Find Your Focus during this North Node Transit: in depth Astrology


North node shifts into Taurus 

“Let’s be clear the North Node is not like a planet and personality trait… it’s an energy pull toward your karma and fate. More so how your souls planned out how to learn and invert you karma. “

– Raven Scott

In astrology,  the north node and south nodes, which are lunar nodes, represent mathematical points in a birth chart that are connected with our karmic fate in this lifetime. The north node represents where we are headed and skills we must work toward mastering in this life, while the south node highlights our strengths and characteristics that we already possess from this life before the age of 37 and previous lives.

Understanding what signs your nodes are in and which houses they occupy in your birth chart can offer tremendous insight on your personal journey in this lifetime. But there are other aspects at play than just where your Nodes reside it is a conjunction, opposition, square, trine, or sextile.

However that is all for a natal chart reading and today we are discussing how the North Node transit in Taurus will affect us collectively.

Focus (TAURUS North Node)

Find pleasure in the simple things. Develop routines that feed your soul and keep you aligned. Lead with honesty. The urge to be a provider will be overwhelming in this lifetime—there is a desire to take care of yourself and others. Embrace challenges—hard work pays off. Find hobbies that keep you grounded. Explore your earthly five senses.

Release (Scorpio South Node)

Stop using manipulation and/or excessive strategizing to get ahead. Sex is not a weapon, and shouldn’t be treated as one. Intimacy is powerful—be thoughtful and mindful about who you let in. Learn to share your truth and be vulnerable. Release holding onto information for power. Put an end to calculating behavior and embrace a work ethic that will make you proud.

Another note on the intimacy manipulation. I’m you are not the one doing the manipulation. I would encourage you to release the behavior and not allow another person to manipulate you or make you feel worthless at your most vulnerable. Draw a boundary and detach from pleasing that person. This may also be a platonic intimacy with a best friend, sibling, or parent. Draw boundaries and put an end to guilt ridden favors, or family gatherings that make you feel disempowered and un-respected.

I’ve posted a carousel on Instagram you can save to refer back to when your needing guidance during your journaling time.

For more in depth information on how the aspects roles are in your birth chart visit my favorite resource.

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Where is your North Node? Do you have planets in Taurus? Let me know in comments below.
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