’m not, maybe I’m the one, like not caregiving. How has all of that going to work out?

[00:03:56] Amber Legato: Absolutely. I think this is like the time that [00:04:00] we all start really reflecting about these topics in our lives. Like I know personally, like I’ve had very similar thoughts just to death in general. Like having a child is about to be five and the world’s being where it is like, we don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow and thinking about it.

[00:04:18] It’s terrifying. It’s really scary. , And then I just got Eddy registered for kindergarten. This next school year. Never put her in school and I was dead set on not ever putting her in school. Who really My tea today says love is the highest of all virtues.. I love them.

[00:04:36] Never regret your mistakes. Admire the courage it took to attempt the unknown.

[00:04:41] Raven Scott: So. Oh, my gosh. That’s perfect. Yeah. We’re always talking about like embracing our past the unknown and even like your mistakes, they form our lessons.

[00:04:55] Amber Legato: Absolutely. So, um, I was not wanting to put Addy into school [00:05:00] because I’m terrified of the system.

[00:05:02] We’re a part of right now, I’m terrified of, you know, what she could learn or what she could bring home or, you know, putting her into a place where I have no control. And that’s a part of the unknown is not feeling trust about where your child’s goes or what environment they’re in or what could happen to them for the day.

[00:05:19] And that’s crazy, right? Like how terrifying it can be when you really soak in the fear. And, , I’ve been attending ACA. , I just attended my eighth row or eighth week in a row. Consecutive ACA ACA is adult children of alcoholics and dysfunctional families. It is a branch of the AA meetings, but the 12 step program.

[00:05:44] , but it is tweaked to children of homes of alcoholics and dysfunctional families. So, , I made a friend on Instagram a while back. The spiritual samurai they are a friend of mine and they sent me, some books [00:06:00] to read after I read the how to do the work by the holistic psychologist, Dr.

[00:06:05] Nicole LaPara amazing, amazing person. , Triggered all of my healing. , so my friend sent me some books and the second one I read was healing the inner child. , I think that’s what it’s called or it’s called the inner child healing, healing, the inner child. It’s by a person who is a part of the foundings of AA and the other groups that joined afterwards.

[00:06:31] So for anyone that’s watching this or listening and doesn’t know what those are, there’s AA the birth, the founder of all of the healing of alcoholism and addicts. , and it has widely open to addiction in general. So there’s Coda, which is, codependent meetings like recovery for people who are codependent.

[00:06:51] , there’s um, It’s SALA. I’m not sure it’s like sex and love addiction. So there’s meetings and recovery [00:07:00] for people who are addicted to sex and love. , there’s overeating anonymous. OA. , there is also, , Alanon, I think Alanon has the second, most, not like people know of it the most next to AA and it’s for the family members and, people who are directly affected in relationships with people who are addicted to alcohol or addicted to other things.

[00:07:22] And so, , this book talks about all of them, , and the purpose behind them and this person who wrote the book. , they talk about how they truly believe that when you’re going through something traumatic, when you have been raised in an addictive environment of some sort, whether they’re workaholics, whether they’re, , pill, poppers, whatever, whatever that existence is in their life of addiction.

[00:07:45] , This person believes that the only way to overcome that trauma in our lives is through a 12 step program, the 12th traditions and through fellowship and through a spiritual connection with a higher power. So, , you learn that in ACA [00:08:00] as well. So I started , going to ACA meetings and in the process, I’ve learned that as an adult child, I have fear of authority and I have a fear of authority and government and the systems and police officers and anyone of a hierarchy above me that explains what I’ve had over 25 jobs.

[00:08:19] And I’m only 32. Like that’s a huge, like admitted vulnerability. That is a part of being an adult child. And so I started to face the fact that I don’t have a nanny. I don’t have a regular babysitter. I don’t have the village or the tribe to lean on for support with my single motherhood. Because there’s so much trauma around me in all of those relationships that I don’t trust anyone with my child right now.

[00:08:46] I really trust myself with my child right now. , so school was a hard topic for me. So I started doing some research and I started really leaning on my intuition. And so one thing that I know that my daughter’s struggles with his behavior, because I struggled with my [00:09:00] behavior. And so that’s something we share together and she’s not even five, she’ll be five in April.

[00:09:04] So I wanted a school that was good with behavior. That’s something that’s important to me and the county that I live in. , the website offers ratings of the schools and you can see how this was, read it for those particular things in the school. That’s not in my neighborhood, but like across the street has amazing ratings across the board, higher in behavior than any other school around this county.

[00:09:29] And so. All right. You showed that it was interested. I like emailed the secretary of the school and kind of got in contact and was hoping for a tour. But instead got invited to a Google meets with the principal and the two kindergarten teachers does this next year. I can’t tell you enough how comfortable and safe that I felt putting my child in these people’s care.

[00:09:52] And it was like, she’s going to go here this next year. I’m going to get a break. My child is going to full-time school. And [00:10:00] then this works like, I like this for now. And I think that’s something that we, are changing and regeneration is that we’re recognizing that we can make decisions for now, because this is what’s good for us right now.

[00:10:13] And we expect that it could change. Things could be different. I might not want her to go there for first grade. Who cares? Like I’m not there right now. I’m here right now in front. Now this is. Move the right steps though. It’s been fun, like kind of gauging intuition and then just, uh, intuitively deciding things it’s been good,

[00:10:35] Raven Scott: I have haven’t thought. And let me think of my thought I had when you were talking about that. Oh, I, I was just affirming that in the journey. It is a day by day process. You can’t commit to the full, you know, 12 years of school. You have to get. Year by year by day, moment by moment, because that’s how you just continue to heal and breathe.

[00:10:58] Right? And like you were talking about [00:11:00] even not time, it triggers your PTSD. And I, I relate to that when they have big emotions, I would get the same big emotions and everything would trigger in me. Yeah. Then what’s that

[00:11:10] Amber Legato: moment. My, my dad was so about, you know, being bigger than me and showing me that he was the boss and he was in charge and that’s actually, I have adult child symptom.

[00:11:21] We need so deeply to feel independent and in control of what’s going on, that like, we fight people for that control just so we can feel safe in ourselves. And I recognize that that’s something my dad did was try to control me and my two younger sisters in a way to try to control his feelings and his emotions.

[00:11:41] That’s how he coped was with the need to control others. And it became a narcissistic trait for him. But now I’m fighting that in me and. It’s not easy to have those big emotions. Like I have to constantly apologize to my child and let her know what mommy did is not okay. [00:12:00] And mommy is working on it. And mommy goes to these meetings every week so that she can be a better mom.

[00:12:05] And as you’re facing these things, they do come up and you do get more triggered. And it is a lot heavier to carry those things. And the whole purpose of the journey is learning to let go of them and to not hold so tightly grip onto the things and the ways that we’ve learned in our life, our childhood survivor mode, we’re letting go of it.

[00:12:24] It’s crazy.

[00:12:26] Raven Scott: Totally. And what’s happening is that you are recognizing in that moment or like right after, and you’re apologizing and that that’s key to healing and evolving. And then one day you’ll find yourself only having to apologize once a month. And then one day you’ll find yourself only having to apologize twice a year.

[00:12:44] You know, yeah. Day by Day.. You’re doing amazing work. It’s

[00:12:48] Amber Legato: hard. It’s hard being an adult child. Cause we’re really super critical on ourselves. We’re extremely self conscious constantly. And being in that mode of like, Ooh, I [00:13:00] have to apologize. Like you get over the guilty feeling and then you start shaming yourself that you’re always apologizing, you know, at first, because it’s just a constant like, oh, you want to get rid of this?

[00:13:10] I’m sorry on this. Why am I this way? , and I have another book that my friend sent me and it’s about the difference between shame and guilt. And it’s, it’s a book about shame and how shame is about feeling like you’re a bad person versus guilt is about something that you did. And that’s wild. Like when you really start taking inventory of how, you know, you’re a person that is reflective over your parents, at first. When you start really facing these things, when you start really going through it, you’re like, wow, I’m really holding somebody in the meeting this last week.

[00:13:44] And I’m not sharing it as like a telling their story, but the way they use this terminology. What they set was my parents are living in my mind, ranch free, and I’m working really hard on evicting them and taking [00:14:00] over my space and making it my own. And that resonated so deeply because they are, they are living in my head. Rent free is way I dream about them still constantly.

[00:14:10] It’s why I’m constantly fighting with a version of them in my mind. Nagging at me all the time. And, my daughter, she says the things that break my heart. Every time we go through these things, she told me that she would run away and go to Nana and Pop’s house. And that’s crushing because Nana house, when they were mom and dad’s house was not a safe place for me.

[00:14:33] And it hurts when your kids think that that could be the safest place for them. Like, you’re just like, wow, that just like broke my heart into a million pieces. But I know that she doesn’t know what she’s saying. I know that that’s very reflective of the reality that I’m living in right now. And it’s changing.

[00:14:50] It’s forever changing and they’re meant to break our hearts. We’re meant to be broken, to be remolded. We’re meant to, to pick out the pieces to say, Ooh, I don’t want that [00:15:00] anymore. I’m getting rid of that and go to form new things in the places that are open and, and wounded, you know, that’s, that’s the healing journey.

[00:15:08] That’s what we’re going through. We’re healing one day at a time.

[00:15:12] Raven Scott: One Day at a time. Yeah, I, I honestly can just heart wrenching relate while I was going through the stages where you’re at, I would lose my temper. I would just get so upset and my little one she’s a fighter. And she would say the same thing. She would, she would say not to Nana and Papa’s, but she would say like, I’m just going to run away.

[00:15:35] And I inside I’d be like panicking because I’m like, that’s the last thing I want to make my child feel. So it’s like at the same time, you’re trying to be the adult for yourself, the adult for your children, you’re healing or getting over all this like emotional crap inside of you. And I just had to keep breathing..

[00:15:52] I had to keep doing for me personally, it was EFT. Tapping was huge. I don’t know if you’ve found that. Yeah,

[00:15:58] Amber Legato: I keep forgetting it, but [00:16:00] yes,

[00:16:02] Raven Scott: I’m reminding you to do it daily because li like my temporary. Dispelled, and then it disappeared. And then now my children are like, I’m so grateful that you’re like the best mama ever.

[00:16:14] And they wouldn’t say that before. Truly honestly, they were, you

[00:16:17] Amber Legato: know? Yeah. We’re definitely going back and forth between those days where she lets me deeply and cares about me deeply. And I’m, I know I’m doing a good job. I know I’m doing the work I’m supposed to be. I know I’m going to have really bad days and I’m going to feel guilty for them, but that’s a part of the process.

[00:16:37] It’s okay to feel those feelings of shame and guilt and it’s okay to feel praise for yourself in moments when it feels selfish to be praiseworthy of knowing you’re doing a good job. Like, yeah. I love that. It says get it back there because it’s so true. Get it girl. Like that is the dream is to get it and to do it, do all the things that you know you want to be and do and have.

[00:16:59] [00:17:00] Yeah. It’s great. It’s good stuff.

[00:17:02] Raven Scott: Yeah, you’re doing it. You’re doing good. And I want to reiterate to everyone who’s listening to what. Is that if you’re feeling the same thing, like you’re like Amber saying is like, don’t be so hard on yourself and find the places where you can praise yourself because you are literally erasing ancestral conditioning, you know, like your parents continue to do it because they didn’t erase it from their parents and their parents before.

[00:17:28] And yes, eventually they, they don’t even know. And for you to be aware, to be aware and to feel guilty and go, okay, I’m going to do it differently next time. Or I’m going to do this exercise and this practice and go to this class like you are being dedicated. It will break. You will finally feel free right now.

[00:17:45] You’re like picking at it with your pick. You know, you’re a little, you’re picking at the lock of the ancestor patterns with your bobby pen, you know, and you’re working and you’re working and your work.

[00:17:56] Amber Legato: And it’s, it’s like Groundhog day. There’s a movie called Edge of [00:18:00] tomorrow that, always sits with me on this idea of how life is and how it’s a battle every single day.

[00:18:05] And sometimes it’s the same battle every single day. And sometimes you feel like you start from scratch all the time. Edge of Tomorrow, it has Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt. And it’s just this idea that they go to war, but they go to the same exact spot or every single day, it happens over and over and over again until they shift things in the direction that they’re heading with the information they learned from the last time that the stopping the war by getting to the bottom of it, because they only have the same amount of time every single day.

[00:18:37] It’s

[00:18:37] Raven Scott: like an escape room, but like, how do you figure out how to stop it?

[00:18:41] Amber Legato: Yeah, exactly. And it’s literally Groundhog day and that’s kind of what we’re living in, but we keep shifting and we keep altering pieces of our reality pieces of who we are, who we want to be, who we don’t want to be. , and we, we repeat the cycle over and over and over.

[00:18:56] And I, I, uh, astrologically, I truly [00:19:00] believe it has a lot to do with our Kyron. Kyron is in a spiritual Hertz that naturally attracts the same thing. Every time it comes around in our chart and, and we have to face it every single time. And we’re like, I love this. Why am I like this? It’s because you chose this time and place to be here.

[00:19:21] And, I’ve had this really amazing revelation. Kind of universes. Okay. This is blowing my mind every single day. This is, this is who I am. This is what I want to share with the world. This is what I would share. I know we talked about this, like of what this conversation would be about and, and it was supposed to be about like what I would tell them, my younger self.

[00:19:43] I think I knew. At some point in my younger self that I didn’t know it the way that I know it now. So I grew up Christian. I grew up in a religious background. I don’t believe in it the way that I did when I was there, but I still very [00:20:00] deeply believed there’s so much wisdom to be spread from the Bible that are missing, because those who have ears can hear it.

[00:20:07] Those who have eyes can see it. And it’s, it’s what you see and how you hear it. Like, it’s choose how you choose to perceive things, how you absorb it. And it makes so much sense to me on a scientific level. Cause I’m, I’m a big science nerd. Now, even though I used to be like those science people they’re so they just don’t care.

[00:20:26] They have no feelings, they’re not empathetic, all the things, but when we mix it all together, it just makes a lot of sense. So we have this. , with mitosis where things split and they constantly keep making new things. And when you look at everything in reality, it makes sense that everything in reality is a reflection of that.

[00:20:50] Mitosis. So I just recently finished the star wars movies, and I think it was in the Rise of Skywalker. Rey sits [00:21:00] down at a mirror. And she has this clear meditated look at herself where she’s a thousand of her and align down the mirror. And she swaps herself for each perception all the way to the end.

[00:21:17] And if anybody watches that and gets confused, that’s what’s happening. She’s switching from the beginning to the middle, to the end, through the mirror. But it’s like, the perception is so wacky and so weird. Like you would only have this perception if you were on mushrooms to be completely honest yesterday.

[00:21:35] It’s really hard for us to come out of our reality. We’re living in into this kind of perspective, but this is kind of what time is in a relative sense. It’s the past, the present of the future, all on the same exact scale happening together. And, I started recognizing that when God said, let there be light.

[00:21:56] All the stars out there in the Universe are Suns.. So [00:22:00] if there was a first Sun and it echoed in time and space, the same way that Rey that goes through the mirror, Suns just exploded. Constantly reappearing. Right? So then our son is obviously not the first Sun. There were many Suns before us. Our Sun is just our Sun

[00:22:20] it’s our solar system. It’s the one we belong to. And now we’re coming into this place in time where people are tapping into other beings of sorts. You know, we’ve got the. Larions, I think there are the Paladions.. There’s the, Angelic realm, but there’s just like so many like that we’re tapping into of other beings.

[00:22:40] So what if those beings are essences or energetic presences from Suns before us, and they have risen into a timeline where they’re able to connect deep into source energy, where they can contact us now with their wisdom and intelligence that they’ve been around much [00:23:00] longer than we have. And if you think about it on a, on a human scale, you know, babies, they don’t have any information compared to, you know, people in their elderly times, they have so much more information and memories to hold on to, to pass on to the young adult.

[00:23:14] And so we’re kind of like babies in the galaxy, if you will, and everything of universe reflects mitosis. Including the law of attraction, including thoughts and feelings and emotions. So we are just an echo of that, which has happened before us. And that’s why as adult children, we are our parents until we choose to be otherwise.

[00:23:40] That’s what we’re learning is that God gave us a choice on who we want to be and how we want to present ourselves and what we choose recreates itself. And sometimes we choose negative aspects, but the word negative is just a word we created to describe a fit we all relate to and [00:24:00] positive is the same thing.

[00:24:01] The reality of God, love Source. The universe has creation just is, and it’s beautiful. God created and saw that it was good. And that’s it. That’s the end of it. It’s all good. We just have created these really miraculous and meticulous thought cycles that are universes that are on everything is a universe.

[00:24:20] Every single thing is a constant echo and time and space. Reality of itself. It’s such a reality like shifter, when you start thinking of that scale of just like more it’s so big. I can’t even like continue. Um, I even got to the point where I wonder if like our fingerprints, when we’re looking at them are a wave map of energy and the solar system.

[00:24:44] Because when we take our very first breath, you know, we’re, we’re consuming the atmosphere that’s around us. And our technology is not intelligent enough yet to pick up what parts are from which planets that are brought here from the light that travels from the sun. And each of us have that [00:25:00] map. Nobody has the same fingerprints.

[00:25:02] Well, nobody has the same chart either when it comes to a natal chart. So it’s just so interesting to think, like how crazy

[00:25:08] Raven Scott: How does expanding your mind, like that help you with your emotional kind of like breaking the patterns of that emotional body, like the trauma body..

[00:25:22] Amber Legato: It’s awareness, conscious awareness as the one thing that we have the taps us into Source energy, where we’re guided rather than choose thing on our own, because we have the choice.

[00:25:32] We can either tap into Source energy and let it flow with us. And what I mean by that, when I say guided, we forever thinking, oh, angel comes and tells me this. And so I must do this, or, oh, I heard God say that. So I must do this. But what we’re actually doing is we’re tapping into infinite knowledge and what infinite knowledge is, is understanding of what energy is, where and what’s flowing.

[00:25:56] So when you go into a room, you can feel where the energy is, [00:26:00] but you either , in one perspective where it all just is bouncing off with you, and you’re just like being thrown around the room with it, or you can walk in tapped into source and you can visually see where the energy is, the same way that Tank reads the Matrix on the movie, the Matrix, you know, he can see what’s happening, having that perspective of knowing, oh, this is happening here.

[00:26:23] This is happening here. You can see and visually feel that’s cool. Right? You can visually feel things yeah. With your eyes, the energy that’s flowing around you through people just by listening and watching what’s happening and being tapped in and having that conscious awareness. And people might not know the difference between subconscious and consciousness or unconsciousness, even if Un consciousness is when your body is just doing things and you’re just going with it.

[00:26:54] Yeah, you have no choice. You’re just to react or you just think things are happening around you and [00:27:00] you’re just going with it. You haven’t taken any inventory of your thoughts.

[00:27:03] Raven Scott: Pretty much like the Real Housewives of whatever is like a perfect example of unconscious,

[00:27:10] Amber Legato: the Bachelorette, anything, anything that is like reality TV.

[00:27:16] The reality is that they’re all dissociating. They’re all yelling and screaming because they’re throwing tantrums because they are reacting to what they hear and think and see, but they don’t actually know what’s happening. It’s constantly like

[00:27:29] Raven Scott: That’s why there is drama. ’cause, they don’t know what’s happening. So then they react that if their ego, like, I have no idea what’s happening. So now I have to do this. And they’re like, the ego has got all this, the ideas and scheming. And it’s like, when you think of real consciousness and connected to me, I envisioned Buddhist monks and they’re the last people to engage in any type of drama.

[00:27:52] They’re just like, okay, Whatever it was like the one story or parable about, someone saying, oh, your, your [00:28:00] son got, you know, was hurt, fell off a horse. Like how horrible. I can’t remember exactly the story, but essentially it was like something bad happened to the son and the father, you know, the wise father reacted, is it, is it horrible?

[00:28:13] And then, you know, oh, your son got a medal of honor. That’s so wonderful. And he still responded, is it, is it wonderful? It’s like, what really is real?

[00:28:23] Amber Legato: Yeah. And, and it’s just like perspective, you know, like if it’s wonderful to one person, maybe it’s not to another, or if it’s awful to another person maybe, it’s not awful to another.

[00:28:34] And so the perspective of unconsciousness is Earth drama is such a great way to describe unconsciousness because unconsciousness thinks, you know, negative. But consciousness knows there’s no such thing as negative thoughts. There’s only action and reaction and things react when they are unconscious of the conscious awareness, but what’s really mad,

[00:28:59] Raven Scott: [00:29:00] It is scientific law. Right?

[00:29:00] The actions and the reaction is

[00:29:02] Amber Legato: scientific. I love, I love the 12 Laws of the Universe. If anybody has time to look into them, they’ve really kind of changed my perspective of what this world is. But the best law is the, the law of perpetual transmutation of energy. And it’s the idea that any energy can be shifted.

[00:29:21] It, nothing is permanent. Everything is inevitably changing forever, but what people don’t recognize is the idea and the thought of being stuck. Recreates being stuck. So you’re not stuck. You’re not, you’re not being stuck in this position, your sticking yourself constantly over and over and over into this situation.

[00:29:42] And it can’t change by the law of attraction until you have trans mutated, your mindset about it. And that’s the hardest thing about reality is changing our mind. , we, I was just discussing this with some people about astrology and having such a fixed personality. I’d have an extremely fixed [00:30:00] chart. I am a Leo with a Taurus moon with a ninth house, Pluto Scorpio.

[00:30:05] And an Aquarius Ascending.. So I am an extremely fixed chart, but I have Mercury and Mars in Virgo, which has a mutable sign. So for me, the adult child life makes sense. I’m very fixed with all the opinions and the thoughts of growing up in a, in a dysfunctional home with a very mutable

[00:30:26] communication style. So my moon in Taurus in the third house

[00:30:29] Raven Scott: And processing style. Mercury is also about how you learn and process. So you’re able to be mutable about like removing yourself from being the victim to break patterns.

[00:30:38] Amber Legato: Absolutely. But it’s a very difficult process.

[00:30:42] There’s so much fixed crap, like come on. But I chose to be here. I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t know I could do it. So, it’s, it’s just wild, like changing your thoughts of like, what is required of you because that’s the traditional Cardinal Capricorn and [00:31:00] Cancer that we’re changing in the world. Is we’re changing the idea of what family means.

[00:31:06] We’re changing the idea of what business means. We’re changing the ideas of what is possible. There are 7 billion people, plus 7 billion people on the planet. There’s no one way to do anything and everybody’s waking up to this reality. So yeah. My inner child needed to hear that it’s not my dad’s way or the highway.

[00:31:29] And I was validated every time. I believe that there were more opportunities and more, more ways to do things. And it’s funny as a Leo, I saw my dad through my Aquarius eyes, how, how selfish he was in ways where he didn’t allow room for people to be themselves. And, um, my, my north node is also an Aquarius, so I’m very deeply like passionate about teaching people that all ways are possible and that everybody deserves a route to figure it out.

[00:31:59] [00:32:00] Even if it means their route is painful, even if it means their route is difficult and hard, that’s the route they chose to be here. And it’s okay for them to be hard headed. It’s okay for them to be stubborn. The harder the road, the greater the lesson and the greater the lesson, the greater the blessing, you know, like, yeah, it’s, it’s a choice.

[00:32:22] Like we get to choose how we want to live life and what ACA is teaching me. And this is, this is triggering for lots of people, , especially, , in the Midwest to the east coast. Like, , I traveled through there. I went to Florida and back to Colorado, and then it went all the way out to Massachusetts.

[00:32:38] I back to Colorado and I have quite a couple of journeys. And what I’ve learned is that the conscious awareness is awakening where technology is available. And it’s not quite waking up this fast in places where technology is not so available. And it has a lot to do with tradition and it has a lot to do with people needing control and what ACA has taught [00:33:00] me and, and what any recovery group will teach you is that collective consciousness means that we don’t need to control one another.

[00:33:07] We need to expect one another and accept each other for who they are and not who we project them to be. And it showed me that. It wouldn’t be so scary if we had gotten rid of the elements of control that we have now over the people, there’s 7 billion people on the planet. That doesn’t mean that it’s so scary.

[00:33:28] We need people to control us. It means that it’s so big that we have such amazing opportunity if we would treat each other like equals. yeah. And I see that in our future and, and something to practice for a mantra that I’ve been practicing. This is where my EFT turned into this mantra. And it is.

[00:33:47] I am you are, we are. And that to me is the Trinity. That is what it was meant to represent is I am all that is you are in your physical expression [00:34:00] of physical being, and we are a collective consciousness and that’s pretty magical. That’s how we tap in. And that’s why we keep getting amazing people in our reality, as we go on this road to waking up, it’s why we can collaborate for hours on end with people, just amazing people that are coming to the surface and no longer afraid to hide, or afraid and in fear and hiding.

[00:34:25] it’s getting really cool out here. I’ve been meeting some pretty awesome people and

[00:34:30] Raven Scott: right. Yeah. And you’re all out on your own. So you really, your frequency is very open to be attracting who needs to come into your life in your healing journey.

[00:34:40] Amber Legato: Yeah. And it’s back and forth too, you know, like when you’re, when you’re coming out of the darkness, like sometimes you’re going to go back to the high for a little while and it’s okay.

[00:34:47] Raven Scott: , I wanted to note also, earlier talking about, stuck the stuckness concept, and I just wanted to relate and reiterate that it’s okay if you’re [00:35:00] afraid, you know, that’s the process of being unstuck, but it is like quicksand, the more you wiggle, the more you panic, the more you get pulled under, you have to calm down and like find something to inflate you.

[00:35:14] And then kind of like, you know, lie flat and like get your legs up. So, but you can’t do that unless you trust, unless you really trust that people are out there that love you. People are out there that are amazing, that want to support you. You’re experiencing that on your own. And you just have to trust.

[00:35:33] You’re listening to this because you’re seeking a way out maybe of your narcissist relationship or whatever that you can get unstuck.. And you may be in that mindset now, but you will wake up one day. Maybe this conversation will help you wake up. And empower you. Right. Maybe another one, maybe an actual, you know, experience will wake you up to your karmic journey.

[00:35:56] But yes, fear does get you stuck.

[00:35:59] Amber Legato: Trust is a [00:36:00] trigger word to I left that you used that word when you used it. The picture that came into my mind is the umbilical cord. Again, our universe is reflected, right? So the Earth itself has a chakra system. The same as we have a chakra system. So a part of our healing, just like the umbilical cord is our, our, safety with our mother in the womb.

[00:36:20] We have that connection on the inside of our body, through our umbilical cord. Like, if you use essential oils and your a and coal cord, it’s so soothing to your body, it’s really crazy. But, your chakra system, if you were to place a hand at either your belly button or at your root to, you know, your root chakra. So our heart chakra is where we receive and we give love, and it is extended through our arms, to our hands. So what we touch is so intentional, but also it’s very important that we recognize when we’re touching things with our hands.

[00:36:54] So what, after your non-dominant hand is, is your receiving hand. So when you receive and put your [00:37:00] hand in the air with your receiving hand, okay. Mentally imagine, you know, receiving energy from source, from love, from lights, from, from whatever, you could also do it outside with a tree because it’s free as a part of the Earth’s heart chakra because it’s green.

[00:37:14] Raven Scott: I’m

[00:37:14] always drawn to touching trees. That must be why.

[00:37:17] Amber Legato: Yeah. And kind of plant life. If you touch it with your receiving hand and then you place your giving hand into yourself, so you can put it back into your heart chakra, you can put it into your third eye. If you put it into your basically wherever you feel hard I’m in your body, or you feel like you’re lacking energy, or you lacking something that tree will help provide you the love that you seek through your body.

[00:37:38] And it, and it is healing to you. So the umbilical cord, you know, we were given tools, rocks, teas, like anything that you can consume through you and the connection. I know we were saying like, there, there are other people out there don’t make people your perspective of where you get the energy that people are coming through your [00:38:00] attraction through your trust in yourself to attract the right people.

[00:38:03] So remember that, that trust. Trust is such a trigger word when you’re going through this right now, because we don’t trust people. We don’t trust what’s going on. We don’t trust people’s intentions. We’ve been hurt. We’ve been, we’ve been harmed. We’ve been raised in this abuse, right? The trust is hard, but trust is about not the people.

[00:38:23] It’s not about the body. You can trust. You can put your whole trust in somebody that isn’t in the light, but because you trust in here and you know, you’re supposed to put your trust in that person, they can’t harm you. That’s the idea where God said nothing can come against a man who walks in righteousness.

[00:38:40] That’s really what it means is nothing can harm you. If you’re swarming in love light, if you’re swarming and peace and calm, and in spirit, you can sit with people that Jesus sat with and they can’t hurt you because of how much love you are. And. It’s really magical. So [00:39:00] the trust comes from within you first.

[00:39:02] So remember that you’re trusting in something you can’t explain. You don’t know how to explain it to others. You can’t explain how things work out for you when this happens. But when you start putting your trust in an energy, that force that is keeping you alive, if you trust in your heartbeat, you trust in your lungs, the show it for you every day to work your body.

[00:39:21] You trust that you’re going to feel good today. You trust that things are going to slow, and that’s the hardest thing to come across. But once you get there, you’re going to start with and seeing the miracles and these amazing people that come into your life. I’m so grateful for Raven. My gratitude of being able to have another soul that can relate so deeply what I’ve been through, because you talk about it with other people who aren’t in vibrational frequency when you’re scared and when you’re not trusting and you’re not feeling good.

[00:39:50] And those people are. You when your story, because they’re like, oh man, I didn’t ha I had it way worse than you. And they, they shame you or they guilt trip you for what you’ve been [00:40:00] through. And they try to make what you’ve gone through, not as big of a deal. And so when you really start coming to this place in this trust inside of your staff, it is magical when you’re connecting with the right people for you.

[00:40:12] When you start connecting with the right tools, with the right leadership, with the right mentorship, with the right programs, they all start to flow right into your reality. And you don’t even have to try to do anything. My ACA meeting? They meet in Rhode Island on zoom. And I found that randomly wow.

[00:40:29] Page search. I think I probably looked through several pages before I found theirs and something about it called me to it. I couldn’t describe it was perfect timing. It was during Eddy’s nap. Like this group is such an intimate group. It’s such a magical place to be in. I’m amazed at like how things work for us.


[00:40:50] Like you have to trust in you, you have to trust that you did what’s right. You have to trust that you’re yes. You’re hurting. Yes. You’re in the dark space, but yes, you are [00:41:00] in the exact space you’re supposed to be in. Yeah.

[00:41:02] Raven Scott: And you have to trust your gut. Like you said, that you’re yourself inside, get trusting your gut to know like, and I only say that there are other people that love you mainly particularly.

[00:41:12] Cause that was my biggest fear was, and that was a lie that I was fed. Well, I’m the only one that will ever love you because here this, this, and this, or whatever. I just would be like, yeah, I believe you would a hundred percent savior. Like I was so stuck in fear, but that comes from that place.

[00:41:30] I think you said that having the authority, like you get stuck possibly in relationships, romantically that feel comfortable for you. And that comfort typically is toxic authoritarian type of figure.

[00:41:43] Amber Legato: Absolutely. I mean, that’s exactly how my home was too. My mom is codependent. My dad’s a narcissistic, very authoritarian energy.

[00:41:51] And like, as soon as I was 18, I said, I can’t wait to get out of this F’n place.. So my dad told me you’re going to come right back. I did. I came back five [00:42:00] times and every time I got excited about something, the first thing I would do is go to my mom. I could not wait to tell my mom about everything. And did I get the support and the love that I needed?.

[00:42:10] No. They always told me how it would fail. They always told me it wasn’t going to work out because if it had worked out, I wasn’t going to them for support anymore. I wasn’t going to be there

[00:42:23] Raven Scott: codependent. They were afraid of your success in your

[00:42:26] Amber Legato: power and that enmeshed family. They ostracize you for your big ideas and for the things that you want.


[00:42:33] Take inventory of why you do the things you do, why you believe what you believe about yourself and what you’re capable of doing. And the truth is every day is brand new. You have never lived to date in your shoes. To date is a brand new, this ever happened before anything is possible. And nobody else can tell you how this day can go for you, but you, because they’re trying to live in their own shoes.

[00:42:56] And if they try to tell you about what’s going to happen for you, then you have to, [00:43:00] you have to just force field that step and say, that force is not with that right now. This,

[00:43:04] Raven Scott: I love how you ended up. Cause I have a meditation up on my channel.. That is the em path protection aura. And you just go through this like eight minute meditation, you put up your force field and you’re

[00:43:14] Amber Legato: ready for that.

[00:43:16] I love that. That’s what we should be doing everyday. That’s the work, that’s the work that many of us are avoiding because it’s hard. It’s hard to sit and meditate. It’s hard to stay in your energy when you’ve given up your power to people your whole life. Yeah. And that’s, that’s the battle that the movie Edge of Tomorrow, if anyone watches it, that’s the battle that everybody is showing up to every day is trying to have their own controls, their own mind and their own feelings and their own reactions and how they act for the day.

[00:43:46] That’s the battle. And a big part of it is social media, the news, social expectations, family expectations. Those are the things that we’re battling and it’s not easy. [00:44:00] Most people, I think I learned this in the book, How to Do the Work. Most people are living 95% of their reality in their subconscious unconscious mindset.

[00:44:09] Meaning they’ve trained themselves for their days. They’ve trained themselves for conversation. How many people do you know, talk about the same thing every single day. They talk about this same things all the time, because that’s what their mind is consumed by.

[00:44:24] Raven Scott: And they

[00:44:24] don’t realize that they told you like, I’m, I’m pretty smart.

[00:44:27] Like when someone says to me, like at first I kind of act like they didn’t tell me that before. And then I’m like, screw that now. I’m just going to be like, yeah, you told me that already. You

[00:44:35] Amber Legato: remember. And then when you hang out with them or other people, they’re telling the same story over and over, even in front of you to other people.

[00:44:43] And this is the reality of this society we’ve grown up in. We think that it’s important that we get 10 people in on this thing that we’re struggling with right now. But what we don’t recognize again, is that we are creating a manipulated energy or manipulating energy, right? So when we get 10 [00:45:00] people in on this thing, that’s happening to us.

[00:45:01] Oh my God. I don’t trust my boyfriend. He was texting that girl and I saw her at the club. Earth drama. Right? So when we’re in on that and we bring 10 other people’s energy into it, we have added our perception of the situation to 10 people and they are recreating it in their energy with us. Multiplied tenfold now.

[00:45:20] Yeah. Yeah. Now it’s tenfold and it’s going to happen that way because we have manifested into our reality because we felt the need to talk about it. And I think that’s, what’s great about having an ACA meeting because you have a safe place to share those things and you have somewhere where it’s okay to be upset. But you’re also doing a book study. That’s teaching about why you’re going through the things that you’re going through and why, why you see this unhealthy behavior as an unhealthy behavior and how to change it or shifted.

[00:45:49] And you’re learning with tools how to shift your relationship or her belief, that relationship in the first. And you cut off all the drama and you cut out all the extra access manifested [00:46:00] crap. We manifest God looking back at my, my marriage when I was married. Like I could take back still much that didn’t have to happen by recognizing what parts of me were super unhealthy and super toxic.

[00:46:14] Raven Scott: When you’re in that moment of like looking at regret, doesn’t it feel like you wasted your time, in the drama? Like when you think about the drama part?

[00:46:22] Amber Legato: Yes. But also, like, I know why I had to go through all of it, you know what I mean? Like I appreciate and value all of it and I appreciate it and value my ex-husband.

[00:46:32] And I know part of the process of like healing through the 12 steps is, you know, admitting your wrongs to those people. And maybe someday that they will come for me. We’ve never been in contact since we’ve been divorced,

[00:46:43] Raven Scott: that. Sometimes you won’t have a slot, like I’m not fitting.

[00:46:48] Amber Legato: I’m grateful now I’m where I am now, because I know that his, his relationship with me is what I compare every relationship to. It’s why I’m still single. I’ve been single since [00:47:00] 2016 and I got divorced in 2015. So, yeah, just, I recognize now that if I knew, then what I know now I would have never gotten married because I recognize the codependency between the two of us that we were given by our parents, though.

[00:47:14] You

[00:47:14] Raven Scott: both were comfortable in it from your parents.

[00:47:17] Amber Legato: Absolutely. And we started that way. We absolutely started that way through a sexual chemistry that became very sexually co-dependent on one another at a very young age. Yeah. And so I’m grateful. We didn’t have kids together. I’m grateful, you know, I’m so grateful.

[00:47:32] I’m just grateful for all the things that have happened, the way that they’ve happened. And, but I’m also grateful that I know that if I’ve had the chance to redo it, I wouldn’t have done it at all. You know, like that’s kind of cool too. and it’s nice to think that a passed self of mine could have lived life differently.

[00:47:48] One of my greatest struggles in life is being a parent, honestly, because being an adult child and a parent is incredibly difficult. We have to learn how to read parents ourselves while we’re [00:48:00] also learning how to parent our children. Yes. It requires so much grace and patience and acceptance that it’s okay.

[00:48:08] That we fail. And it’s okay that we fall.

[00:48:11] Raven Scott: So many parents are actually adult children, parents. Like you identify yourself like you are growing up as yourself at the same time. You’re parenting a lot of people like our parents, their parents before they never grew up emotionally, they just stay an adult child.

[00:48:27] And this is why the cycles that perpetuate.

[00:48:30] Amber Legato: I know that my narcissistic father is an adult child. A thousand percent. He ran away from home at 13 years old. Like there is no way that anyone can convince me that my dad is not an adult child. And yeah, I try so hard to imagine what it will be like to have relationships with.

[00:48:46] Like. In the future. and I’m glad that I don’t know what that looks like right now, because from my perspective, it’s kind of scary.

[00:48:55] Raven Scott: It’ll probably very

[00:48:57] Amber Legato: cold, still in a child. Yeah. [00:49:00] Yeah.

[00:49:02] Raven Scott: And once you’re grown up here, you’ll be like, whatever, like here will be. Hi, thank you. Bye you know, and

[00:49:09] Amber Legato: I’m grateful that I’m waiting for my daughter to be a little bit older, you know, like I think, I think for me, I think it’s safe to say that I won’t be in touch with them until after she said that, because right now she’s developing the most important things in her sensory and I am enough trauma for her.

[00:49:24] She doesn’t need anymore. And I’m grateful to like the, you know, Nicola para the holistic psychologist. She talks about how we, can’t not scare children. Trauma trauma is a natural part of life and it’s something that we have to accept. But the hard part for adult children is taking responsibility for the trauma that our children face.

[00:49:47] Um, the trauma has been passed down for seven generations before us. We are not responsible for the trauma that we are working still hard to overcome. Um, and our children. They’re going to [00:50:00] experience trauma and it’s going to be really difficult. And as long as we commit to them and commit to loving them, unconditionally commit to showing up and saying, I’m really sorry that I hurt you, but I love you so much.

[00:50:13] And I’m doing my best to figure this out. I’m here for it. I’m here for all of the days, good or bad. It doesn’t make a difference. I’m here for you. Um, and I think that’s something that I’m proud of myself and that I know that I’m, I’m doing this so my daughter can choose who she wants to be, because I didn’t get that choice when I was a kid.

[00:50:32] So it’s beautiful

[00:50:33] Raven Scott: and love that you’re empowering her. Absolutely. And when she’s older seven, even if you wait until she’s eight, she will recognize really, truly for who they are, because you’ll be a hell of a lot more healed. You’ll be a lot more clarity, healthy. She will be too. And you’ll walk away from different circumstances.

[00:50:53] If you ever, you know, have something. You’d be like, did that just happen? Like [00:51:00] good thing, you know, this is why we do this, and this is why we say this, and this is why I put boundaries up and constantly learning assumptions when you’re interacting with it was

[00:51:09] Amber Legato: hard. You know, I, I had to tell her today that, , and, and maybe this might not have been the best thing, but this is what my inner being told me to do was that I needed to tell her, you know, mommy had to leave Nana and Pops because mom is the way she is because of living with Nana and pop, you know, and, and just expressing to her that I don’t feel that’s a safe place for her.

[00:51:31] And she feels like that’s the safest place she could be right now, because all she remembers is the good times, because that’s all she had with them was happy, fun times and, explaining to her that it wouldn’t be better. It’s hard, but I felt that it was my, thing that I needed to do

[00:51:48] like, you know, and that’s not easy to tell your children when they love someone so deeply. And I don’t want her to feel any less left for them. I just want her to understand that it’s not a safe place right now [00:52:00] for her or for me. And, we haven’t had those kinds of conversations in a long time. She’s only four, you know, and I’ve never had that kind of tone with her and that perspective with her that it’s not safe.

[00:52:13] I’ve always just been, you know, well, mom doesn’t feel like this is the time for us to be there right now. You know, it’s been very general for the most part, but today was the first time and she cried about it. You know, she hasn’t really cried a lot about it. we don’t talk about them very often, so I’m grateful that she had the opportunity to release the pain that she’s holding on to through it.

[00:52:31] So, um, yeah,

[00:52:34] Raven Scott: that’s really good. I think that’s really healthy. What you just did cause you were vulnerable. You shared the honest truth. So she’s not like brainwashed or sugar-coated into thinking that they’re perfectly fine and you’re hiding everything under the rug. You’re presenting the reality with vulnerability and holding space for her to be sad about it.

[00:52:53] Amber Legato: And I think that’s one of the hardest things that I had when I was there with her, was that I felt that they were wearing masks with [00:53:00] her. And it was absolutely disgusting to watch for me because I’m very real and authentic, you know? Um, I don’t have a problem with having a bad day. And it was like the enmeshed family wants you to all ways be your always don’t show up with that crap here, you know?

[00:53:16] If somebody feels off, everyone takes responsibility for how the other feels, but a good, healthy family friend who’s watching. No one knows all allows a space for all feelings, just like a good, healthy society. And culture allows a space for all people, no matter their gender, their race, their age, or how they feel about themselves.

[00:53:38] It doesn’t matter. We should all hold safe space for everyone. Everyone deserves that. And that’s the reality of where we are changing right now. This is, this is the change in the world. Crazy, but awesome. Yeah. It’s magical.

[00:53:55] Raven Scott: We’re entering into the age of Aquarius. Yes, it is. And our [00:54:00] children and their children that they’re just going to be so much more evolved.

[00:54:03] The more we continue to be conscious and to work on that. Emotional intelligence is I think what’s going to be evolved with. I’m now on it is it’s

[00:54:12] Amber Legato: spreading like wildfire because of mitosis. It is literally recreating itself over and over conversations are having, I’m having so much more fun with strangers at the park than I’ve ever had in my life.

[00:54:24] You know, like it’s so much fun to have really deep conversations with people these days that are reflective of how we’re growing as a society. It’s really amazing. It’s cool to watch. So if anyone’s scared about what’s going on in a, in a fight that is not ours, don’t worry so much because there are a lot more of us than there are of them.

[00:54:45] That’s what Star Wars taught me.

[00:54:51] I love

[00:54:52] Raven Scott: it’s so true. It’s so true. I have hope and faith that light will overcome. Yes. It’s, it’s tragic. What’s [00:55:00] happening with everyone being displaced. Um, but there’s Poland is being so amazing. Everyone is being so supportive and I know that. For ourselves, you can do something you can donate to the Red Cross.

[00:55:10] You can donate to different organizations in there. If you feel the need to pitch in and help out. Because doing that sends the energy that that’s not okay. We’re sending that positivity, love and light to fight with our funds to help those people.

[00:55:26] Amber Legato: Yeah, the battle is in your mind and in your heart, don’t let the dark make you be afraid.

[00:55:31] Stand up with the rest of us are doing something where we’re all in our own way, whatever that way is for you. However you feel called. If it means that you hold a moment of silence, where you send your energy, believe me, this is still magical and extremely powerful. This is why prayer is such a huge thing to do with multiple people.

[00:55:50] It’s the. Intention behind sending love and healing and something that is unexplainably [00:56:00] miraculous, but it works. So no matter what it is for you, whatever you feel called to do, listen to your inner guide, you came to do the things you were meant to do. And that’s the magic behind all of it is that you, you get to be who you are in your own light.

[00:56:15] And I think it’s hard to talk about opinions with things like this, but it’s not about how we think things should be done. And it’s about just doing that. Just do what feels best. Just don’t don’t try. Just do, right. Like again, start first.

[00:56:34] It’s great. It’s so much fun.

[00:56:37] Raven Scott: And so fun chatting with you. I’m sure you have to get back to momming my love and whatever else he needs to do. I love you. Thank you for being here. Yeah.

[00:56:52] Amber Legato: Oh, I wanted to say really quick. Also I started a new tick tock page. Well, not, it’s not a new Tik TOK, but you still might Tik Tok page, but I’m starting a new [00:57:00] route with it. I’m just sharing ACA stuff. So for anyone that is too scared to go to a meeting, , or, doesn’t know what it’s about. I’m just going to start using pieces of the book and reading from the book.

[00:57:10] I like the laundry list. I’ve already posted one. It’s called the laundry list. And then the second one is the problem developed from the laundry list. But it’s just something that if it resonates, like you might be in adults filed if. And that’s just, uh, um, @Amber_ legato_, there’ll be on take time.

[00:57:28] And then I also started a new page on Instagram for it just to, just to help guide people, as a fellow traveler for anyone who. Just doesn’t know that they’re an adult child and needs help a

[00:57:41] Raven Scott: little bit. I love it. Yeah. What’s the new

[00:57:50] Amber Legato: @fel_lowtraveler. Okay. So fel_ low traveler. Got it.

[00:57:57] Raven Scott: Your mercury and Virgo has to make sure [00:58:00] that’s correct.

[00:58:01] Amber Legato: Mercury and Mars Nice. It’s crazy. I love it. Thank you so much for letting me share that. I appreciate you.

[00:58:12] Raven Scott: Yeah. I appreciate you. And your wisdom. Take care.

[00:58:20] Amber Legato: Okay.

[00:58:20] Raven Scott: Bye. Bye.

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[00:59:09] And remember always keep your unique light shining.

We truly want every single soul to know that they are supported and empowered in their soul’s journey. You are unique and are here for a particular purpose …
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There is one thing I know… is this.

when you are controlled by a narcissist you will never reach your true potential as a beautiful human being. There is hope though! You are here to elevate the collective and evolve in your souls journey. The dark egoistic people are drawn to your empathic light – like a moth to the light.

Raven Scott
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We truly want every single soul to know that they are supported and empowered in their soul’s journey. You are unique and are here for a particular purpose …
🌈Raven Scott Author and YouTuber/Podcaster, and Jessica Schiller Silverman have joined together to create a beautiful community for you to grow and be spiritually supported and together join and lean into our self care and self empowerment.

This collective membership on Patreon aligned so divinely in flow! 

  • We draw tarot cards and share intuition + wisdom you need to hear in that moment. 
  • We hold quiet space for your meditations and spiritual connections. 
  • We upload exclusive content and you gain early access to all our amazing guests and podcast we both create! From the Raven Scott Girl Talk Show and from the ALIVE podcast. 
  • We join together and share what’s on our hearts and teach wisdom for your heart’s nourishment during these trying times. 
  • We host live Q&A on anything spiritual, tarot, human design, or moonbeam related. 

“I salute the Divinity in you.”

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