How to change in your heart centered business, emotional healing on your journey with enneagram

Stop burnout, breakdown, body pain, and emotional rollercoaster with enneagram and mind body healing on spiritual journey with heart centered bravery

“I was a red, hot, sloppy mess… being destructive in my life. I resolved that I was going to take the responsibility to turn this around. And that was the moment where everything changed. And, I got put on a new path. When you’re finally ready, the teacher will come. And the Universe brought me a blessing in disguise because this woman was intuitive. She was also a Reiki master.”

-Jess Bonasso also known as The Self Care Goddess, is a Brave Life Catalyst & Self-Rescue Coach, Author & Keynote Speaker who has been empowering high-reaching worn out wonder women in need of self-rescue since 2007.

This week in the podcast we have another amazing guest! I feel so blessed to listen to her information over and over while I have been editing. She shares her story, about the healing journey that can shift your blocks on an energetic level, the enneagram, and how we self sabotage our own success!!!

Below are my take aways from this beautiful episode!

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How to Change Using A Heart Centered HEALING Journey with Enneagram Part 1

How to Change using a heart centered healing journey with Enneagram Part 1

1. Her story of body pain was a sign of her burnout

From her corporate and People Pleasing mode and childhood trauma. Her story is so relatable!!! I felt like I was back in my past and in her shoes. I pushed my body, mind and soul down to achieve and EARN others’ acceptance and it also led me to burnout just like her.

I think we all have some body pain that has been a sign telling us to listen to our energy and heal stuck emotional wounds. I asked our Thriving Intuitive Members what pain they felt in their bodies and here are a few. Hands and tight jaw. – I’ve had lock jaw for sure! It was during the time I was stressing over making money as an Interior Designer on my own. Which can be tricky business when clients want to return furniture they bought without seeing it.

Low back pain, IBS. I have had both of those! The back pain after my first daughters birth, and my IBS I thought was Celiac Disease. I have major stomach issues and couldn’t eat anything that didn’t make me feel bloated and in pain. Turns out it was stress from being in an emotionally abusive relationship. That discomfort went away once I left him.

One of our members has had the same experience with a rash she had developed while in life transition of divorce stress. Now as her cords connected to her x and their business partnership have been cut from … guess what has cleared? Her rash! And her business is flowing as well. It’s a wild thing how that works.✨

And Jenn Evers one of our podcast guests and members also shared that everything physical, has a metaphysical connection. The book that changed her life, while being a nurse, was the book “Heal your Body” by Louise Hay. It’s like an encyclopedia of physical dis-ease and provides the probable energetic cause and affirmations to help heal it all ☺️💕 If you haven’t listened to Jenn’s episode it is golden! She shares about her story of embracing her authentic self in a religious home and sharing that she was attracted to women, and the beautiful Single Most Healing Practice for your Soul, Ho’o pono pono Prayer.

In the this episode S2 11,12, Jess our podcast guest also shares the book that transformed her life and put her on the Journey of a life altering experience. The book is The Journey by Brandon Bays. As you listen to her story in the episode you will hear her story of pain and how Universe brought her someone (an angel) to awaken her to the realm of energy and mind body connection.

Signs of burn out

2. How to heal past emotional trauma through meditation and energy work.

Jess shares her story of where the origin of her work hard to gain acceptance came from in this episode. And it’s heart breaking to hear when trauma occurs in a child. But it happens to all of us. We have wounds from our childhood and growing up years that taught us how to survive, how to interact with others, and sometimes how to shy away from people or certain circumstances.

These unhealthy trauma experiences and sometimes bonds, create a “people Pleasing” habit. If the other party is happy, then we are worth value and loved and all is right in the world. Unfortunately that doesn’t go away when we are grown and we may have a stuck emotion in our body that needs to be cleared out and healed.

Jess and I connected over our love for Inner Child Work. It is key and vital for your spiritual journey and self healing. In fact I created a whole episode solely on Inner Child Work!

It’s My Life! (Purpose) Part 1 : Inner Child Work S1 Ep.30

Did you know the inner child work is a huge tool to clear out stuck energy blocking you from realizing your true desires, dreams & purpose? Listen as I break down the elements of the work, so that you may stop living small, and start living your truest most authentic badass self!!! 
Some of you may have done inner child work already, and love it! I applaud you for your taking good care of her. Others may have just learned about it recently and are curious to learn more. And others may not know the concept of inner child at all. This podcast is for all of you. I want to give you the freedom so you can shed negative patterns one step at a time to find your power & potential through healing so you can kick ass in THIS life. 
Coach Action Steps to Inner Child Work Tips: 

  1. Release your parent’s voice in your head and let go of the weight this authoritative programming has put on you.
  2. Let your Adult, healed, self be present for your inner child. 
  3. Listen to your inner child and play as they wish to play.  
  4. Practice the Inner child Meditation HERE on Youtube and wear a reminder of your inner child to take care of them all day. 
The Thriving Intuitive YouTube Channel Mindfulness Monday 10 minute meditations

3. A brief overview of the Enneagram

If you are new to my blog (which you are because this is my fourth post (BAHAHAHA)) then you need to know, that I love myself some Human Design AND Astrology of all kinds! Western, Vedic, Chinese. And I have heard of Enneagram and just have not had the time to research it. So when Jess gave us a brief overview I was on the edge of my seat! I love all things self discovery! Don’t you?

She shared with us the meaning of the name and the nine types. I love when she mentioned that

None of us are broken. In fact, we all have the capacity for wholeness.

Jess Bonasso

Listen and WATCH to learn more because I insert visuals for you to see how the Enneagram chart looks like. We start talking about Enneagram at time stamp 20:00

Jess Bonasso’s Self Rescue Tool Kit Enneagram Image

4. Fears and ways certain Enneagram types self sabotage

This was really interesting, Jess shared all the types fears and ways those fears placed them in self sabotage mode. When fear is in the mix, usually decisions and feelings exist that do not serve your highest good. Fear is certainly a part of life and she did not advocate for eliminating fear. After all

Bravery exists only because fear exists. You can’t be brave without fear.”

Raven Scott

And the concept in takeaway number 5 is crucial to the tango dance, as I like to call it with your pain and struggles, (in your South Node in the Astrology chart) intertwine and birth the gems of your wisdom from life’s lessons into your North Node in the Astrology chart.

Grab your Enneagram assessment and overview in her Self Rescue Toolkit HERE

5. Embrace your fears to learn lessons of wisdom to thrive.

I know this may seem a little out there and a concept only the Buddhist Monks can handle. But I promise you if you stop resisting your fears they will cease to persist. Jess has done it, I have done it; and if we can do it, you can too! Integrating your shadows and fears into your spiritual work allows the disintegrated part of your personality to become more whole. Are you ready to say:

I’m finally ready to take responsibility rather than blaming others or just shoving it under the rug.

Jess Bonasso

I know it sounds awful and your ego resists owning your flaws, and possibly you feel in doing so you are pardoning your offender. But we can only transform and control ourselves. So the call to rise above is to stop putting the blame on external things and start harnessing your inner warrior and take responsibility for your contribution. Once you can shift that you can magically release the stress, the pain, and the anxiety out of life. You will experience the flow of the Universe, and experience break throughs left and right.

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6. Fear is just the wounded parts of ourselves and they are coming up for freedom, they’re coming up for attention.”

Another powerful point and proving the case of how inner child work is vital for healing. When you see the triggers and fears as clues for where you need to heal you are able to embrace it in those moments. You stop and feel it, hold space, and have a moment of introspection that this emotion is bringing up some stuff, and ask yourself why. Get your walk on or journal to dive deeper into when the first time you felt this emotion like this. And more likely it will stem back to a circumstance in your childhood. And, guess what?, now that you have identified that, now you have the power as your healed adult self to coach your inner child, tell her she is safe, and loved and doesn’t have to feel triggered by that anymore.

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How to Change Using A Heart Centered HEALING Journey with Enneagram Part 2

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