What is Human Design?: The Basics Simplified S3 Ep 9

Protect Your Energy by knowing your Human Design Strategy   S 3 Ep 9

“I am uniquely and wonderfully designed my Human Design blueprint shows me how. “

– Raven Scott
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Conserve your energy by knowing your Human Design Strategy.

1. What is Human Design?

To get aligned with your soul and your mission and your business or relationships to flow with the universe. Every decision you make, everything that you do. Is either within your strategy or your operating out of your strategy and you were hitting walls repeatedly.

It is a modern system of finding out about your personality and life themes using a combination of old systems of: Astrology, Chakras, I Ching, Kabbalah, Neutrino Science. Displaying it up in a body graph chart with keynotes, your profile, authority type, and your soul’s main theme energy.

To determine your unique blueprint, look at your type, authority to understand how you make decisions, and the two numbers with a slash for your profile. And everyone has a specific profile and purpose and a profile tells you about your major life themes that you will encounter and how you are to interact with the world.

You are here to elevate the collective and evolve in your soul’s journey. And your Human design chart gives you the knowledge to do just that

Raven Scott


The first important information to grasp is what type you are. There are 5 different types. 70% of the population are either a Generator or Manifesting Generator. 8% are Manifestors, 20% projectors, and 1% are reflectors. Within your type there are specifics that narrow down your uniqueness.

Body Graph

In the body graph there are nine centers and their role are similar to the seven chakras. Each center is responsible for carrying and managing a certain frequency of energy and a specific theme in your life.

The centers are as follows:

Is all about inspiration and direct connection with higher source


Is all about conceptualization, developing certainty and game plans from that inspiration


Is all about communicating that inspiration and idea into conceptualization and bringing that into action through word


Is your self love and the direction of your life


Is your willpower and the driving force behind what you value

Solar Plexus

Is the emotional clarity and if you have a specific cycle of emotion or if you are feeding off of other peoples emotions


Is the “get it done” fight or flight adrenaline energy


Is the actual life force and work force for reproduction and getting projects done


Is all about intuition, your immune system, time and survival.

Centers Defined / Undefined

Next you a notice in each of these centers, which are triangular, diamond or square are white or are colored in. When they are colored in they are defined centers and a defined center represents the energy that you radiate out into the world consistently. All center white or colored are defined by the moment of your birth and where the position of the gates and planets were when you were born.

The open centers are white and they are undefined or open. These areas are where you amplify energy and information from the world around you. The energy is inconsistent, it can be stressful, but these are areas of growth for yourself, and once you realize that they are areas of growth and you work on them they will become your superpowers


You will see that there are lines connecting to each of these centers, these are channels, when they are white they are undefined. When they are filled in either black, which means conscious, or red, the subconscious, or both black and red meaning you have this gate or trait. A defined gate is the number the color is circled in a center.

If you have a line fully colored from center to center connecting two centers you then have what is called a channel and the channels are major personality traits. So a black channel carries a personality trait that you are consciously aware of you can see it everyone can see it. A red channel is carrying a personality trait that you are not consciously aware but you’re still acting out of your subconscious. The checkered channel, the black and red channels, represent those personality traits that are in both your conscious and unconscious definitions. The white channels represent open gates you will always taken the energy of both gates from the world around you and in those instances you will depend on your environment.

Depending on your environment is not a bad thing the concepts that we have open gates and open centers versus defined in centers and gates it’s like we’re all puzzle pieces in a collective and we all get together and get a project done or change some system in the world or evolve or reproduce we are putting puzzle pieces together to create a whole integrated being as a collective similar to a herd of antelope.


So now let’s talk about the gate which I have mentioned are all the numbers connected to a channel inside each center so again when two gates are defined and they create a bridge of full color between two centers that is called a channel and that means that personality trait is very apparent in your being you express it you own it and people see and recognize you for it.

The gates all represent as like a different flavor to your personality. So there are a lot of different natures to each of the gates and if you have what is called a hanging gate which is half of your channel is filled in so only one side of a channel is defined let’s say it’s number 12 in your throat center you typically attract the opposite right opposites attract somebody who would have 22 in their solar plexus to find and the two of you together create a beautiful team in speaking very eloquently about your emotions and feelings and have a teamwork effort in contributing creative works of art and can be quite transformative and there’s a lot of grace and charm when you are together.

And all of the numbers in your centers are listed in a column to the right of your chart on the left is the red unconscious column and to the right is the black conscious column and all of the symbols you see correlate to the planet in the solar system so the top is the sun actually the second is earth and the moon north note south node etc. and that then correlates to your gate number that is defined next to where the sun was positioned at the time of your birth the little tiny numbers next to the gate numbers correlate to your gate lines which is your profile which I speak on now.


Your profile is determined by the gate lines in your conscious and unconscious sun sign. Your profile is your unique personality and being more specific to the type of person you are and describes what actions you take and the energy you carry.

  1. So line number one is the investigator. This person would constantly be researching great scientist a great minds always are researching and questioning and wondering what that the answer is.
  2. Line 2 is the hermit and that person tends to be very introverted wants to just go and get lost in their thoughts in a quiet space and just take some time away from the collective
  3. Line 3 is the martyr and that means that they live life through experiences (good or bad) and then share those experiences with the collective. Experimenting, rebelling. If someone says “no” they will be insistent on trying it. They’re constantly discovering new things being able to innovate.
  4. Line 4 is the opportunist they are always the inevitable entrepreneur seeking for ways to find change or bring in resources through different inventive means.
  5. Line 5 is the heretic, this line of personality is constantly conceptualizing everything giving the possibility of great leader ship and guidance they can use great deal amount of their brain to make change and creation through their ideas and concepts.
  6. line 6 is the role model they feel responsible all the time because they tend to see into life better than others whether they want to or not. And they can develop a need to withdraw from constantly being called on and the first part of their life they experience more of the theme of the third line of experimenting you know rebelling if someone says no they will be insistent on trying it they’re just constantly discovering new things being able to innovate and as they become more mature in the second part of their life they have this whole realm of being with a vast amount of wisdom from their experiences that they can draw on and then take charge as an activist and natural expert to be able to educate and guide with wisdom those who are in the first parts of their life.
  7. And each of us has a combination of two of the profile lines the first thing in our conscious the second being in our subconscious so there’s lots of different combinations that you can experience that a person can have.


The next thing we will get into that’s very important to know is your authority. Your authority is how you make decisions that are aligned with your soul and will allow you to flow much better with the energy around you and stop hitting roadblocks that you may encounter, or frustrations.

There are six kinds of authority : generated pure, splenic, emotional, ego self projected and mental.

  • 1. Sacral – Your generated or pure authority is your emotional center is undefined and your sacral is defined and so you get to make yes or no decisions by simply ask yourself decisions with your gut you ask your gut yes or no questions and it will come up through your gut into your throat as a uh huh or uh uh or hmmm need to think about it.
  • 2. Emotional – The emotional authority is another common authority where you are riding the wave of your constant cyclical emotions and feel through the process that is this decision. Does it feel good for me and you go through the emotions of being scared and not sure of that down cycle and you ride your wave of the humps so excited let’s do it I’m all in and you want to find that nice middle ground once you’ve experienced all the emotions about this big decision to see how it feels to you and find it in that quiet still split a space. So it’ll probably take you 12 to 24 hours to make a decision and that’s OK I always say go ahead and sleep on that decision and see how you feel about it in the morning. 
  • Splenic -Your splenic authority. The spleen is a center all about survival and time and intuition. So since this is the energy for basic survival it is very time centered and always operates with an intuitive pulse in the moment. So trust your gut and then act on it. It’s
  • Ego – The ego authority is only possessed by manifesters. And with the ego authority you don’t have to wait for anything before you take action just make sure that you’re well rested and you’re ready to take on the world. And it’s easy to burn yourself out so make sure that you are resting and when you’re well rested your ego authority will give you clarity in the moment.
  • Self – The self projected authority is only owned by the projectors some projectors, and it comes from the identity center to the throat, which means that you have to see your decisions reflected or projected through others to get clarity in order to really know what is correct for you need to have a circle of close friends you can talk to you about your choices you need to hear yourself talking to others and see their response to know whether something is correct for you or not. 
  • Mental – The mental projected authority is only experienced by some projectors with a defined A a to the throat which means just like the self projected authority that you have to talk it out with other people to gain clarity about which invitations are right for you.

Incarnation Cross

In the last major information that you should get from your chart that’s important to know and understand is your incarnation cross there is an entire book dedicated to the meanings of each incarnation cross so it’s important to receive that huge major life theme and energy of your conscious and subconscious to give you that clarity on what your purpose is here in this world through a reading. 

The incarnation tells us who you are what your life‘s purpose is what you are driven to do what your life‘s lessons are some of your follies and mistakes that you need to evolve and work on and ultimately your destiny if you choose. I there are 192 possible incarnation cross combinations and each one a reflection of the solar and the earth transits the incarnation cross gives us so much more information than just a mere sunshine information can give you in astrology of course astrology can go much deeper you are not the sum of only or sunshine in astrology. This incarnation cross offers a deeper explanation for the path of a soul and the journey of a lifetime. So you can find the name of your incarnation cross usually at the bottom half of your list on the left the top left. 

So to summarize your type gives you your strategy of how move and operate in the world. Your authority gives you the way to know you’re making the right decisions aligned with your soul. Your gates and channels give you more of your personality traits your defined and undefined centers give you more of what you need to work on and what consistently comes naturally to you and your profile determines major life themes and personality traits and your incarnation cross can give you the information about your life‘s purpose. 


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“I salute the Divinity in you.”

– Indian brotherhood

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