Astrology Update Full Moon in Pisces Libra Season

The Full moon in Pisces September 20, 2021.
The celebration phase and fullest of energy is in this watery and dreamy zodiac sign. This means the magic of this zodiac is giving you the fullest confidence to listen to your intuition. What is your gut telling you right now. Ask it yes/no questions to clearly hear the sound of its answer.
This will be important in your business, and also will spill out into your relationships since Pisces is the empathic sign and is in tune with all the feels of others.
If you natal sun is in Virgo or Pisces you will feel this energy the most.
I have first hand experienced harnessing the magical moonbeams over the last year and life flows so much more easily when I tune into the Moon.
When performing a ritual as I will suggest it opens up the channels to spiritual guidance from your spirit guides, through, signs, dreams, and knowing.

Full Moon September 20 2021 in Pisces

Astrology Update Libra Season & Full Moon in Pisces

Full Moon Rituals

Flowy dreamy Pisces allows us to let and flow with change. What is it that you need to change and let go of that doesn’t serve you anymore?
If something ends such as a business deal or personal relationship, Pisces watery feel allows a soft place for you to land.
Here are some suggestions to do to harness this energy:

  1. Get a journal and write down your dreams. and daily inentions.
  2. Take a night swim or bath in the Full Moon light
  3. Give yourself grace. Be kind and stop talking down about your flaws or failures.
  4. Turn your eyes away from your phone and get out in nature and observe the beauty around you.
  5. Dance under the moonlight
  6. Tie up loose ends as Pisces is the 12 house of closure.
  7. Make yourself a sanctuary, as Fall approaches on September 22. Pull out your fall decorations, create an alter for your spiritual rituals. Set up some candles, incense, essentials oils, pillows and throws to create a cozy space for you to elevate your vibrations daily. And read your Manifesting Mantra you created in the Walk in your Purpose Membership Masterclass.

Libra Season

Leaving you ready and prepared for Libra season on September 22 as Fall season in the Norther Hemisphere has arrived.
We exit the down-to-earth sign of Virgo and enter in to the flirty air sign of Libra. If your sun is in Libra or Ascendant is in Libra your life is ready to expand and grow in romance, children, creativity, work, and health.
Libra is a start of a New season and is considered a leadership energy, new beginnings and new direction.
We are half way through the zodiac and we cannot go back, we must focus forward with hope, and a new chapter in our lives.
This with Pisces in Full Moon, makes the first few days of energy a magical one in tuning into your intuition and balancing your male and female energies as we spoke about in the podcast Episode 9 and 10 with Helen Edwards, author and yoga retreat facilitator of Sexy Freedom LLC.


The energy is moving from our root chakra in Virgo up our spine out into the air in our crown chakra, use this time to practice the meditation I will lead you through to connect to your higher self and the Divine. For higher wisdom and connection.
Be mindful of being stuck in the repetitive judgmental thoughts in your relationships.
In just a few days on Sept. 26 Mercury, who ruled by the air as well, enters retrograde, so it’s going to feel powerful and strong with double air aspects. Which can make us feel a little scattered and mentally foggy. But allow this time to tune into your intuition which will be incredibly strong during this time.
Mercury retrograde is not a bad time as most believe, it is a time to tune into our past, subconscious and the dream realm.
You will find balance, harmony, and equanimity in this Libra energy in your relationships and your pocket book, as it is ruled by Venus the goddess of love and money.
So get creative, get connected, and network with people who will bring harmony and prosperity to your creative endeavors.

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Human Design influence during Libra season

In Human design Libra rules the energy circuits in the SPLEEN. The spleen center is the intuition center, connected to your clairvoyance, and your fears and immune system.
If you have an open spleen you will be more sensitive to the current energy, as you amplify and feel tiny nuances of change.
If you have a defined spleen your intuition will be activated in a consistent way and your clairvoyance will be spot on in that very moment instantly.
Make sure you know your type and are living in your strategy to prevent your fears from overpowering your decisions.

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